Nyota sits under her favorate tree listening to the amazing and welll proformed symphonys and sonnets of mozart, bach, and batoveen while shes finishing up her advanced vulcan papper on the diffrencces between the high pre surak vulcan dilect and the comman vucan dilect spicificlly concerning the way you need to form the words with the tounge and throht and ironiclly she looks up and smiles when she sees the exact professer she is wrighting this paper for Commander Spock who she had a small school girl crush on witch turned in to the satisfactory (as Spock would put it) relationship that they have noy . Nyota thinks back to the first day she walks in to his class. She walks in her coustomary 15 minutes early and finds an uncomman sight of the professer being there and he is an absolutly striking for even a vulcan with not one hair out of place, the pointed ears ,the slanted eyebrows and the eye catching contrast between his pale ever so slightly green tinged skin and the charchol gray of the Star Fleet intructers uniform with creases so sharp they look like the could kill a man .

spock looks over and sees Nyota the woman he loves sitting under her coustomary tree listening to some music and humming along and right as he passes by she happens to look up and smils at him and he nods minutely with a glimmer of joy in his eyes and thinks back to the first day she came to class. the door swooshes open to admit a stunning yound female cadet of african decent with the regulation short cadet skirt uniform that shows off the amazingly toned legs and hair in a high and tight pony tail that allows clear veiw of her amazing brow eyes that seem like you can get lost if you look in to them too long