Sam pulled into the parking spot and got out. He unbuckled Dean and lifted Dean up onto his hip. Ruby was on the other side of Sam holding his hand with their fingers laced together. They walked to the front desk. "Hello, We have an appointment with Dr. Robinsons."

She nodded as Sam filled out the sheet and Ruby took Dean from Sam. They walked over to the seats. Ruby sat Dean down in one of the seat and then Ruby sat down beside him. Dean propped against Ruby and rubbed her extended stomach.

A young one woman and man were staring at Dean and Ruby. "May I help you?"

"Sorry, I was just watching your little son. He is so adorable." The woman said.

"Sorry, my wife has gone baby crazy. She just found out she is pregnant."

"Well, congratulations. You must be happy as well."

"I'm very excited. You must have gotten pregnancy and child birth down pat. Since you have done it once before." Sam had walked over to Ruby and Dean.

"Daddy, potty."

"Alright, buddy. Let's go."

Dean hopped off his chair and Sam lead him to the bathroom. "Actually, I have no clue what I'm doing. My husband and I had been trying for years. I couldn't get pregnant. Then my husband's brother died on a hunting trip he went on a year ago. That left the little kid to Sam, my husband."

"He called your husband, Dad. Why is that?"

"Well, he was really young when it happened. When he started talking he called me Mama and my husband Daddy. We just couldn't bring up the courage to tell him."


"I'm sorry I'm talking too much."

"It's ok, really. You are a really good mother."

"Thank you—"

"Ruby Winchester?"

Sam and Dean walked out of the bathroom. "That's me."

Ruby stood up and Dean ran up to her and grabbed her hand. "Hey, Cassie. Thanks for being able to be our doctor, since you kinda now a little thing or two about the supernatural."

"You and Dean saved me and my mother. Anything I can do to repay that and it's my pleasure. It's been a while. Now where's Dean?" Cassie said was Ruby sat on the table and Dean hopped in the one chair in the room. Sam and she were standing the doorway.

"He's the little boy."


"A witch permanently changed him into a two year old. The witch wanted me to give him the childhood he deserved."

"So you are just going to raise him?"

"Yeah, it's not that hard, actually. He has his moment where he gets in trouble but other than that he is fine. That's how Dean was before he was de-aged."

"well, it's a good thing he's ok."

They walked into the room and Cassie closed the door. "Alright, Ruby, lift up your shit and lower your pants a bit."

Ruby did as she was told. Sam sat Dean in his lap. Cassie squirted this cold gel on Ruby's distended belly. Ruby hisses at the coldness. "Sorry, it's a bit cold."

"We gonna see the baby now?"

"Yes, we are, baby."

"Can I's see? Can I's see?"

"Give Dr. Cassie a second so she can find the baby."

"The baby is lost? Oh No!"

"No, no, sweetie. Sometimes the baby hides. I just have to find'em." Cassie moved the transducer around on Ruby's stomach. "Right there is the baby." Cassie pointed to the screen. She pushed some buttons.

"Wook, Mama! Deres the baby!"

"I see, honey."

"Are you three ready to see what the baby is?"

Sam and Ruby nodded. Cassie moved around the transducer some more to get a better view.

"What is it, Mama?"

"Hold on a second sweetheart."

"It's ok, Ruby. So there is the baby's legs. Then look right there."

Sam and Ruby looked closely at the screen.

"I can't tell."

"It's a little girl."

"A girl?"

"I's gonna have a baby sister?" Dean asked looking up at his little brother.

"Yes, you are, De-man." Ruby said as Cassie wiped the gel off Ruby's stomach.

"So, Ruby, you can lower shirt. From the looks of it the baby is very healthy. A little on the small side but that ok. I'm going to say no heavy lifting. It's ok to carry Dean for right now, but later on I wouldn't."

"Alright, thank you, Cassie."

"No problem, you know the drill. Have a nice evening."

Sam set Dean on the ground and helped Ruby off the table as Cassie walked off. Dean was rubbing his eyes sleepily. He lifted his arms up to Sam. "Daddy…"

Sam looked down at Dean. Dean yawned and rubbed his eyes again. "Is someone worn out?"

Dean shook his head.

Ruby laughed. Sam stuck his hand out towards Dean. Dean took it and they walked to the car. Sam stuck Dean in his car seat and strapped him in. He got in the driver's seat and pulled out of the parking lot. "Can you believe it, Sam? We are going to have a daughter."

"I know, I was hoping that it would be a girl. We already have been raising a boy for almost a year."

Ruby smiled and looked over at Dean in the backseat. Dean was out cold. "I think Dean was worn out."

Once they got home Sam pulled Dean out of the car and carried him to his room. Sam watched his big brother or now son sleep. Soon he was going to have a daughter and then Dean would be a big brother again.