HEY GUYS. So some of you like actually read my story and maybe lie my writing style a little bit, so I'm gonna tell you about this little gem I'm working on with a friend. My friend is HermitsUnited87 and she and I are co-writing a doctor who story called the messenger. (well, I'm more of an editor and an idea-comer-upper-with-thing, but I do write some bits every now and then) it essentially places myself, hermitsunited87/the messenger and a friend into the whoniverse, (so if you're not a fan don't worry about it) and we basically go around doing adverturey planet… stuff.

Unfortunately, I can't upload it exactly as is every time there's a new chapter because that would be plagiarism (sorta?) and fanfiction would get really mad at me. BUT because I am co-writing iti'm putting it up as my own story and telling you all the stuff… here.

This is a link to the story, more or less. Copy and paste the end bit.

Fanfiction dot net yadda yadda yadda THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT HERE /s/9528472/1/The-Messenger

If you're on some mobile device or other and that's inconvenient for you, the official author is:


And the title is:

The Messenger

These will be in my favorites for both author and story, but you can also you search those and you should stumble upon it eventually.

Also, reviewing/following/favoriting this bit here would be completely pointless, because I will only update it if for some reason hermitsunited87 changes either her penname or title of the story.