Bunk Bed

" Yesterday, I overheard a joke from a group." Yusei said sitting backwards on a swivel chair," Jack, do you want to hear it? This joke could reveal some of your thoughts."

" Yeah, sure." Jack said with a smile appearing on his face.

" Okay, what is it called when a guy is above another guy in a bedroom?" Yusei said, with an innocent look on his face.

" Yuusei!" Jack said, lifting his voice on the "u"," I can't believe you could think that way! Are you talking about-"

" JACK!" Yusei yelled in surprised," The answer is a bunk bed!" a grin crossed the teen's face," Now, why do you think like that?! Are you bisexual?

Who do you like?"

" Hmmm..." Jack pondered. He walked over to Yusei. " I think I deserve a kiss."

" W-what?!" Yusei stammered. But he couldn't draw away before Jack leaned forward and kissed him fully on the lips. He smiled and left the room happily. Yusei on the otherhand, sat there in astonishment, eyes widened as far as they could go.