I don't own Summer of My German Soldier or any of its characters.

I hope you like this. Rated T, because it's about dying. Thanks for reading!

New York. The twinkling light dazzled me. If only P.B. were here with me. No, I can't think that way. One day I'll go back, but that day is not today.

At first, every step I took, I was worried a bomb would go off. But now that I'm here, I feel safe. Like I have some sort of protection around me that keeps everyone from recognizing me. Street vendors offer food to me, but I just wave them off like the other citizens. No one suspects a thing.

I get a loaf of bread from a bakery and start to eat pieces as I walk.

"What did he look like?" I hear from behind me. A police officer is standing in the bakery I left talking to the baker. He's holding up a Wanted poster of my face. I toss my bread to a grateful homeless person and speed off, walking as far away from the officer as I can.

I hear the tinkling of the bakery bell as the officer leaves, but I don't dare turn around. I just keep walking away. I hear footsteps following me that don't go away. As far as I walk, the footsteps follow. They're joined by more footsteps and more.

I finally decide to turn around like a normal person would do and just give them a look. Like a why-are-you-following-me-when-I've-done-nothing-wr ong look. I turn around and do just that.

"That's him!" Of course. I've done nothing to help at all. Now it's worse.

I run, the slamming feet behind me and my own feet the only things I hear.

*BANG* A gun. My blood suddenly going faster than me. A bullet hole right through the shirt Patty gave me. I black out.

I wake up in the hospital. I can't see anything, but I know the lights are on. "P.B.," I mumble. A nurse runs to my side, but there's nothing she can do anymore. I've said my last words.

Sorry if this wasn't the way you envisioned it, but it's just a one-shot I had to do after I read the book.