Chapter 37

That Tuesday Fox and the guys were walking around the city trying to find something to do. "We could always just go back to the café and hang out." Slippy suggested. Everyone else couldn't think of anything better, so that's what they decided to do. They took a turn down an alley to get there faster, they decided since there was 4 of them that it was safe.

Just like it was in some movie, They passed a dumpster on each side and heard a gruff voice. "You been snooping around someplace you don't need to, McCloud." Fox just rolled his eyes because he knew who it was.

"Wolf, you gotta explain these things. I don't think on things I don't know about." He said as he turned around.

"You need to stay away from my girl." Panther snarled at him.

"You've got to be kidding me. I was just starting to think you guys weren't so bad, then this happens. First and last thing is, I haven't been snooping around where I'm not supposed to, because I just gave Krystal a ride to the mall to see you buddy." He walked up to Panther. "So you probably should be thanking me right about now since you took off without saying so yesterday" Fox let Panther know how angry he was, he had an angry stare eye to eye.

He turned around without saying anything and began to walk away. "Don't you ever learn?" Wolf said as he lunged forward and grabbed Fox and slung him through a nearby door.

Like a reflex, everyone shifted into attack mode. Wolf tried to jump on Fox but Fox caught him with his feet and pushed him aside so he could get up. Slippy tried his best against Oikonny, despite the massive height difference. Falco went right ahead and pushed Leon back into the dumpster they were hiding behind.

Bill got slung into the building by Panther right after Fox got up. They had stumbled into a small wrestling arena, and it was LOADED with thin wooden tables just like they use on TV. Leaned against the wall, some in the ring, and lots set up already.

Fox got up just in time to see Wolf come charging at him full speed and just before he reach him, Wolf jumped and Fox ducked low. Wolf went flying over him and was the first to go straight through a table, going straight through it and hitting the ground on his stomach.

The others quickly filed into the building with them. This time Falco charged at Leon hoping to tackle him against the wall, but Leon dove out of the way and Falco went flying into a table against the wall, snapping it in two. Panther punched bill in the face and he fell back and broke through a table, then turned his attention to Fox.

He started running towards him and Fox turned around to see him, Fox crouched down just barely and caught him when he reached him, and picked him up barely, spun around and dropped him through a table with the momentum Panther had created.

Slippy ran from Oikonny as fast as he could, which wasn't that impressive, and Oikonny caught him by the collar, and punched him in the gut and laid him on a table. Falco wondered what Oikonny was doing when he came to, and then saw Wolf on the top turnbuckle of the ring and he flew through the air and crashed down on Slippy and broke through the table.

He just groaned as he rolled around holding his stomach. Bill ran up and tackled Oikonny and rolled him onto a table.

"Personally, I prefer the air!" Falco yelled as he flew off the top turnbuckle and planted his elbow on Oikonny's chest, blasting the table in two pieces.

Wolf ran at Fox while he watched Falco fly and picked him up and ran him through a table propped up against the wall. Now Leon's turn came to get on the top turnbuckle. Slippy slid into the ring and just as Leon was about to jump, Slippy pushed him off the turnbuckle and Leon went straight through a table stacked on another, but the second didn't budge.

Slippy stood on the turnbuckle and jumped off and landed on Leon, crashing through a table with a frog splash(Get it?).

Bill jumped onto the ring on the outside of the ropes, but Wolf ran into the ring on the other side of Bill and ran across and pushed Bill off as Falco caught him and they both fell through a table together. "Two idiots for the price of one!" He yelled with a small laugh.

Wolf picked up a table and set it up in the corner of the ring, unsuspecting of Fox walking up behind him. Wolf turned around and Fox picked him up and threw him back down through the table he set up himself. "One for one huh?" He said as he turned around and jumped over the ropes at Panther, who caught him and fell through a table in doing so. "Two for two now."

Oikonny ran through the ring and jumped over the ropes at Fox, but he quickly ran out of the way and instead hit Panther as he tried to get back up.

Falco set a table up in the middle of the ring and climbed onto the turnbuckle. Wolf quickly got up and pulled Falco off the turnbuckle, and he went through the table he set up himself.

Bill and Fox both walked over to Leon while he was trying to hit Slippy and grabbed him from behind, and both lifted him up and dropped him through a table. Falco got up from the table and saw Wolf standing on the outside of the ring and ran up and pushed him off to go straight through another table.

Panther saw Falco in the ring and bounced himself off the ropes to gain some running momentum at him, as he made it to him Falco pulled the rope down and Panther flipped over it and landed on Wolf as he almost got back up. Leon got back up into the ring and flipped Falco over on his back as Oikonny sailed off the top rope and landed across Falco's stomach.

Bill came and flipped Leon over as Slippy returned to favor off the top rope.

Wolf had walked to the opposite side of the ring and Fox ran and jumped at him, but Wolf ducked like Fox did at the beginning and Fox sailed through one more table.

He got up quickly and saw Panther run at him one more time, 'Don't you ever learn?' He thought to himself. Fox bent down as Panther got to him and bent back up, flipping Panther over his body through one more table.

The wrestlers must have gotten there to practice, because the lights all flipped on. "SCRAM!" Wolf yelled and everyone seemed to like his idea as they all scrambled out the door.

Fox's crew went out one way and Wolf's the other. "We should do this again sometime." Fox said with a small laugh.

"No objections here." Wolf said. "I don't mind beating the crap out of you more often." Panther said to Fox. "We'll just see about that next time." Fox shot back as the two groups split up.

They got to the café now and could only imagine what really just happened. "Are you gonna tell Krystal?" Falco asked Fox. He just paused in thought for a moment.

"Nah, this isn't anything bad. I think this needs to stay a secret, and I have a good feeling they think the same thing." They just went on drinking their milkshakes like nothing ever happened, a good start to fall break.