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By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 13: Gambling Lives

Author's Note: Sorry bout the long wait, I've been working school and other stories.

A small trap door opened up and two eyes peeked around from under it.  Then they lifted the door and climbed out.  The person kneeled down to the trap door.

"All clear."

"It's about time Ashley!!  I'm so glad that we're out of the sewer," Leena complained when she got out.  One by one they all got out of the trap door and Jamie shut it.  They looked around the room they were in.  Looked like some sort of office.

"Now what do we do," he asked.  The girls all looked at each other and shrugged.

"We're making this up as we go along," Naomi smiling and scratching the back of her head nervously.

Jamie's face faulted, "WHAT!!!"

The girls all laughed nervously.  But when they started hear footsteps.

"Hide!" Hissed Leena as she jumped under desk, Jamie hid behind a curtain, and Naomi and Ashley stood in the middle of the room panicking.

"What do we do!?!" whispered Ashley looking around for a possible place to hide.

Naomi noticed a rope on the floor, "Come on!!  I have an idea!"  She grabbed the rope and with her other free hand she grabbed Ashley's hand.  They ran out to the balcony, Naomi tied the rope on the railing and threw the other end down.  She turned around to see Ashley staring there in disbelief.

"You want to climb down!!  That's about 35 feet above the mote!!"

"There's no where else to hide!!!" Naomi jumped over the rail and started climbing down the rope maybe halfway down she stopped.

Ashley looked down; she felt her heart leap in her throat.  Don't do this!!!  Remember last time you tried to climb down that one tower!!  She was very hesitant at first.  But then she heard the doorknob turn, without even thinking she hopped over the rail slid down the rope slightly stopping only a foot above Naomi and clutched on for dear life.


Leena peeked from under the table just to see Ashley climb down the rope.  She then turned her attention to the door.  It opened and the least person she felt like seeing entered.

That's right, Harry.  She felt her body stiffen and go numb.  HE walked into the middle of the room along with his trusty advisors right behind him.

"Well gentlemen?  What's our situation?" she heard Harry's confident voice come out.

"Sir, the rebels have gotten inside the castle and now are searching for you this moment," Sebastian said bowing to him.

"What do they think they will accomplish out of this!?!"

"Uh sir?" Benjamin stepped forward and bowed, "I think that they are trying to overthrow you."

Harry stared blankly at them.

"Meaning that they are trying to kick you out of your castle."

"Is that even possible!?!  HOW DARE THEY!?!"

Benjamin and Sebastian looked at each other and shook their heads in disgrace.


Outside dangling by life and death was Naomi and Ashley.

"What are they saying?" Naomi asked as she looked up to Ashley who was mumbling to herself.

"Be one with the rope, be one with the rope, be one with the rope…"

"ASHLEY!!" Naomi hissed catching the other red heads attention. (Author's Note: I just noticed that all the girls in my story are red heads.  No offense to red heads!!  But all three of them have red hair.  It's strange that's that is a coincidence.)


"What are they talking about?"

"I don't know!!  I'm just trying to hang on!!"

"Great we could be stuck out here for a while.  I wish we could've found.."

ZING!!! An arrow hit the wall that was just inches away from her face, her pink eyes widened and looked at the ground.  Bellow were millions of soldiers with bows aiming upward.

"OH NO!!!  THERE SHOOTING AT US!!!" Naomi squeaked, "QUICK CLIMB UP!!!"  The two girls hurried up the rope, but Ashley lost her grip and started to fall.


"GOT YOU!!!!" Naomi had one of her hands let of the rope and grab onto Ashley's hand.

"Woah!!!  Thanks!"

"Don't mention it," Naomi grunted as beads of sweat appeared on her face, "Try to grab onto the rope!!"

"I got it!!" Naomi let go of Ashley and they continued to climb up.  As soon as they got over the rail they saw Harry looking at them.

"I would never have guessed that you of all people would come here!" Harry said taking out his sword.  Ashley and Naomi nervously looked at each other and got out their own weapons.  Jamie jumped out of his hiding place as well.  Leena was going to but Naomi motioned not to with her eyes.

"We are here to stop you once and for all Harry Champ!!" Jamie bravely said taking a step forward.

"Ha!!  I would like to see you try!!!"

"Whatever you say," Ashley mumbled as she ran forward and tried to hit Harry, but Sebastian came in and blacked it with his own sword.

"Coward!!"  Naomi shouted as she began fighting with Benjamin.  Leena watched helplessly as everyone fought against each other.

'OOOOoohhh!!!  I hate being helpless like this!!!' her mind screamed as she clenched her fists in anger.


A soldier came jogging up to Raiko, "Sir!  We have searched almost all of the castle and there is still no sign of Harry."

Raiko thought for a while, while Leon talked to the soldier, "You've searched most of the castle already?  Where would Harry be?"

"In the tower." The two men turned to Raiko who was looking at a spiral staircase leading upward.

"Harry wouldn't be that stupid," Leon said fingering his sword in his hilt.

Raiko's eyes narrowed as he started walking towards the stairwell.

"Hey!  Where are you going?"

Without answering Raiko took out his sword and walked up the stairs, Leon walked confusingly behind him.

He shouted over his shoulder to the soldier, "Tell Bit and Brad to follow."


Bit and Brad were having no luck with Harry either.

"Where the hell is he!!!??!!!"

"Settle down Bit."

"But I want to tear him apart!!!"

"Don't we all."

"Not as much as I do!!!"

"You'd be surprised."

"So would you if you knew what he did to me!!!"

Brad shrugged and turned around to see a soldier run up to him, "Sir!!  Raiko and Leon has found a stairway and they asked for you to follow them up it."

"Okay we'll go there now."

"Woohoo!!!  Finally!!!!  It's Go Time!!!" (Author's Note: Is it a crime to watch Cartoon Network?)


Naomi's sword was flung from her hand away from her she stared helplessly at Benjamin.  Who held the sword to her neck.  Sebastian had kicked Ashley in the gut and sent her flying into the wall; Jamie had also lost his sword and was in the same predicament as Naomi.

"What shall we do with them?" asked Benjamin.

Harry smiled evilly, "Let's make them jump off the balcony."

"NOO!!" Ashley struggled to get up but her wound from the previous attack had reopened and blood had started to stain her clothes.

"Don't worry my darling I will need you later for a hostage."  Ashley fell on the floor clutching her stomach.  Just then Leon and Raiko burst into the room.  They looked down at Ashley who was sitting close to the door, both got very mad.

"Now gentlemen it was an accident," Harry said nervously.  They took another step forward both ready to kill.  Then Bit and Brad came in, Bit ran to Ashley.

"Hang in there Ashley, you'll be okay!"

Leena ran out of her hiding spot to Bit.  Harry froze, "Leena's here."

"You bastard!!!  How could you do this to her!!" Leena spat at him.  Bit slowly got up and stood face to face to Harry.

"Let's finish this right here, right now."

Harry narrowed his eyes at Bit, "Fine!!"  The two got in a pose and stood there and then launched at each other.  During the fight Benjamin and Sebastian tried to sneak out.  But Brad stepped in front of them.

"Going somewhere Gentlemen?"

"Uh…." They both drew their swords, Raiko jumped in to help him out.  In a matter of moments they were defeated and everyone now focused on Bit and Harry.


Harry and Bit circled each other for a while and stared at each other.

"It's amazing how far you've gotten whipping boy!" Harry spat at Bit, whose eyebrow twitched.

"Same goes for you!!  I'm surprised that your own father didn't throw you out."

"A king would never throw out his heir to the throne."

"You call yourself an heir!!"

"Of course I have royal blood going through my veins."

"I really don't care about that."

Ashley and Leena both got impatient, "BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP AND FIGHT!!!!!!!!"

"Right," both men said quietly, they readied and leaped at each other.  But Harry was out sooner than you can say…..go.

Bit stood over Harry's unconscious body, "Woah, that was easy."

Leena ran up to him and threw her arms around his neck, "You're the hero!!!"

"But it was too easy!"

"Shh," she put her finger to his lips, "Don't complain, and let's just say he had a strong army, but we still whooped him."

"Oh yeah that reminds me…how did you get in?"

Leena face paled, "Uhhhhhhhhhhh………"


Leon kneeled down next to Ashley who was still clutching her wound.

"You okay?"

Ashley looked up in his eyes, "I am now."

He smiled and scooped her up in his arms and carried her out.  Brad and Naomi were standing close by surveying the whole scene.  Brad looked down at Naomi.

"Well, that's all over."

"Yeah, we should get back to the camp."

"Your right…..Say I was wondering."

"Hmm," Naomi looked curiously up at him.

"Maybe we can join that traveling tribe?"

Naomi smiled, "That would be great."


Author's Note: A little longer than usual but that should make you happy and that was the end of the story.  I'm probably going to do a epilogue to this, *shruggs* we'll see.