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Caius POV

I knew after Carlisle and Jasper left Isabella alone in the throne it was my time to see her. Deep down I also knew it was going to be her last night as human. Sometimes I still see her as the little girl who was always curious about things around her. Since her time here she changed all our lives. Almost reaching the throne room Aro and Marcus joined me. The three of were about to say our goodbyes to her.

"She is very much in love already Caius. The bonds they share are unbreakable. It truly is a blessing to see their lines to one another." Marcus told me just before entering the room.

Isabella looked up at all three of us and ran to us. We engulfed her into a group hug. I smelled her salty tears and looked into her eyes knowing what she was feeling. "Daddy nothing is going to change I will still be here in your life. I am a bit more relaxed about the talk with both of them."

"Bella, nothing will change with you. The only thing I can see coming is the fact you will be able to get more pranks done on your Uncle Aro here." I told her and Aro shot me a look like watch your back. She started to giggle at that.

"That is true daddy, but it will be awhile since I will be newly mated. One thing will the three of you agree to let me leave this castle for a while after my change? I want to be changed here but travel with Jasper and Carlisle."

Aro actually cleared his throat and answered her. "I see no problems with it as long as you come back to visit every few months or so. Caius don't look like that it is time for her to spread her wings and fly. She needs this as much as any of us needs to leave the castle for periods of time. Think of that you and Dora are due for a couple months of vacation, soon. The two of you could go visit Bella and her mates where ever they settle at the time."

"Daddy, Uncle Aro is right. I do believe I will not be leaving this country anytime soon until my newborn year is up. I might not be in this castle any longer but will be close enough where anyone could visit." My daughter added in what was basically on my mind.

Marcus had decided to add some insight too. "I do not believe we won't go too long without seeing her and her mates here in the castle. There are too many bonds that run deep from family to the truest friends. Bella, you were made for this life and opened us all up to our humanity side to see the good in people." She went over to her uncle and just the hugged him. The sound of her sobbing was heard too.

"Bella, why don't you go and freshen up before your mates come back. We will see you off shortly." She nodded her head and headed out of the room.

I went to go sit in my chair and understanding many things now that my daughter is mated to two powerful vampires. In a way I knew she would be in very capable hands of them. What I also knew her powers would feed off them and vice versa. Aro and Marcus left me alone knowing I needed time to wrap my head around this. Time is all we have and one day it will hit me.

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