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The night was dark as all are but unlike others nights, this night was illuminated by a large bonfire and countless torches. It was a celebration.

I'll stop here to warn you that the story I'm telling is unfortunately, not one of celebration. It is a story of deception, trickery and the foulest of acts. You see, on this night the fairy kind celebrated the First Big Winner. A little sprite by the name of Lovino was the one honored, which surprised him seeing as everyone hated him but he would not be the one to turn down a night devoted to him and the title of 'Winner'. All of the bragging he did would no longer be in vain. The boasting would be justified; he would be a king now! He was the 'Winner'!

Lovino didn't know what he had won. Nobody had told him but he found no reason argue with their congratulations. Why would he? Today, everyone spontaneously loved him as a brother. They laughed and cheered his name. They prepared a feast in his honor. They offered him glass after glass of alcohol, they dressed him in the finest silks that their tribe had. Tonight, the forest bustled and came alive in their joyous celebration.

"Lovino…" A little sprite called and took said fairy's hand. Lovino looked down at the littler one.

"Yes, brother?" He asked as he arrogantly puffed up his chest like the royalty he was.

"Does thou think the fellow men not act strange?" He whimpered in a cowardly voice and nervously looked around, trying to decide just what was upsetting the usual balance.

"Thou finds celebration in my name to be of a strange nature!? Has thee doubted my worthiness of such a day!? Does thee believe I am not fit to live this long awaited life!?" He growled. The younger brother coward further but continued to pierce worry into the older one with his scared eyes.

"I say no such thing but truth is undeniable truth, brother! Tell me, why have the men who lusted for you blood yesterday now seem to be content to give you thiers!? Speak brother! Thou has confused me! Dost I speak ill or are my worries ones of undoubtable concern!? " The smaller one cried, clenching and unclenching his fists nervously.

"Feliciono! Quiet thy tongue! Today is a day in which my name is chanted among the all mighty for god himself has wished this day to come! It is at his desire that I be recognized at last for the valiant Earth dwelling pix that I am! " Lovino snapped.

"Please! Heed my warning! I wish not to trick or mock you, brother! I not jest in such a time yet you, my own flesh and blood, tallt as if I speak lies!" He cried and pleadingly pulled his brother's sleeve who responded by snapping it away.

"Be gone! You bore me with outrageous claims of no matter! Whence comest thou!? Who taught you to lie in such a manner?" Now, the younger brother's eyes were full to the brim with frustrated and angry tears.

"You fool! Prithee flee! A horrid fate may only be brought upon tonight! My blood tells me so! Durst you remain, overmany terrible fates seek your name! Ye pride has blinded thee!" He pleaded, tears flowing down his face.

"I shalt rest in the kingdom of mine and sleep as a babe." He growled at his brother.

"So be the word! Henceforth, I am no brother of yours! I Bequeath upon you good will but I will not remain to see the fall of a man I love!"

"Then flee, coward! My celebration will not sour without your presence."

"Huzzah, the word of thou who hast won." The younger brother snarled mockingly before tuning and running into a thicket of shrubbery and disappearing.

Lovino sat down and buried his head in his hands. It wasn't the first time he had fought with his only sibling but it still felt a stinging pain in his stomach. He loved his brother. Regardless, they had a hard time getting along. He just wanted his brother to celebrate with him tonight. As always, he lost his temper rather quickly and yelled. It happened that way every time without fail.

The celebration commenced without the appearance of his brother. Lovino drank more alcohol than his belly could carry. They sang, they danced, they told jokes and they listened to each other's tales of adventure. Finally, the fattest fairy man stepped forward to the fire, standing directly across from Lovino. This man was Anundr, the head of the tribe. He decided where and when they hunted, he decided when fire was made, when meat was cooked, when a fairy could leave the tribal grounds. Lovino had hated this man for a very, very long time.

"Stand, Lovino, for ye art The Grand Winner." He ordered. The pix man's eyes couldn't focus of Anundr after drinking away his rightful vision. The colors painted on the man's body looked smeared into a mesh of rainbow. The voices that surrounded him like a typhoon laughed and made comments amongst themselves which he couldn't translate in his dizzy haze. His legs obeyed order and shakily stood up. Anundr smiled and bowed to Lovino.

"Winner! It is because of thee that our festivities occur! We have long awaited this day! Dost though accept the crown and title that we are to present?" He asked. The drunken pixie nodded and couldn't help but think to himself how much he deserved this and how long he had waited.

As he bowed his head he felt a ring placed along his cranium and heard the outbreak of laughter. Laughter? At his crowning!? Lovino looked up and glared around to see who dared mock him.

It was everyone. They all clenched their stomach and erupted into a riot of hideous laughter. Confusion jerked the whole of Lovino's body. He looked around with scared eyes in attempt to catch the joke everyone had found so humorous.

"All hail, Lovino! King of the Asses!" Anundr declared and threw up his arms. The crowd chanted along and chugged down alcohol to satisfy their rejoicing spirits. Lovino pulled off his crown to examine. It was made from the twigs of an olive tree. Though these was a sign of peace to the humans, to fairies they were a sign of humility. Hot tears began to ride down Lovino's face.

"Tell me what the meaning of this is! I am no fool!" He cried in protest. The only response he received was through a roar of laughter.

"My all thy tongues become fire in thy mouths! Sease thy laughing this instant! I command it!" Lovino shrieked through his tears.

"Hazzah! Lovino! King of the Asses!" Anundr called again. The fairies chanted the name back. The dam in Lovino broke, tears scuttled down his face with the intensity of a running river.

"King, why dost thee weep? Has thy mother's breast has run dry of milk?" A pixie in the crowd mocked.

"Curses to you and your children till time does end!" He snarled in response. This only encouraged others to join in.

"I pray thee's eyes blind and thee falls from a cliff!" One woman called.

"I pray thee is swept into the clutches off the sea in midst of storm!" Another called. Feliciano was right. It was a joke. A torment.

"Will you not punish me so that this hell may subside!?"Lovino cried and threw the glass in his hand to the ground. It exploded into sharp pellets with a smash.

"Yes, in time come." Anundr answered, wicked smile plastered on his face as he watched the fairy boy tremble in front of him. "We have saved for you the most awful of punishments for the most hated of creatures."

"Then let it be death so that my soul may return and tear every hair from your bastard's heads!"

"No, death is but an act of mercy." The leader informed him. The fire that had ignited in Lovino's soul burst into a wild flame. He gripped a bottle tightly in his fist and threw it at the offender.

"Curse you, bastard's son! Your mother has many lovers!" He hissed. Anundr sneered when the bottle missed and shattered on the ground across from him.

"You will spend the rest of your life secluded from any man because you will live invisible to every eye. You will never have a friend. No one will love you, no one will want you. You will scavenge for everything you get and you will never be happy." The paint coated tribe leader declared and began to chant his magic. This was it, Lovino could feel it. He was a fool, the king of fools. Surrounding fairies cheered, Lovino sobbed and the Earth as he knew it began to spin.


Pain ached his whole body, it threw him deep into a crippling shock. His frame plundered to the ground and a scream racked his body. There was no hope but to release his blood curling yelp, rusty blood coated the walls of his throat, his lungs burned, his body shriveled. The skin that used to fit his body well was readjusting and tugging over new curves. The organs that once all had their perfect place stretched and fought each other for a comfortable position that they weren't able to find. Lovino could feel his body ripped into a million pieces and rearranged into a foreign order.

Lovino prayed for death but he was sure it wouldn't come. No one would release him from the punishment worse than hell. Three excruciating hours passed like this. The fairies celebrated around him. They poured their drinks over his violently shaking body. They spat on him, they kicked him and teased him. They did anything to make him more pathetic then he already was.

When the morphing finally eased, they dragged him far out into the unsettled wooden area and left him in his own misery. No tears were left for him to cry. No screams could have possibly been mustered. He was the King of Fools. They ravished his pride, they tricked him then tore his life away from him. They mocked him. They spat on him, they raped his dignity then laughed. It was a cruel world…and he was the victim now. He laid face down in the soil and tried to remember how to breathe.

It was a joke. A sick, disgusting joke. All hail the King of Fools.

Two months had passed since the beginning.

I pulled the swivel chair under me and let my body fall onto the cushion. I, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, was once again going to update my blog like I did every week but this week I had a little extra to write about. I pushed my finger into the power button and felt the laptop take a breath of life. Such a sweet sound. I turned my attention to the cup of hot, Starbucks coffee and fiddled off the protective cardboard cover. I smiled. That's how I liked it, It made me feel like a rebel. I didn't need their cover, my hand could take the heat.

The screen lit up and my fingertips began to glide across the keys effortlessly. I logged in, using "potato" as my password. Nobody would ever guess that as my password. I was so clever. My blog opened and I hit the button titled: "Update." before beginning to tap letters.

Hola, my loyal readers!

As always, I have prepared hints, tips and notes for you all but this week I have an extra special topic. Here are some things you'll want to know if you happen to stumble into the same situation as I have. Enjoy!

1. Fairies are real and quite adorable.

I walked along the familiar sidewalk, it was a route I took at least five times a week to get to the grocery store that rested only one block away. With a sniffle, I adjusted the way-too-hipster glasses back up the bridge of my nose. They had been too big my entire life. I was always told my face would grow into them but even at age twenty-six, they slipped off at every opportunity. After trying to escape twice in the next five minutes, I decided to stop at a bench and trade them out for my contacts. The only reason I didn't wear the contacts all the time was because I couldn't get the things in for the life of me. I concentrated really hard, making me look pretty dumb to passer-byes. After getting the left one in, I blinked till it was comfortably situated then began the other. I dipped my finger into the little divited container, squishing the liquid around and trying to maneuver the clear film onto the tip.

The darn thing was so difficult! Once I managed to shimmy my finger underneath, I slid it out. This act resulted in it sliding right off the ready finger and plopping down to a puddle at my feet. Dammit! Well…a few germs never killed anyone, right? What's the worst that could happen!?

I could get an infection and go blind…that was pretty bad. Then again, if that was the case, I'd be able to wear an eye patch or sunglasses like a tough guy! See, always a bright side. With that thought, I quickly removed the lens from the puddle before slipping it over my eye. It stung a bit more than it should have. I told myself that was just because the water on the ground was near freezing.

2. They are invisible (That is, unless you happen drop your contact into a puddle that one is crying into.)

When I managed to open my eyes, I witnessed something that definitely had to be a first. There was a little boy sitting in front of my in torn up trousers and a filthily saturated muddy shirt. I hadn't noticed him before…in fact, I hadn't seen him at all yet he sat curled up at my feet and wiped the water marbles that fell down his face.

Starting is rude. I never really had much concern for my manners anyways. After a few minutes, he raised his little head and looked back up at me. His hair was dripping with rain, his face was feverishly white with the exceptions of the under-eye-bags and chilled red nose. Big, scared, honey eyes studied me back with such curiosity.

"Dost thee…look upon me?" He whispered slowly, never taking his contact from me. It was when his lips parted to speak that I noticed little sharp teeth aligned in an organized row.

No way! Those have got to be fakes! No person would really file their teeth down like that, would they? Maybe he was a freak or something…freak or not, he shouldn't be out in whether like this! He looked to have already caught hypothermia.

"Uh, you should go back home. You don't look so well, Amigo." I told him, using a soft and child friendly voice.

"So you DO see me! Human, for what trickery is this!?" He cried and readjusted so he was sitting on his knees.

"Trickery? Um…none?" I answered wearily. This kid was a weirdo! He must have renaissance festival junkies for parents.

"What spell dost thou cast? No human possesses magic and certainly none that may alter the great sorcery of Anundr!" He cried again, becoming more so hysterical. It was then that I decided that this kid was hypothermic. No body was this crazy, he should definitely be inside.

"Were are your parents?" This time my voice was a little more stern.

"My mother has passed in the birthing of my younger." He answered coolly.

"What about your dad? Who did you come to the park with?" I asked again.

"I traveled to this place on my own. I have answered the questions which you impose on me, ye must do the same of my curiosities! How do you gain your sight?" The little boy stood and came face to face with me. He studied my eyes.

"I…have contacts?" I cautiously leaned back.

"The Tact of Con! It is a tool of magic?! What sorcerer gave you this?"

"Uh…Doctor Carmen?" I answered unsurely. This kid must be pretty close to dying cause he had lost every marble he ever had. "Listen kid, you need to get inside. We'll get you some medicine, we'll change your clothes and we'll call up you guardians. Okay?"

"You speak with the guardians!? You are a powerful creature, indeed! Yes! I will come with you for you may free me of my curse!" He exclaimed in pure excitement and took to my side as I stood.

"Okay, Shakespeare. Let's go." I said and slung my messenger bag over my shoulder.

"Should I carry your load, oh powerful wizard?" He asked and toted at my side.

3. He'll probably think you're a wizard.

"Uh, no thanks, I got it. So who do you live with?" I asked. His family was probably worried by now, he looked like he had been wandering for days. Maybe he just reads too much Harry Potter. That was probably it.

"I used the live amongst my tribe but they shunned me two moons ago." He answered. I translated that into, 'I live with my family but I got grounded so I ran away'. Psh, kids.

"Ah, I see. But you are not the only prince of you kingdom, right? You said you had a younger brother?" I smiled. It was fun to play with kids, especially kids with these crazy imaginations.

"Nonsense, neither me nor my brother are of royal blood."

"I see…so when does the 'shunning' end?"

"When one is shunned, it is a term of seclusion that lasts three generations. My great-great-grandchild will be able to return to the tribe and be accepted amongst friends."

"Those are some big words. How old are you?"

"In human time, I believe six years would be accurate."

"So you're a little fella', huh?"

"Well, yes, this form does seem to be quite small in size. It's a joke really. Humans are considered a foolish species."

"Oh really? Then what are you?"

"I'm not sure what I could call myself. I believe the term 'fairy' might be accurate."

4. Fairies can be boys too.

"I thought fairies were girls?" I said. This little kid was really fun, I liked him already.

"Humans truly are foolish creatures. Is the number of humans who posses these Tacts of Con many?"

"Actually, I have special eyes so I doubt many other people have the same prescription."

"Then you truly must be of great magic! You will break my curse!"

"Sure I will. I'll get ya' warm and back with your family." It was hard not to laugh at the little one. He sure was cute.

"Dost thou swear by it?" He asked in a serious tone and stopped walking. I looked back at him with confusion.

"Do I what now?" I asked and held out my hand to him, silently telling him to take it so we could get out of the cold. He ignored the gesture.

"Would you swear by oath?" He asked, burning me with accusing eyes. Aww~ he was so cute! Of course I would play knight with him~

"Aye, my prince." I answered in the same poetic tone as him before on one knee.

"I dub thee my loyal knight and wizard. Only are you freed when thine quest is complete." He declared and placed a little hand on my head.

"Rise." He ordered and I obeyed, giant smile plastered on my face.

"Shall I take thee to my royal castle?" I asked and held out my hand again. This time he nodded and accepted the offering. Hand in hand, I took him to my shitty New York apartment.

5. If all of the previous steps occur, you are in for one hell of a storm, Mi Amigo. Much luck to you.

[If you have any questions and comments for me (or me, the author) Feel free to ask. I'd love to answer them all. I will continue to blog about my life with this knew little addition so I hope you'll be back to read more. Gracias and Adios,

Antonio (and the author)]