Chapter 2 'Lover's Comfort'

Both Ichigo and Soi-Fon were feeling quite comforting, within each others arms that is. Neither one wanted to move, yet... Well... Ichigo's stomach growled. He was hungry like a wolf, and this triggered giggling from Soi-Fon. After a few seconds she couldn't take it anymore and started laughing her ass off. The laughter finally stopped when her tummy did the same thing... Now that was a sight to behold, the half-starved couple just laughing at each other.

Soi finally pulled out her lunch. She wasn't going to let Ichigo stay hungry, so she asked a really stupid question ''Would you like a bite?''

Ichigo held in the smartass response, seeing as how the food was hers. He just politely said ''Yes please.''

To his surprise, she didn't give him a pair of chopsticks... She took a peice of food with her pair, and lifted it towards him. ''He-here... Let me.'' Those were the words nervously, and embarrassingly mouthed by the small Captain.

Ichigo complied, as he leaned towards the food. It was quite delicious, but then... To ease the tension of the situation, took the othet pair of chopsticks and grabbed a rice ball. He then slowly moved it towards Soi-Fon, and she gladly accepted it... This 'feeding ' went on for the next 2-3 minutes.

Suddenly Yoruichi appeared out of thin air. ''Having fun with Ichigo, eehhh Soi-Fon?'' asked Yoruichi teasingly.

This was something they could not predict, seeing as how Yoruichi was the 'Godess of Flash'. Now their faces turned red... If they were thermometers, they would have bursted open.

''Y-Yoruichi... H-how long have you been here?'' asked a rather nervous Ichigo.

HE did have every reason to be nervous, he was caught by Yoruichi with his girlfriend... Who was also Yoruichi's apprentice. There was going to be a lot of devilish teasing in the future, by the Hell-Cat of course.

Upon hearing the words, and the tone of pronunciation Yoruichi said... With what had to be the biggest smirk ever ''Well... I just arrived. Why? Did you do something you wanted to talk about?''

Soi's mind registered those words quickly... Her face became even more red than it had formerly been. It took her a few seconds, but then she sputtered ''N-no, n-n-n-nothing like that happened Lady Yoruichi. Me and Ichigo we...''

She couldn't complete the sentence due to Yoruichi mouthing her observation. ''Oh, so you already are on first names? Wow... You do work fast Ichigo.''

Soi-Fon was a mess, a sputtering mess. Yoruichi looked at her, then decided to tease her some more ''It is nice that you found someone that can cope with you. Judging by his stamina... I'd say that he is a monster in the sack.''

Finally, Soi-Fon fainted. It was too much to handle... At least for her. Ichigo was still wide awake, but his jaw hit the floor. He is however not to blame, seeing as how Yoruichi said some rather... delicate things to Soi-Fon.

He finally mouthed ''Now look what you did... Could you just, I don't know... Leave US alone. I mean we wouldn't be here if we wanted to be disturbed.''

This statement had shocked Yoruichi, it was not... How should i put this... Very 'Ichigo-like' in her mind. However her respect towards him just rose up tenfold, judging by the fact that he so boldly spoke his mind.

''Fine, I'll leave you two alone.'' Said Yoruichi blankly, right before turning around. She then turned her head towards them and said ''Oh, and don't worry I won't tell anyone.''

Finally, Yoruichi had shunpoed away. Ichigo sighed in relief, but then turned his attention towards Soi-Fon. She was just laying 3 feet next to him, with a flushed face.

Ichigo decided to make a brave move, a one that if Soi was to wake up... She would probably kick his ass for it. He stood up, walked slowly towards her and picked her up. She was being carried bridal-style. He finally brought her near a tree, so he wanted to lay her down there. Soi however, despite being out-cold did not let go of him. He decided to just sit down, with her still in his arms.

Finally he had dropped his ass down, leaning on the tree as he did it. When that had happened, Soi-Fon put her arms around his shoulders, making herself comfortable. Ichigo put a arm around her, while he ruffled through her hair with the other.

'She is so cute while sleeping' Thought Ichigo happily.

He was just resting there, waiting for Soi to wake up. She didn't sleep last night, so she wouldn't be getting up any time soon. While patiently waiting, Ichigo slowly started to doze off into sleep... How could he not, like Soi-Fon he didn't get any sleep last night...And he also fought with her and Kenpachi, it was a miracle he was still standing. It took some time, but he finally fell asleep as well.

The fresh couple looked rather cute in their embrace, but as they were sleeping hours went by... Until night-time hit.

*Shiba Mansion*

''Where is Ichigo, it's 3 A.M. and he didn't arrive yet.'' said a nervous Orihime.

Uryu followed up ''Speaking of which, he wasn't here since morning.''

Chad was just silent. Kukkaku on the other hand was fuming with rage, to the unfortune of Ganju.

''WHERE IS THAT TWERP!'' Yelled Kukkau with a rather sadistic tone. If her voice could kill, I'd say that everyone in the room would drop dead.

Yoruichi knew where he was, so she decided to help him out. ''He is training in my hideout. Besides, he is there with Zangetsu... So he'll be fine.''

Everyone bought this, with the exception of Uryu that is. The Quincy decided to voice his opinion... Which was a rather dumb thing to do. ''Well, I hope you wouldn't mind if I check up on him.''

Usually this would make the liar nervous, but Yoruichi had a way of putting Uryu down. ''Be my guest, but seeing as how you lost your powers, it would take you at least 3-4 hours to walk there. Then if you actually find the shelter, and get in... hipoteticaly speaking of course. What would you do when you encounter him, who is fighting his Zanpakto?''

This rather long statement had finally silenced the somewhat annoying Quincy. He was frustrated, with his eyebrow twitching at incredible speeds.

''Fine, guys let's just go to bed... I'm sure he's fine.'' Said Uryu, who was feeling rather embarrassed.

Everyone besides Kukkaku left the room. She looked towards her old friend, then asked her a question... She was curious about what Yoruichi was hiding.

''And what is the part you aren't telling?''-asked Kukkaku.

Yoruichi knew that she could trust Kukkaku, so she exclaimed ''Well, let's have a sit-down somewhere more... Appropriate. Then and only then will I tell you.''

Kukkaku nodded, and slowly made her way outside with Yoruichi.

*2nd Squad Barracks*

Omaeda was slacking off all day long. He noticed that his Captain was gone, yet she still left orders and chores for him and the squad. The fat oaf didn't seem to care, he just ignored the note… But now it was night-time, and his Captain had not yet returned.

'Maybe the Head-Captain sent her on a mission?' thought Omaeda.

He really didn't know what was going on, but he still didn't want to wait and find out. He just went back to his quarters, without a single thought of what the consequences for his actions would be.

'The Captain was supposed to receive this note earlier today, so I guess I have to go to the Captain's meeting tomorrow… To explain her absence, at the very least.'

Just those thoughts made him feel tired… For a lieutenant he was a bit too lazy. Not even Rangiku could beat him as far as laziness goes.

*Sogyoku Hill*

The young couple was still sleeping, but was carefully observed by Kukkaku and Yoruichi. The two older women made their way there, just so Yoruichi could explain the situation… Well and to show Kukkaku that she wasn't lying. Right after, they just left them in peace. There was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

Soi and Ichigo just slept… Their sleep was quite deep, due to the exhaustion. However that was not the only reason why they slept like babies. Both of them were feeling comforted by their partner, to some extent I'd 'Lover's Comfort'


*Captain's Meeting Hall*

It was early morning when all the Captains, with the exception of Soi-Fon gathered. All of the Captains were surprised, yet did not show it. Their surprise was due to the fact that none other than Soi-Fon didn't arrive on time… Or for that matter, didn't arrive at all. In her place was Omaeda as her second-in-command officer, or lieutenant if you will.

''And why is it that Soi-Fon isn't here?'' asked Yamamoto with a somewhat curious tone.

Omaeda was nervous, it wasn't every day that a lieutenant is allowed to attend a Captain's meeting… Let alone, to stand before them as a 'representative' of his Captain.

Byakuya grew tired of waiting for the lieutenant to speak, so he said… In his serious tone, very, very serious voice ''Speak you worm, or begone.''

This scared Omaeda, so he spilled everything… About his Captain's behavior and absence.

''Alright, I would say that what Captain Soi-Fon is doing is important.'' Said Yamamoto blankly. ''But she should have informed either me, or her subordinate as to what is or was she doing.''

''You may leave now, as far as your Captain goes… I'll look into it myself.'' Continued Yamamoto.

Omaeda bowed his head, to show respect and left the room.

The meeting that went on was about defending Seretei, and the Real World from Aizen's attack. They were talking about who should be stationed in the real world, and the names that came up were Rangiku, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Renji and Captain Hitsugaya.

There were some mentions of Ichigo, but they couldn't find a suitable trainer for him. Yoruichi didn't have much spare time on her hands, and neither did Kisuke.

There were 4 eligible people that could train him. Those were Byakuya, Kyoraku, Komamura and Ukitake. Kenpachi complained as to why he wasn't on the list, but he knew the reasoning behind it. It's not training if you just want to battle you apprentice… Besides, there was not much that he could teach him.

Byakuya when asked will he train Ichigo stated, with a slight despise in his voice ''No.''

Kyoraku was too lazy to train anyone, so the question wasn't presented to him. As far as Ukitake goes, he was willing… Yet unable due to his sickness.

Komamura didn't want to train Ichigo, simply because he couldn't find the time.

With that, the meeting had concluded and the Captain's returned to their quarters. Well, Yamamoto didn't… He went to see what Captain Soi-Fon was up too.

*Shiba Mansion*

Everyone had been wide-awake almost all night. The reason for that was Ichigo. They were worried about his whereabouts, despite both Kukkaku's and Yoruichi's reassurances.

''For the last time, me and Yoruichi checked up on him. He is completely fine.'' Said Kukkaku, who had been provoked by a lot of talking… Especially this early in the morning.

''But it has been a whole da…'' Uryu started saying, before Kukkaku interrupted him with a fist to the jaw.

She had knocked him out cold, breaking his glasses and nose in the process. Kukkaku then turned towards Chad and Orihime, and asked ''DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO ADD?''

Her tone was full of evil, as if Satan himself had spoken through Kukkaku. Upon hearing this, Chad just turned dark and shook his head, while Orihime did the same thing with a nervous laugh. The punch was so hard, that Orihime had to heal Uryu. After the Quincy was healed, he still felt a numbness in his jaw… That was quite strange, since Orihime's power manipulates time.

After that whole affair, everyone just went on with their activities. However they were still worried about Ichigo, but they were afraid of Kukkaku… So nobody has spoken what they had in mind.

*Sogyoku Hill*

The Head-Captain arrived , and in front of him was a scene to behold. Two 'young' lovebirds, sleeping in each others embrace. Yamamoto did not approve of passion getting in the way of work, but for Soi-Fon he decided to make an exception. He ruffled his long beard, then shunpo-ed in place, with a note in his hands… It read ''Kurosaki Ichigo, you and 2nd Division Captain Soi-Fon have to report in to me as soon as possible. Signed Head-Captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.''

Upon placing the note next to Ichigo, he went of silently… Not wanting to disturb them.

Another hour had passed before the couple woke up, both opening their eyes in the same time. Soi-Fon's and Ichigo's eyes had met, and remained in place for the next couple of seconds. Ichigo then yawned and asked ''How long were we out?''

Soi didn't know so she just raised her shoulders, while putting on a 'I don't know' face on.

''Well, I do feel comfortable like this… But seeing as how the sun is nearing it's peak, I'd say its about 8 maybe 9 A.M.'' said Ichigo, with a worried voice.

He had every right to be, I mean besides his friends he had to worry about Soi's reaction. She probably wouldn't feel happy about this.

Soi-Fon didn't seem to care all that much, until her hand slipped and touched the note that was left by the Head-Captain.

She picked up the note, and couldn't believe her eyes. It was a difficult moment for her, because now not only did Yoruichi know about this… Now Yamamoto did as well. She showed the note to Ichigo, who reacted similarly.

After that, they both picked themselves up and rushed towards the meeting hall… Or the 1st Squad barracks if you will.

*2nd Squad Barracks*

Omaeda decided to take the initiative, seeing as how the Captain didn't yet return. He started drilling the men, forcing them to their limit. He however didn't do a thing, he was just sitting there not paying a single mind as to where his Captain is. It was enjoyable for him, seeing as how Soi was acting as a heartless, stuck-up bitch towards her men.

'I wonder where she is?' This thought came to his mind with one reason, he was hoping that she had died or something. As a lieutenant he would take her place if he did, but alas… He knew that her dying wouldn't happen… A man can dream right?

Some of his friends form the squad had placed a table in the courtyard, so he decided to join them.

*Captain's Meeting Hall*

Yamamoto was patiently waiting for the youngsters to appear. And it didn't take too long before they showed up.

''Why did you call for us Gramps?'' asked Ichigo, who wasn't aware of the Captain's meeting that went on a while ago.

Yamamoto simply stated ''There was a Captain's meeting.''

'Does he address everyone so casually, that could get him in trouble.' Thought a somewhat agitated Soi-Fon. She then bowed her head, and proceeded to say ''I apologize that I didn't show up at the Captain's meeting. I will endure any punishment you bestow upon me.'' She was somewhat worried, as she was the one that always forced the rules… And now broke them.

This statement triggered Ichigo's laughter, he couldn't believe how formal she was… Even before saying something like that.

''What's so funny Ichigo?!'' yelled Soi-Fon nervously.

Ichigo response was through laughter ''AHAAHAHAH, oh come on how much more stuck up can you get?''

This triggered a small fight, which was stopped by Yamamoto.

''Well… Now I see what has drawn you to Ichigo.'' Said the Head-Captain. This made Soi-Fon blush, as well as Ichigo… Besides, despite the embarrassment both of them enjoyed the attention they were getting.

Ichigo snapped out of it first, and asked curiously ''Is there a reason for you calling us here? I mean surely you didn't call us here to chat.''

Yamamoto nodded, the proceeded to say ''By Captain Soi-Fon's statement about the Captain's meeting, I am sure you know of it.'' The old man stopped to draw a long breath before continuing ''In the meeting, your future was discussed… To some extent that is. We were looking for a suitable candidate to train you, and from what I can see… We had found her.''

Soi-Fon knew what that meant, so she curiously asked ''Am I to accompany him to the Real World Head-Captain?''

Yamamoto then said in his usual manner ''No, Ichigo will prolong his stay here. He will be stationed in the 2nd Squad's barracks.''

Ichigo was fine with that, but asked ''And how much will my stay be prolonged, exactly?''

''Once Soi-Fon thinks you are prepared… I shall grant you the ability to leave.'' Said Yamamoto in a curious tone. It was curious because this wasn't only an explanation, it was a test of Ichigo's temper.

Ichigo didn't react too harsh, he simply stated ''Fine, but my family has to be informed.''

''Alright, you two are free to leave. Continue with your activities as you see fit.'' Said Yamamoto.

The couple nodded, and went their way. Ichigo wanted to return to Sogyoku Hill, but Soi had something different in mind.

''Do you want to see where you'll be staying?'' asked Soi-Fon with a soft voice.

Ichigo was curious as to actually see the 2nd Squad barracks, as he was trained by a former… and current Captain of the squad. Not to mention that the current one is his girlfriend, so he wanted to check out her squad. To her question he responded with a nod, and they made a detour.

*2nd Barracks Courtyard''

Omaeda and a few of his friends set up a table, and were drinking sake, eating and playing cards. Much to their unfortune, the Captain showed up… With the Ryoka by her side.

'Oh we're screwed.' Thought every person at the table.

''Oh, I've been gone for one day… And you already made yourselves comfortable.'' Said Soi-Fon, who didn't notice the sake at first. She spotted it soon enough, and blissfully yelled ''IT ISN'T EVEN NOON AND YOU ARE ALREADY DRINKING!''

From that point on, it could only go downhill. For their punishment, Ichigo was going to be the one that leads the training. The two were quite similar as far as training goes, but the squad didn't know that. He was introduced as a personal trainee of their Captain, so they knew that training was going to be rough.


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