Chapter 1: The first day

It was early Monday morning. Fox McCloud was laying in his bed, dreading this day. It was the first day of his sophomore year of high school, he was excited but not excited. He reluctantly got up and groomed himself. He opened his door and walked out into the hall and into the kitchen for breakfast.

"So sweetie, are you ready for your first day?" His mother asked him. "Well I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be." The two shared a laugh as James put the newspaper down and looked at his son saying, " Well whatever you do this year, just make sure you have fun."Fox nodded to his dad. Fox took a quick bite of toast and grabbed his backpack telling his parents, "Well im off! See you guys this afternoon!" "Bye Fox!Have a good day!" His mother said as he ran out the door.

Fox jumped into his convertible with its cover down, turned the radio up and blasted off to school.

When he arrived he coincidentally arrived the same time as Falco, "What's up Foxie? Nice ride there." Fox looked back and shrugged , "Well I woulda settled for something a little less but the old man figured I should have something good, I didn't argue and you can see why." The two laughed and walked into the school lobby to meet up with the rest of the group as usual.

They walked in to see their green amphibian friend with a grey canine waiting in the usual spot. "Bill! Slip! You guys aren't usually this early."

" Eh, it was coincidence that we all arrived this early if you ask me" Slippy said as he shrugged his shoulders. The guys stood at their usual area and talked normally until something caught Falco's eye. He looked over and saw standing by herself a blue vixen. He nudged Fox's shoulder and pointed, " There's some treasure for you right there Foxie boy."

Fox shrugged off the joke. Falco always saw it to be comical to mess with Fox about girls. " Dude I don't even know her, and I bet since she's standing there by herself she's new" Falco held up his hands defensively. Just as Fox finished talking did the first bell ring to dismiss everyone to their classes. " Great, here we go."Falco said with a grim tone.

Fox sat in his seat for his first class, algebra 2. The bell rang and everyone settled down. " Alright class settle down now, since you're sophomores and you've spent a year here im going to assume that everyone knows that they're in the right class." Just as she finished was a knock at the door and the teacher walked over and opened it.

A shy blue vixen walked in, "Hello there miss, can I help you?" The elderly cat asked the young vixen. " Ummmm, is this….Mrs. Linn's room? For algebra 2?" " Yes it is, may I ask you name?"

" I'm Krystal Cerina, I just moved here" She tried not to look around the room as the teacher looked in her role book. " Ah yes, now I see. Just take a seat over by uhhh… Fox, that young man right over there."

She pointed over at Fox over by the wall. She began to make her way over towards the open seat beside Fox as one of the boys on the other side of the room yelled out "Oooooh Fox you got it made now!" Commenting on Krystal's attractive appearance.

" Can you at least be quiet? She's new here so why don't you at least give her a decent welcome by being quiet?" Many of the others began to laugh at the comment as Krystal sat down. He turned over to her and said "Sorry about that." Her blank expression turned into a small smile that said ' thank you'. The two foxes didn't talk any after that.

After the class was over he gathered his things and headed for gym class. It couldn't be more perfect since all of the guys were in the class with him. Falco had already claimed seats on the bleachers for the guys and when he saw Fox walk in he waved him over. Not long after did Bill and Slippy walk in. " What are the odds we all have our favorite class together?" Bill asked all of his friends."Before the end of the year they're probably gonna wish they hadn't!" Falco burst out with vigor.

"Alright guys none of that" Fox said standing up as the smirk disappeared off of Falco's face. "Unless you're completely serious!" Fox said as he held his hands up for high fives.

Amid all of his cheering did he look around and see a familiar blue vixen on the other side of the gym sitting by herself. Fox felt bad to see her by herself, "Fox what's wrong man?"

Bill asked his friend. He snapped out of his trance and said "Uh- what? Sorry about that" The friends went on talking until it was time to go to their third class. Fox and slippy walked down the science hall headed for chemistry.

"Boy I've been waiting all day for this!" Slippy said happily. "I coulda waited awhile longer to be honest" The two laughed as they walked in and took their seats. As they did, once more did a familiar blue vixen walk in and sit a ways away from everyone. Just before the bell rang did a pink frog walk in and sit in the nearest seat, which so happened to be beside slippy.

Slippy's eyes lit up a little bit when he saw her, but kept it under control. Amanda turned and looked around, she decided to be friendly and said hey to Fox and Slippy. They both politely said hello back with warm smiles. Krystal remained silent, Fox expected no different. Once the class ended, Fox and slippy bolted out of their seats leaving everyone shocked at the sudden movement.

"Hurry Slip!" Fox yelled to his friend. "We gotta hurry and claim a table for lunch!" The two bolted into the lunchroom, grabbing their food as fast as they could, within reason of course. They walked outside and claimed their usual table, and before long the other two guys came and sat by them. They were all chatting it up until slippy tapped fox on the shoulder and asked him "Isn't that the new girl from chemistry?" As he pointed over to krystal, who looked like she was trying to find a place to sit.

Fox didn't know her but he knew it was terrible to sit by yourself at lunch. He got up and walked towards her. " Where's he going? Does he not know that lunch just started?"Falco said with a small smirk.

Krystal turned around and noticed Fox coming as he said " Hey, uhhh, you can sit with m-me and my friends if you want, I mean you don't have to or anything like that" he said as he gestured towards the table.

Falco put a hand over his face and whispered "smooth Fox,real smooth" the frog and canine heard him and tried not to make their laughter heard as the two foxes came and sat down.

Krystal sat down by Fox without saying a word the whole time, just listening to what the boys said. Fox and Bill remembered they had the next class together and high fived in a brotherly fashion before having to take their trays and heading for their next class. It wasn't anything special, as they expected.

At last their last class had come, now it was time for Fox and Falco to share a class, and as they sat down a feline walked in and caught Falco's eye. He whispered to Fox, "Whoa, who is that?" Fox shrugged his shoulders not knowing the answer. As soon as the class was over Falco bolted to the feline to chat her sighed, not expecting any different. Fox and the guys talked a while until it was time to go home.

Fox hopped into his blue convertible and shot back towards home. Fox walked in and Vixy turned and looked at him saying "Hey there Fox. Did you meet anyone new today?" Fox put his hand on the back of his head and said "Well I uh, think so. I sorta met this girl-" "JAMES! JAMES!" Vixy yelled throughout the house,

" JAMES! Get up here! Fox met a GIRL today!" Vixy believed Fox deserved someone nice for him to spend his time with, and even though he never did, she was never disappointed with him. James walked in with his shades and flight jacket on and was intrigued with this rare topic. " Well then Fox, how was it?"

"Uh well I sort of met her, but sort of didn't" James chuckled saying "I didn't even know you could do that"

"well what I mean is, I met her, but that's about it, I told her she could sit with us at lunch, but we didn't really talk any. Some guys said stuff about her and I stuck up for her but that's pretty much it."

"that's sweet of you honey. Was she new to the school?" Vixy asked with concern.

" Yeah she said she just moved here, but didn't say where from."

" Well if you talk to her again it looks like you have something to talk about" James told his son, "you may get on her good side, if you know what I mean" Fox turned a little red. "well uhhh…. Some guys apparently thought she looked pretty good. Aside from her blue fur she looked pretty normal to me."

Vixy looked impressed, "a blue furred vixen? With fur that color she must be gorgeous!" Just as she finished, Falco opened the door and yelled,"Im home! Sorry im late!" Fox smirked and whispered saying "Wouldn't have bothered me if you took longer" Fox and his parents laughed.

James filled in his almost second son on what they were talking about. "that blue girl? Seems nice enough, definitely a looker, but way too shy for me."

"well with the way you act around girls I don't think you have to worry about her and you." Fox said laughing as he got a punch in the arm. "you've got a toss up foxie, you're on a clean slate." Fox looked annoyed, and red, saying "Look she's nice but I don't think I see her as more than a friend, and she probably thinks the same"

"wait a second, now this just occurred to me but, do you even know this girls name if you're such good friends?" Fox paused."uhhhhh…"

Falco facepalmed," I'm out after that one, see you guys later"

once he left he told his parents "Im pretty sure her name is kristy." Everyone shrugged their shoulders and went on with the day. As he was preparing for bed Fox thought of the blue vixen. 'She's nice, I should talk to her some more, give her a good Corneria High School welcome.' He soon drifted to sleep, hopes of the new year fresh on his mind.