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"ISABELLA MARIE VOLTURI!" Shit, I am in trouble and do not even know what I did yet. Wait I do know I sort of painted Uncle Aro's study bright pink. Here I am 17 years old about to be 18 tomorrow. I always knew they were different from the time I could understand things. Plus I believe it was about the time I was six when I had fell and busted my knee open. A newborn vampire tried to attack me thankfully Jane and Alec were there to stop them. "YOU BETTER BE IN HERE IN 2 MINUTES BEFORE I SEND JANE!" Jane won't do anything she helped paint the room too thinking it was the best way to work him up. What I didn't expect was my father to find me and throw me over his shoulder.

"What did you do now princess?" I giggled at him.

"I sort of painted his study bright pink. Sorry those grey walls were all so drab and out like years ago." He chuckled at it. "Daddy, what's wrong with Aro lately?"

"A lot of things but mostly since you are becoming an adult tomorrow and wanting to leave for college. I think he is feeling some loss now."

"Well I am not going off to college until January so there's another almost four months of me being here."

"Not just that but he invited your grandparents, the Cullen's, and Denali's here for your birthday." He added in. I forgot he said there would be some visitors coming. We continued on about certain things walking towards the entrance of the castle. Gianna was off visiting her mother in the hospital. "One thing you should do is apologize to your Uncle and I will care for the guests arriving. Please do this princess"

"I will daddy. Do you know when my grandparents will be here?"

"Anytime today they are coming with the Cullen's. Your grandfather said his knower is going off and needs to be with them to help one of their coven members."

"Alright, well I am off to go find Uncle Aro. Is Uncle Marcus around I need to get that book from him." Yeah I am stretching out my time so I won't go back to Uncle Aro so quickly.

"His office. Now go I know what you are doing young lady." I giggled and headed back down the corridor to Uncle Aro's office. Knocking on his office door I let myself in,

"Uncle Aro I am sorry about painting your office. I will repaint again in a couple of days. So I heard from someone that you invited some covens here for my birthday party tomorrow. Please tell me you are not trying to find my mate for me."

The look he gave me I knew it was somewhat true. "I will forgive you for this but please sit while I tell you some things. I was informed a couple of days ago that there is a high chance one of the Cullen's might be your mate." I sat down while he did the same in the chair across from me.

"Why do you look like you're nervous about it?"

"I am going to explain the coven and who resides in it. I do keep up with those who are not involved directly with the Volturi. Let's start with the coven is headed by Carlisle. He is a human doctor and before you start he has been doing this for a few centuries now. What the coven does is move every 7 to 10 years to not draw unnecessary attention about not aging. He changed Edward first when his mother begged him to save her son during the Spanish Influenza outbreak. Edward is mated to Alice who found the coven almost 40 years ago with another male named Jasper Whitlock." I knew that name from some history lessons with Uncle Marcus. "Let me see next is Esme she was found in the morgue by Carlisle a few years after he turned Edward. They are companions but not true mates. Than we have Rosalie and Emmett both were changed by Carlisle. I am pretty sure Jasper does not have a mate from the last time I spoke with Carlisle a month ago. What I would suggest is to ask them their stories on how they were changed. It is not really my story to tell."

"Wasn't Jasper Whitlock referred to as the Major in the southern wars? My grandparents were both sired by him."

"That is true. From what I know is he changed a lot. He escaped Maria by the help of your grandparents. Though Peter does not remember a lot of his human life he does remember being married to your great grandmother and had a daughter named Helena. In turn she married a Charles and had a son your father. All in all I believe it is time for you to go and clean yourself up for the guests arriving here shortly."

I quickly got up and pecked his cheek and walked out of his office. I found Alec in the hallway and asked for a lift to my room. This castle is way too big and the rooms are out of the way to get there within a decent amount of time. "Alec, please wait for me so you can bring me to the throne room. I shouldn't be too long."

I quickly showered to wash all the paint off me. Quickly I did my hair up into a high ponytail and dressed in my black suit with a bright blue shirt to set off the outfit. The last piece I needed was my family crest which was a pain in the ass to put on by myself. I walked out the room and handed the necklace to Alec. He quickly put it on and I hopped onto his back to make our way to the throne room.

Upon arriving I went towards the chairs and sat in between my mother and father. The entrance to the doors opened and the next thing I realized was a blur that ended up in front of me. When I looked up I saw the golden haired and golden eyed vampire. Hearing growls that I quickly tuned out. "May I ask who you are?"

"Jasper Whitlock." Once he touched me I felt the buzz and connection to him. Than my world tilted and I faded into blackness.