After the Battle: A Warriors fanfiction

Chapter one- Bumblestripe

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting." Bramblestar's voice echoed strangely around camp. It was the first Clan meeting since Firestar's death. Bumblestripe padded out of the warrior's den, followed by his sister Blossomfall, Ivypool, Birchfall, and Dovewing.

Bumblestripe and the other Clan members sat underneath the Highledge. Bramblestar and Jayfeather sat side by side on the ledge.

"Now that I have traveled to the Moonpool and received my nine lives from StarClan, it is time to name ThunderClan's new deputy," Bramblestar meowed. Several cats looked around them, trying to guess the new deputy.

"Squirrelflight will be the new deputy." Squirrelflight looked around, shocked.

"I hope you know that I never meant to hurt you. You were a wonderful father and I was proud to raise these kits with you. I will proudly be your deputy," Squirrelflight mewed. Bramblestar nodded, his amber eyes filled with affection. He and Squirrelflight had rekindled their friendship and became mates again.

"Graystripe, lead a hunting patrol," Bramblestar ordered.

"Yes, Bramblestar," Graystripe meowed.

"The Clan meeting is over." Bramblestar flicked his tail and leapt off the ledge and went into his den. Squirelflight followed him. Graystripe stood under the ledge.

"Birchfall, Whitewing, Dovewing, and Bumblestripe, join the hunting patrol." Bumblestripe turned and padded to Graystripe and waited for the rest of the patrol. Dovewing had gone into the warriors' den and reappeared, trotting towards the patrol, her beautiful pale gray coat shining in the late leaf-fall sun.

"Hi, Bumblestripe," she mewed. Bumblestripe's pulse began to quicken.

"Hey," Bumblestripe managed to get the one word out. She turned her clear blue eyes at him in concern.

"You okay? You're kind of quiet," she mewed. Bumblestripe licked his pale chest fur in embarrassment.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just still trying to get over Firestar's death," he meowed. Dovewing's head was suddenly under his chin.

"We all are," she mewed softly. Graystripe flicked his tail.

"Let's go. The rest are here," he meowed. Dovewing brought her head back and followed Bumblestripe and the patrol out of camp. Graystripe led the patrol into the forest and the cats broke apart to hunt. Bumblestripe parted his jaws and scented a mouse. He crouched and stalked the mouse, which made itself visible from under the leaves. He leapt and caught it, killing it in one swift bite.

After a few more kills, he took his prey and joined the rest of the patrol. Whitewing had two blackbirds, Dovewing had two mice and a vole, Birchfall had two squirrels and Graystripe had two mice.

"Lots of fresh-kill this leaf-fall!" Whitewing exclaimed Graystripe nodded.

"Be glad. Leaf-bare is near," he pointed out. Graystripe led the cats back to camp and they dropped their catches into the fresh-kill pile. It was near sunset when Bumblestripe began grooming himself outside the warriors' den.

"Wanna share?" Bumblestripe turned to see his sister, Briarlight, lying beside him holding a plump mouse between her jaws.

"Shouldn't you be in the medicine den?" Bumblestripe asked. Briarlight twitched her ears.

"I should be allowed out sometimes, shouldn't I?" she retorted.

"Sure, of course," Bumblestripe muttered. Briarlight dragged herself until she was across from her brother and dropped the mouse.

"Eat up," she mewed, diving into her share. Bumblestripe lowered his head and took a bite. Honestly, he wasn't very hungry. Dovewing's sudden affection to him surprised him. He'd always had a crush on her, since the day he laid eyes on her.

"You have the rest. I'm not hungry," Bumblestripe meowed, pushing the mouse toward his sister.

"Really? Are you okay?" she mewed. Bumblestripe decided not to attract too much attention to himself. Cats will ask questions.

"Yeah, fine," he mewed. She flicked her ears and was quiet for a moment.

"Sure, okay. See you around," she murmured, looking back at the mouse. He turned into the warriors' den and sat on his nest.