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"speech"= talking out loud or conversing

*speech*= telepathic communication/thoughts

speech= Pokemon moves

speech= Rick's Narrative

Victory at all costs, victory in spite of terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.

-Winston Churchill

Rick and the group of soldiers arrived at the ship and immediately made their way to the door that led to the lower levels. Two soldiers went in first and checked the area, finding it clear. The rest then carefully moved in and Rick entered last, looking around with his arm blades drawn. He and the soldiers scanned the top floor and made sure it was clear before checking the crew's deck. There they saw blood all over the walls and body parts scattered all over the area.

One of the soldiers looked around and said, "Good God! What happened here?"

Another soldier replied, "Obviously a slaughter dumbass!"

"Shut up, Reyes!"

"Hey, I'm not the one who asked, pendejo (dumbass)!"

Rick growled and whispered audibly, "Can you all just be quiet for a minute? Obviously there's something still here. Keep your weapons ready, but know what you're shooting first."

All the soldiers nodded and readied their weapons as they walked down the first hall and scanned the rooms, finding similar amounts of carnage.

Rick and the soldiers then moved into a lower level and found bodies hanging on the ceiling. Some of the soldiers threw up at the sight and had a hard time entering the corridor. Once they finally entered the corridor, they were began to scan the rooms. They searched high and low and found no sign of the attacker or attackers.

Rick seemed puzzled as to how most of the crew could of been dead, seeing as they were all well trained soldiers. He then decided that it would be best to go up to the bridge and check for survivors or whatever slaughtered the crew. He figured it was best since the transmission came from the ship's radio on the bridge.

After a small trek, they arrived at the bridge and Rick made two soldiers keep watch at the floor below, so that they weren't ambushed by whatever was causing this. Rick looked around the bridge and soon found the ships radio, still functioning but damaged.

Rick said to himself, "Whatever was using the radio really sliced it up pretty well. It's almost as if it had claws on its hands or something or that nature." Rick then looked to his side and saw a dead body on a chair.

Rick examined the body. It seemed to have been horribly mutilated and the face was ripped or chewed off, obviously feral in nature. He then looked at the clothes that were on the body and could tell that the body was that of the ship's captain.

One of the soldiers walked over and said, "Damn! It's the captain! Captain Anderson is not going to be too happy that this guy's dead. Shit! It looks like some animal tore this poor son-of-a-bitch to shreds."

Rick replied, "Yeah. Something clearly not human did this. They even attempted to use the radio, so it has some form of intelligence."

"Then this might be harder than I expected."

"Agreed! We just have to find this thing and kill it. Also, I don't know of any Pokemon that can make these marks. They're too unique. Even a clawed Pokemon would not leave these marks."

"So it's not a Pokemon?"

"Not that I can tell. I just can't put my finger on it. Shit! This is frustrating." The lights then began to flicker on the ship and soon turned off. "This is no accident. Someone just turned off the auxiliary power."

Reyes then asked, "Who the fuck would do that!?"

Rick then replied, "The same thing that killed everyone here."

After he said that they all heard a set of screams and gun fire coming from the area below. Rick and the other soldiers then charged out of the room and arrived to where the other soldiers were keeping watch. The soldiers turned on the flashlights on their guns and saw the bodies of their comrades mutilated and covered in cuts and stabs.

One of the soldiers then yelled out, "Jacks! Hemingway!"

Rick then slammed him onto a wall, covered his mouth, and whispered, "Quiet! That thing may still be here. Look around and be safe."

All the soldiers then nodded and began to look around. Rick let the soldier he had go and picked up the gun of one of the dead soldiers. They looked around and tried to find the auxiliary power station, being extremely careful and mindful of their surroundings. Whatever it was, it was good at hiding.

The group soon reached the maintenance deck and searched for the power console. Rick managed to find it, but also found what appeared to be a long hole on the console, where the start-up program was at.

Rick growled and said, "Damn! This thing is smart, but how could it of gotten from here to the bridge so quickly? Unless..." Rick's eyes then shot open and said, "Everyone group up and watch each other's backs. There's more than one of those things on this ship and they are working together."

The soldiers quickly took defensive positions and one of the soldiers looked around and said, "Sir, there's a console in this room." He then tried opening the room, but was unable to open it. "Damn it! What the hell?"

Rick then walked up to the door and tried, failing as well. "It's bared from the other side." He then noticed a vent that led into the room. "I guess I could go in there through that vent and activate the power."

"Maybe get the door open too."

"Well, here goes nothing." Rick then jumped up and pried the grate off the vent and crawled inside. He kept going until he reached another grate and forced it open. Rick jumped down into the room with the console inside. He quickly made it to the console and said to himself, "It's still operational. It probably has an internal battery. Just need to input the power command."

He began to type in the command to get the auxiliary power back on, but stopped when he heard something in the other room with the soldiers, but he quickly dismissed it. He then quickly typed in the command to start sending power through the ship and a timer popped up saying ten minutes until the power would be restored.

Rick sighed and walked over to the door and found the handle to it twisted and slightly broken. Rick then said to himself, "That's not a good sign."

He quickly looked outside of the window and saw the light from the soldiers' guns. All of the sudden, he heard the same noise from before. It sounded like an animal scurrying around in the vents, but it also had a sound similar to a blade being dragged. Rick then heard something jumping out of the vents and into the other room. Rick then looked through the window and but couldn't see as one of the soldiers was suddenly killed by the beast and the other turning around and flashing their lights at it and firing.

The beast itself had jet black skin, dark sunken eyes, claws on their fingertips with the claw on their middle finger being longer and larger than the others. It still looked like it was human at some points, mainly in the body, the ability to walk on two feet, and the limbs. What was different was the shape of the head, which was slightly more narrow. Its mouth was full of razor sharp teeth, tumor-like growths were coming out of its body and it was walking clumsily.

Rick didn't look at it long as it jumped out of the light as soon as the soldiers began to shoot at it. Rick then saw as it reappeared behind another soldier and run him through with its longest claw and then bit off a large chunk of his throat.

Rick had seen enough and walked over to the other end of the room and then charged at the door, bashing it open and began to shoot at the beast. The beast flinched at the contact of the bullets, but didn't go down. The soldier that was taken out then reached for his gun, grabbed it, and unloaded an entire clip into the monster's head, himself dying shortly afterwards.

The group then saw as the beast kept going, even with a bullet in its skull and its brain spilling out. Rick was astonished and then snapped out of his amazement as the beast charged at him. Rick quickly pointed the gun at the creature's legs and blew them clean off, crippling the creature. The creature, however, began to crawl towards Rick. Rick growled in frustration, walked over to it, and bashed it with the gun multiple times before walking back. It was in vain as the creature went back to crawling towards him. Rick then walked behind it, stepped on its back, and shot it in the heart. This amazingly stopped it and it slumped over, finally dead.

Rick then said out loud, "So you can't take a shot to the heart, but a shot to the head does nothing?"

Reyes then walked up to Rick and said, "What the fuck was that!? It took out four of our guys! It's just me, you, and Sanders!"

Sanders then walked up to him and slapped him, "Stay calm, soldier! We're not dead yet! We need to get the power back online and get out of here. Probably take out the other one of those things."

Reyes began to freak out, "Lieutenant! Open your eyes! Jacks' dead! Hemingway's dead! William's dead! And now Jones' dead!"

"But we're not all dead yet! We have a mission. So we should take out the other one. At least we know they have a weakness. A shot to the heart kills them instantly."

"If we were accurate enough that might work. A shot to the heart requires precision."

"Then shoot and hope you hit the heart." He then turned to Rick, "Sir, what now?"

Rick replied, "We find the other one and kill it." Rick then leaned on the wall and felt something wet. He turned the flashlight on his gun and saw that the wall was covered in a weird fleshy substance. "This is odd."

The lieutenant walked up and said, "Yes, it is. We should take a sample and have it analyzed."

"That's a smart idea." Rick then opened his pack and took out a small plastic container and put a piece of the substance in it. He then knelt down by the dead creature and took samples of its blood, brain, and flesh for the Silph Co. Ship's scientists to analyze. Rick then walked up to one of the dead soldiers and took a blood and flesh sample and put them all in his bag.

Reyes then asked, "Why did you do that for?"

Rick replied, "Look at the monster. It looks human. Hell, by its clothing I can deduce that it WAS human. So something is going on and I want to find out exactly what it is. So I'm having all these sample analyzed when we return to the ship."

"You're fucking crazy! How about we go to the ship right now?"

The lieutenant then said, "Reyes, we need to stay here until the power comes back on and the other monster is dead."

"With all due respect sir, but that's the dumbest shit I have heard coming out of your goddamn mouth! We don't know if it's only one more of those things. If those things were human at a point in time then there would be more than one. Did you not see all those bodies in the crew's deck? This place might be completely infested with those things."

As soon as he said that there was a growling sound and two more of those creatures emerged into the room. These monsters were different as they were familiar, they were Jacks and Hemingway.

The lieutenant said in disbelief, "My God! What happened to them? And so fast?"

Rick didn't hesitate, took aim, and shot both of them in their hearts and then walked up to the other two dead soldiers and shot them in their hearts as well.

Rick then said, "If that happens quickly then we best get out of here. So forget about the objective." Rick then called the S.C.S Ray, "S.C.S Ray, this is Rick. Does anybody read?"

Captain Anderson picked up, "This is the S.C.S Ray. Damn am I glad to hear from someone!"

"Sir, we lost four soldiers."

"What!? How!?"

"There's something in here that's infecting the dead. This place is a blood bath. Sir, I'm going to destroy this ship immediately."


"I'll explain when we're back on the Ray. Get a science team ready, because I have some samples that I need analyzed."

Captain Anderson the asked, "What the hell is over there?"

"I wish I knew. However, we have a job to do. So I'll activate a power bomb and get us out of here."

Captain Anderson sighed and said, "Alright. Make it back here on the double. We can't lose all of you."

"Yes sir!"

Rick then walked up to one of the dead soldiers, reached into his pocket, and took out a small mine like object.

The lieutenant then asked, "Are you going to plant them on the ship?"

Rick nodded, "Yes. I'm putting them on the gas pipes so that the explosion can consume the entire ship. I want to make sure none of those things get out."

"Understandable." The lieutenant then pulled out his own mine. "So I guess we'll place them as we go back up to the deck?"

"That's the idea."

Reyes then asked, "So how do you know that it will take out the entire ship?"

"The gas pipes will explode, causing the gas tanks and the gas reserves to explode. It will be devastating."

"Alright. As long as we kill those fucking things."

"Glad to see that we're on the same page." Rick then found a gas line and put a mine on it. "Let's move up!" The lights suddenly turned back on and Rick said, "Too late! Let's go!"

The two soldiers nodded and then more growls emanated through the ship. It was not a solitary growl, rather, it was the sound of dozens above them, coming from the vents.

The lieutenant then said, "Move men!"

The three quickly scrambled out of the room and locked the door behind them, just in time as the monsters burst from the vents as they left. They climbed each floor, placing mines on each gas pipe they saw. Soon they made it to the deck of the ship and then heard what sounded like scrambling behind them. They watched like deer in headlights as about twelve of the monsters were scurrying up the stairs.

The three immediately slammed the doors shut and Rick used his strength to twist the handle. One of the monsters then managed to drive a claw through the steel door and stabbing Reyes in the shoulder and surprising them all by the monsters' strength. Rick quickly sliced the monster's claw off with his arm blades and yanked it out of Reyes' shoulder.

Rick asked him, "Are you alright?"

He replied in pain, "Yeah! Let's get out of here!"

Rick nodded and placed a mine on the door and on the floor outside of the door. He then saw as more blades began to break through the door, making him quickly run back to the recon boat.

After a quick sprint, the three arrived at the recon boat and rode away from the ship as fast as they could. As they got a good distance from the ship, Rick activated the mines and a gigantic explosion then engulfed the ship in a pillar of fire.

Soon the three arrived at their ship and quickly boarded, all of them laying on the floor and took a quick breather. Rick's team then arrived to greet him back and Seras quickly knelt down beside him.

Seras said to him, "Thank Arceus that you're alright!"

Rick chuckled, "I told you that I would. I always keep my promises."

Seras sighed in relief, "That you do." She then rested his head on her lap.

Me and the Lieutenant quickly took a well needed rest, while Reyes was taken to the medical bay to get checked on. The samples were quickly taken to the lab, but I just wanted to rest. Yes, I felt a little bad for the death of the other soldiers, but mind you, my emotions were pretty much locked at the time. I couldn't feel many emotions to their entirety, but I didn't need them at the time. However, an event would soon happen that would soon test these locks on my emotions.

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