After being led through Samara's entire past, Seth McWilson comes back to his senses, to bring us to the conclusion of the story he introduced us to. Seems like he managed to survive the curse of the tape against the rules. But is his life ever going to be the same again? This final chapter of the story reveals the answer to that question!

The friendship

It took me a minute to figure out what had just happened. The first fact I realized after my gasps of shock calming down, was that my name was Seth McWilson. An unknown amount of time ago, I had been sucked into a virtual world called Terror's Realm, built from the thoughts of a demonic ghost called Samara Morgan, the same ghost that I had been brought there by.

I recalled meeting Samara seven days after watching her tape, getting sucked into Terror's Realm and spending a few minutes talking to her. Then she had started to use her supernatural power called projected thermography, to project all her memories into my mind. For me it had felt like a very long dream. Or like a trance, or even like a coma. I didn't know how much time had passed while she was doing that to me, but I knew that her paranormal influence had just made my consciousness go through more than 32 years of a life that wasn't mine. I had been through her entire life and afterlife, from birth to death, from death to the day of meeting me. At the moment when I appeared in the memories she was projecting into my mind, she stopped it and then I came back to my senses, figuring out that I was myself and not her after all.

But I could still recall the feelings of everything she had been through. I could recall the experience of her fear of the demon possessing her, which ended up with her surrendering to it, just like the experience of her pure feelings for Evelyn, for Anna and for Rachel, just like her dark hatred for Richard, Noah, Max and Aidan, all those humans that prevented her from finding her vicious happiness next to a motherly figure. I found myself sympathizing with her and understanding her very well, comprehending her hatred for motherhood, just like her hatred for all of mankind. I could relate to her so much.

She was still sitting by my left side against the well. She didn't say a word after seeing me wake up and gasp. She was just staring at me with her expressionless demonic face. Fingers of our hands were still intertwined together. That made me think it had actually taken me quite a short time to live through all her memories.

When I turned to her, I started to wonder about what I was seeing right in front of me. I wasn't able to perceive her as just a ghost of a little girl who had died years ago. No, she was definitely not a kid. But I couldn't think of her as an ordinary adult human either, or anything in between. She was simply a phenomenon, she was something wonderful, something that none human had ever seen before. The ones who had seen her wrinkled face and died after that, they actually saw nothing. They only saw an undead human, without knowing she was a lot more than that. Nobody had ever seen her as what she really was, as the perfection of wonderful evil capable of exterminating mankind, that awful virus of Earth.

"Samara...?" I started to talk to her, several seconds after coming to myself and realizing what had happened.

She did not say a word. She was just staring at me speechlessly, still keeping her fingers intertwined with mine.

"How did I survive?" I asked, having found myself truly wondering about that after coming to know the truth about her curse.

"You were the only one." She suddenly spoke to me in her demonic voice. "The only one who watched the video with the purpose of meeting me. You wanted to have me around. You were not afraid."

That was true. I was not afraid. But at that moment I recalled her asking me why I had been the only one saved and I suddenly found myself confused.

"Eh, you do know?" I asked. "But before you started leading me through your memories, you had asked me that same question. Remember?"

"I was surprised." She explained. "But I thought of it. It makes sense."

"Oh..." I nodded. "And... You were sometimes showing yourself to your victims during their seven days. How come I didn't see you a single time before the deadline moment?"

"You wanted to see me." She noted. "I was curious about you. I wanted to know you better, by seeing you acting naturally. I didn't want to influence your behavior by making you feel observed by me. So I never showed myself to you before the time."

"I understand." I nodded again as everything I had been confused about finally made sense.

A few seconds of silence again. Unusually awkward silence. Then I decided to be the one to break it.

"Samara..." I spoke to her again, moving a few centimeters closer to her and putting my right hand over hers. "Thank you! Thank you for letting me know everything about you!"

"Don't thank me." She said indifferently.

"I want you to know... that I understand you better than ever, better than I've ever understood anyone." I added.

She didn't say a word. She was just mysteriously staring at me.

"Well, as the misanthrope that I am, I could understand everyone holding a grudge against mankind." I continued. "But you... Now I know what happened to you. I understand you so well. I understand your reasons for feeling that way. You suffered a lot, and..."

"You do not think I deserved to suffer?" She unexpectedly interrupted me.

"It doesn't matter!" I said. "Besides that, nothing would have happened if you hadn't got possessed by a demon. And that was not your fault."

"That demon is me!" She said. "By possessing me, it became a part of me. I accepted it. I traded my humanity for power!"

"No, you were unable to fight it off!" I contradicted her. "It was stronger than you and it was manipulating you all the time."

"However, I am what I am. Nobody forces me to torture mankind. I do it because I want to. I want to fulfill my destiny."

"Well, regardless of circumstances, your pain is a fact. So I can really understand how you feel. Especially about that woman Rachel. How she disappointed you."

"Do not mention her name!" She muttered almost angrily.

"I'm sorry!" I apologized. "But may I ask, how come you didn't take a revenge on her?"

"She left the American continent with her kid." She explained. "Now she is really far away from my influence."

"But you can possess a person who has recently watched your tape and find her, can't you?"

"I do not want to possess again. It felt very twisting the last time I did it. I don't know what effect it could have on my consciousness. But my tapes will reach her, sooner or later."

"And what are you going to do once you find her?" I was curious.

"You really want to know?" She asked mysteriously.

"Yes, I do." I nodded determinedly.

"I think you don't." She contradicted me.

"Of course I do!" I was persistent. "Samara, I truly understand your dark feelings. I can relate to them very well and I admire you. I'm fascinated by what you are! So whatever you're going to do to that woman, even if you're intending to kill her, I'll understand."

"I'm not going to kill her." She answered. "I'm going to kill her child."

I was really darkly impressed by her words. It was true that, as much of a misanthrope I was, I had never thought of killing an innocent child. But I couldn't judge Samara for that. After everything she had been through, I could perfectly understand her desire to take Aidan's life and leave Rachel in the endless agony for the rest of her life.

I just nodded to her. Both of us were quiet for several seconds afterwards.

"And what happened to you?" All of a sudden she broke the silence by asking me a question.

I found myself almost shocked by that. Fascinated, flattered by the idea of someone like her being really interested in knowing anything about me.

"Oh, what do you mean?" I asked.

"Why are you holding a grudge against mankind?"

"You... don't know?" I was kind of confused.

"I may be a projected thermographer, but I am not clairvoyant like Evelyn." She said, thus letting me know she wasn't familiar with my past.

"And you... truly want to know?" I asked, flattered.

"Be yourself, Seth!" She said. "You are not a shy person."

"How do you know?"

"Because I observed you during your seven days, as I said." She explained. "Will you answer my question?"

"Oh, of course!" I nodded, smiling at her. "But... it's a long story. Are you really interested in hearing everything?"

"It's not longer than mine." She said. "You can start."


She got quiet and her face was still expressionless. But I could figure out she was listening to me carefully.

"There were... many things." I started to tell her the true story of my life, constantly looking at her face and watching her listening to me. "Not long before my birth, my parents made a big wealth with the business they run. They have always been completely dedicated to that business and they have never spent much time with me. They have always been neglecting me. In spite of all the money we have, the only things they have bought for me were stuff like expensive clothes, expensive mobile phones, an expensive car... Things that I never truly cared about. And they were not buying them for me to make me happy. No, it was just to make me look worthy of being a part of their family and to have a good reputation in the society. Goddamn society! A few times I tried to tell them that I never cared about that stuff, that I was interested in completely different things. But they would always tell me off in a very rude way. I often wondered why my parents acted that way with me, as if they didn't care about me at all. And once, I accidentally found out."

I stopped there for a moment and looked at Samara's face. She was still listening very carefully. I was flattered by seeing her truly interested in hearing my story.

"Once I accidentally overheard one of their discussions." I continued. "And after that, everything made sense to me. I found out that they never really wanted to have a child. I was... an accident! My father wanted my mother to have an abortion. She actually wanted to get rid of me too, but she was afraid. She had heard about several cases of abortion that resulted in the mother's death. They were even thinking about giving me for adoption, but it was unacceptable for someone on their social level. That's why I exist and that's why I'm here. I have never let them know that I overheard that conversation. It would be too pathetic to just come and reproach them. Instead, I decided to take a nasty revenge on them. I hate them!"

"And what have you done to them?" She asked me.

"Nothing yet." I sighed bitterly. "I'm still looking for a perfect punishment for them. I want to make them regret their own existence! But I don't know how. If I did to them what I'd really like to do, I would become a criminal. And I don't want to go to jail."

She slowly nodded after what I said.

"And you know, what parents have done to me is not the only shit that I've been through in these twenty years of my life." I continued and she kept listening to me. "I have always been different from the others. I'm a freak! Sometimes I even think I'm cursed because I happened accidentally, because my parents never wanted to have a child."

I noticed some unspoken curiosity on her face. She didn't ask anything after what I said, but I felt she wanted to know more.

"I always loved horror." I explained. "Horror films, books, games, comics, action figures... I was seven when I came across that world, when I watched my first horror movie. That was The Exorcist. But instead of getting frightened like any normal kid, I loved that movie. I discovered my lifelong hobby, my eternal obsession. Horror! I especially like paranormal things like ghosts, demons, Satan... I haven't performed any satanic rituals or anything like that, but that stuff does fascinate me. When I told my parents I'd like to collect horror merchandise instead of stupid expensive clothes, they told me off. I was unable to start my collection until I started to receive pocket money, at my age of 13. And you know, parents haven't been the only ones giving me shit because of what I liked. I was also bullied at school. Other boys of my ages loved sports. Another thing I hate because it's boring to death! When they heard I liked horror films, the good kids got frightened by me and the bad ones started to bully me. They were calling me names of famous horror characters they had heard about. They were calling me Freddy, Jason, Chucky... Those morons had no idea what they were talking about! They had just heard those names without having watched those movies, without knowing what are those characters like, so they were giving me those nicknames just because they belonged to the horror genre. The only cool nickname I got, although it was also meant to be derogative, was Lucifer. There was a lot of mockery and even physical violence at school. Once I was punished because I exaggerated in self defense. One moron managed to secretly bring a knife to school and he attacked me with it during a break. During the physical fight with him, I took the knife out of his hand and stuck it in his eye. I was suspended after that. Of course, it gave me additional crap with parents. The parents of the moron who had attacked me intended to sue me. Mine moved their influences to avoid that. But they didn't do that to save me, of course! They did it to save themselves from a scandal. However, after that incident they moved me to another school. There was fortunately not so much violence and things seemed to be better. Girls seemed to be interested in me. I was 14 when I fell in love for the first time, with a girl named Gale. We had a romantic relationship for something more than one year. Until I found out she had many other boyfriends. She was interested in me only because I was rich. She thought that I would never find out about her cheating on me and that in a few years, when we got a little older, I would start buying expensive jewelry for her and so on. And that shit went on, every girl who has ever been interested in me, was actually interested in my money, which I always hated because of what parents were doing to me. And up to today, I think I've found only one real friend. His name is David. I think he is the only human who truly appreciates me for what I am."

At that moment I stopped talking. I didn't know what else I could say about my boring life. Samara didn't say a word either. Her face was expressionless and I suddenly found myself feeling ridiculous.

"I know what you're thinking." I continued a few seconds later. "You must think I'm a lame and ridiculous whiner. After all, what happened to me is insignificant compared to everything that you've been through."

"No." She surprised me with the negative answer.

"No?" I repeated. "How come? I'm aware that my life has been a paradise compared to yours, it's a fact."

"Everyone knows their pain and their disappointments." She explained. "And every grudge born out of that is understandable."

"Thank you!" I nodded and then we found ourselves in another episode of awkward silence. She was quiet and I didn't know what else to say. As much as I admired her, I didn't know what to talk about to an entity like her. But a few seconds later, the freezing cold atmosphere around me reached my consciousness again and I started to think of the place where I was sitting next to Samara – Terror's Realm! I knew I was supposed to be dead, because I had watched her video and hadn't shown it to anyone. I was alive instead, but not in a normal place. I was... in Terror's Realm.

I suddenly started to wonder if there was a way out, if I was going to be let out alive by that... child from Terror's Realm. I wondered if Samara was going to let me stay alive after what I had done to her, or was she going to punish me for surviving her curse against the rules.

In that dead silence between us, without knowing what to do, I stood up. The rocks of the well had felt really uncomfortable behind my back.

"Where are you going?" Samara asked, standing up and coming after me as I started to walk.

"I don't know." I shrugged. "I wonder... What's going to happen with me? With... us?"

"What do you want to say?" She asked.

"Well, I'm alive." I started to explain myself, having turned to her. "But I'm here. With you. Is there a way out of here? Am I going to come out of here... alive?"

"You are alive." She interrupted me.

"Is my life ever going to be the same?"

"Do you really want it to be the same?" She asked, leaving me quite confused with that question.

"What... do you mean?" I asked.

"You watched my video because you wanted to meet me. You got what you wanted and you survived. You claim that you admire me. Now, you want your life to be the same? Just like you never had this experience?"

"I really don't know what can happen." I shrugged again. "If I get out of here alive, I assume it is going to be the same."

"It is going to be the same." She confirmed. "But only if that's what you want."

She was talking so mysteriously, intriguing and fascinating me more and more.

"But what..." I stammered. "What else can happen?"

"You survived your seven days." She started to explain. "You can dispose of my tapes and never see me again. Live your regular, helplessly resentful life."

"Or... what else can I do?" I asked.

When I asked that question, she grabbed my wrist. One more time I felt the damp, freezing cold touch of her undead demonic hand.

"You can keep me." She answered, staring powerfully at my eyes. "If you want, I can stay next to you. I can help you force the humans of your world to do everything you want. I can help you punish the ones who neglected you, the ones who hurt you. All those who made your soul so similar to mine. Just if you decide to keep the connection with me and allow me to have my influence on your surroundings, even beyond your seven days."

"And I can travel and help you find... that woman whose name you don't want to hear from me. I can help you take your revenge."

"In return I can protect you from every foe you may encounter."

"And I can make tons of copies of your tape and spread them around. I can trick people into watching them." I smirked by just imagining that.

"Everyone will suffer!" She let a whisper of her demonic voice.

"That's precisely why I cherish this alliance between us that has just commenced." I firmly said, taking her hand between mine.

"Now I understand." She said, still being so mysterious. "Now I can see that you are what my soul has needed all this time."

"Oh, what are you referring to?" I asked, proudly smiling at her words.

"All my life and afterlife I was looking for a motherly figure." She started to explain. "But that was just a game that my psyche was playing on me. It was all because motherly love was the only positive feeling that once had been felt for me by a human. Evelyn loved me, before I forced her to try to kill me. And all this time, until getting abandoned by Rachel, I was looking for motherly love, convinced that it was what I needed. My demon possessor knew how confused I was and it was using that confusion for increasing my powers and my resentment. But now I see that I just needed someone who would really want to have me around, with everything that I am. I used to torture Anna with my powers, thinking I was doing it just to punish her for not paying her full attention to me all the time. I was using much less powers on Rachel, convinced it was just because everything she was doing was for her child. But there were more reasons. I was doing it to Anna, not only to punish her and not only because I was manipulated by the demon. I was also doing it because I needed to show her what kind of creature I really was. I wanted her to love me just the way I was. And it didn't happen. Rachel knew who I was, it was not necessary to keep reminding her of my inhumanity. And she rejected me. Of course, it was all a part of the trip to my grudge and my powers reaching this level. But with you it's so different. You know the inhuman demon that I am and you want to have me around."

"I do." I agreed, nodding to her. "I want to have you around, I want us to bring mankind down together. I want you to be my friend."

"I am your friend, Seth." She confirmed. "I'm going to stay next to you forever. I am your friend, your accomplice."

As she said that, we gave each other a tight hug of eternal friendship and vicious alliance. I felt her freezing, almost painful coldness penetrating through my skin into my blood when we wrapped our arms around each other's back. I felt her soul, her power and her energy entering me and overwhelming me with the dark excitement of everything we could do together to that hideous world of human creatures.

"I am so glad for having met you, my friend from Terror's Realm!" I said, smiling to her as our eyes met again.

"Now it's time for you to leave." She said.

She didn't express being glad to have met me too. But I knew she was. Expressing it would just be too much unlike her. As if she hadn't already acted a lot unlike herself since the moment of our meeting.

"Well, where is the way out?" I asked, almost laughing at my own question.

"You know what Evelyn said." She reminded me. "Water. Water is the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead."

"But... I am alive." I was confused.

"I am dead." She explained. "Terror's Realm is my world. You're returning to the world of the living, through water."

"But that is not the way you emerge from a screen, is it?" I asked, recalling her experience of showing herself to her victims.

"No. As you remember, I use my metaphysical portal, invisible in Terror's Realm. That can't be your way out because you're a living human. You're going back through water."

"I see." I nodded. "So, I have to jump down the well?"

"Not that water." She said, pointing to the forest of leafless birch trees. "There, on the other side. There is a cliff. Jump down from it and you will be back to your world."

"Thank you!" I smiled, nodding to her. "See you!"

"Anytime!" She answered as I started to walk to the trees.

But before entering the forest, I turned back to her. She was still standing next to the well and watching me going to leave her world. She smiled at me. That was the first time I saw a smile on that admirable demonic face.

Then I turned to the forest again and started to walk. Very soon I found myself surrounded by the trees, having lost Samara and the well from my sight. But I just kept walking my way.

After just a few minutes of walk I got out of the forest and found myself on the cliff that Samara had mentioned. Just as I had assumed, it was the place where Anna Morgan had committed suicide. I recognized it from the memories projected into my mind by Samara.

I felt the cold breeze blowing through my veins when I stood on the edge of that cliff. I started recalling images from the tape, including the one of Anna throwing herself down into the ocean. It was up to me to do the same to leave Terror's Realm.

So I did it. I relaxed my limbs and threw myself down, starting to feel the cold air penetrating through my vertically falling body while I was observing the merciless water of the ocean approaching my eyes.

But I never felt the touch of that water that was probably just as cold as the rest of Terror's Realm. At the moment I was supposed to touch it, I found myself laid on the floor of my living room. Colors finally returned to my sight as I left Samara's monochromatic realm. My entire body and the clothes on me were soaking wet. I felt so different from how I had felt before meeting Samara and getting sucked into Terror's Realm. But it wasn't because of being wet. I felt different because I could sense her presence. I knew she was next to me, although my eyes were unable to see her at the moment. I knew she was there, ready to be my friend, my accomplice in turning the human world into a freezing hell. To stay next to me for a lifetime and beyond.

As I got up from the floor, I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 7:30 PM. And it was still raining heavily. I really hadn't spent a long time in Terror's Realm.


You who have read this story are fated to die at this exact hour seven days from now. If you do not wish to die, you must make a copy of this text and give it to someone else to read.