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Nyota stood up and walked across the quad after she finished her studies, she looks around at the cammpus that has been as much of a home to her as her home back in her home city of Nairobi, in the amazing United states of Africa. She and Spock take the narrow steps of the transport down to the uhura family humble abode that to uhura grew up in and around and that helped form her into the amazing weoman and linguest that she is today. The second they are off the transport Mama Uhura is there with hugs and kisses with fast mutterings in Shwalli thats somewhere along the lines of "Hi Nyota. How was the transport? Hows the acadmey? How are your grades? how much are you eating? You look thin." to witch Nyota respondes with in the same native tounge "Mama Mama im and the transport are fine the acadmey and my grades are great and im eating as much as i can with the amount of time i have to work with and i admit i have lost weight but gained musclue so there is no need to worry" But when she looks at her mother she is looking at the mysterous silent Vulcan behind her and nyota says "Have i forgotten my manners? Mama this is S'chn T'gai Spock of Vulcan son of Sarek." with that Spock steps forward raising his hand in ta'al saying in the voice that sends chills down Nyotas spine every time he talks "Greetings I am grateful that you have opened your home to us during the time we have in the country" "Please please Abla. Don't think anything of it Spock. Nyota and any guest she wishes to bring are welcome in this home." Nyota came out of the memory just in time to enter the code to her room and walk in to find her friend and room mate to be acctually be sitting at her desk studdying and asked "who are you and what have you done to Galia" Gaila just turned around laughed threw a pillow at Nyota and said "Not Funny" turned back around and kept studying