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A Rich Man's Loss is a Poor Man's Gain

By:  Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 1: Long Memories

Author's Note:  For those of you, who have read Shattered Rain, I'm still not sure if I'm going to write a sequel.  I have to wait until I get a good idea for one.  But please read this one, let's just put it this way.  I'm wetting your appetite.  This idea popped in my head one night and writing it was the only way to get it out of my head.  A friend of mine read this before I put it on, and she says she likes it.  So I just hope you guys enjoy it. ^.^

"Happy Birthday to you!!!" A young girl with long red hair braided in pigtails came into the small room carrying a plate with a cupcake on it.  Topped on it was a candle.  She was singing the Happy Birthday song VERY loud.

"Happy BIRHDAY!!!!!  TOO YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!  Now blow out the candle and make a wish!!!"  He did as she said and hoped with all his heart that his wish would come true.  For you see Bit and Ashley are poor, very poor.  Both are orphans, but are not related.  Even though they pretend to be related.  Bit had just turned 17 and in two months Ashley will turn 16.

"What did ya wish for!?!"

Bit smiled, "If I told you it wouldn't come true."  He picked up the cupcake and split it in two.

"No, it yours."

"But I want to share."  He shoved the second piece in her hands and popped his own in his mouth.


"No buts!  As your older brother I command you to eat that muffin!!!"  Ashley giggled and popped the muffin her mouth.  She rushed out of the room and came out quickly with something behind her back.

"I got a present for you!"

"You didn't have to waste any money on me!"

"I was really tempted to scramble for some but I just begged the lady who used to own the orphanage to give back some of our stuff that belonged to our parents!"  She held out a silver chain or necklace.


"It was your father's necklace.  Maybe next year I'll get something that will go on it, maybe a ring or something."

"…Thank you."

((End of Flashback))

He opened his eyes and sat up.  Bit was now in a fancy courtyard, but his clothes didn't change.  He was the whipping boy for the prince.  A whipping boy is a person, usually young, who gets whipped or beaten when the royal children got I trouble.  They did this because they weren't aloud to hurt royalty.  So they would hit another boy or girl.  Usually boys and they would be the same age as the royal child.

The prince that Bit took the beatings for was a spoiled whiny brat named Harry.  It had been over a month and a half since he had been at the castle.  In two weeks it will be Ashley's birthday and he wanted to be there for it.  He hasn't even seen her since he left.  He just hopes she got the money he sent her.

He rubbed his bruised ribs, 'I hope this is worth it.  Of course it is!  This is for Ashley's future!'  A teacher of the prince came running into the courtyard.  Bit cringed slightly he knew what was coming.

"There you are!  Come with me!"  The teacher grabbed Bit's arm and ran into what looked like a schoolroom.

"Now young prince, do not force me to beat this boy!"  Prince Harry, yeah he didn't deserve the title of the heir of the throne.

Harry smiled slightly, "I'm sorry I didn't hear what I did wrong."

The teacher raised a big stick and it began……


"Come on Leena he can't be that bad."

"Leon you don't understand.  This guy is a complete jerk!  He's on of those type of people that has their title go to their head too much!"

"Yes, that maybe true, but we have to find the right person for our throne to be king."

"But Leon you're my older brother, you're supposed to be the heir instead of me."

"I didn't want the throne, and I'm sorry that I dumped this on you."  Leena let out a sigh and gazed out of the window of the carriage.  After a long period of silence Leena spoke.

"I just don't want to be forced to marry someone I don't like."  Leon put an arm around her.

"Don't worry, I'll be behind you all they way."

The rest of the carriage ride was slow and quiet.  When they got out they were welcomed with the highest honor.

A screechy voice stood out of the crowd, "LEENA!!!"  Leena shivered as Harry ran up to her and hugged her.

"I hope your journey was well, and I also hope that the carriage was comfortable for you.  I just hate when they don't put in enough cushions."  Leena nodded simply, and looked over his shoulder and gave Leon a pleading like look.

"Hey Harry!" Leon yanked Harry and Leena apart and put a hand on Harry's shoulder, "You need to give me a tour of the castle."

"But what about Leena?"

"She needs her rest, it was a long journey."  Leon waved behind his back signaling Leena to go now.  She made a run for the courtyard.  She always loved this place.  Mainly because it was the last place Harry would look.  It was her little place.  But today she wasn't alone.

"Why is my life so miserable?" Leena cried out.

"Your life can't be any more miserable than mine……."

Leena gasped and turned around, leaning against the stonewall was a blonde headed man that was probably around her age.  He was injured and was breathing heavily.  He had bruises all over his body.  One of his eyes was shut.  Leena gasped again, she rushed over to him.

"What happened were you attacked!?!"  This action surprised the young man.  "What's wrong?"

"Your worried about me?"

"Of coarse I am!  Your in bad shape and…" She put her hand on his forehead, "…You got a bad fever!"  She backed up toward the entrance a little.  "Just wait right here and I'm going to get my big brother."

"Why are you doing this?  I'm just the whipping boy."

"For who?"

"Prince Harry…" Leena didn't say anything, because she was speechless.  She ran off in the direction of the entrance.  The man slid down to the ground, mainly because the pain was starting hurt more.

'I wonder who she is?' he thought, he didn't notice a guard come in the yard looking for someone.

"You!  You're the whipping boy?  Correct?"

Bit nodded his head, "Why?"

"You're needed."  Bit groaned.  The guard grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet.  He almost had to drag him out of the courtyard.



"What is it?"  Leena rushed up to her brother and tugged on his arm.

"Come on!  There's someone in the courtyard, and he needs medical help…What's going on?"

"Well, Harry got in a fight with the Duke of Paradeli, (Author's Note:  I just made that up. *slight grin*) and now they went to get the whipping boy."  Leena went pale.

"…Oh no…"

"What's wrong?" Leon asked.

"That's the man I was just telling you about!"  They both turned the doorway, where some guards almost dragged someone in.  He knelt on the floor trying to keep from passing out.  The Duke snapped his fingers and a servant came up with a whip in his hands.  Leena eyes widened in shock as the Duke held the whip up high.  Everything went so fast and slow at the same time.  She hid behind her brother who wrapped his arms around her.  She cried as she heard the man's yelps every time the whip landed on him.  Finally when they were done, everyone left except Leena, Leon, and Harry.  The whipping boy was on the floor unconscious.  Leena rushed over to him and lifted him slightly.

He opened his eyes slightly, his vision very blurry, he looked up to Leena, "…Ashley?…Is that you?" And then he blacked out.

Leon kneeled down on the other side, "We need to get a doctor!"

"Quick! Take him into one of the guest rooms!  Hurry!!"  Leon picked the man up and ran down the hallway.  Leena turned towards Harry; she was furious!

"Leena, honey, what's wrong?"

"Wrong!  WRONG!  WRROOOONNNNGGG!!!  I'll tell you what's WRONG!!!  Did you even consider about his health!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!"

"He's just the whipping boy."  Leena looked at Harry with fire burning in her purple eyes.

"You JERK!!!"  Leena gave Harry a good 'ol slap right across the face.  He now had a huge red print on the side of his face.

He shrieked like a girl, "AHHH!!  Why did you hit my face!?!" Leena gave a huff and stormed down the hallway where Leon had left.

Author's Note: *twitches in her seat* Weeeeellll…What do you think?  If you want I'll continue it.  Well I'm really almost done writing it on paper.  Now I all have to do is type it in.  So if you like it please tell me.  :)