Shiona: Hello once again everyone. I welcome you to my new story, The Ugly Fox. I want to make something clear. There will be slight Sakura and Ino bashing. They are bullies, but they do have a heart. I apologize now if I do not update quickly. This story will seriously be hard for me to write because I do not have everything planned out. I will write as I go.

Warnings: Bullying, harsh words, and Self doubt

On with the Chapter!

Enter the Bullied Nerd

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Slowly beautiful cerulean blue eyes opened, on a tan whiskered face. Plump, pale pink lips parted in a soft yawn. Messy golden blonde hair became messier as the head it was attached too shook. Long legs moved out from under a tattered blanket, to place bare feet on a cold floor. Shivering, the body stood up and stretched.

It was lean, with rounded hips and behind. This made the body seem more feminine when really, it was a boy. This boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki. He had a large bruises showing on his arms. They were in the shape of hands. Nail marks could be seen at the edge of the fingers. It hurt to move, but he forced his body too.

There was another large bruise on his stomach, and a few more on his sides. He knew a few of his ribs were cracked from beating he had gotten yesterday.

Everyone had walked on by as he was kicked by one of his biggest bullies. Not even the teachers who were standing just two feet from them did a thing. There were only two teachers who even cared about him, and there was nothing they could do.

Not with out proof of who was hurting him. Yes, he had the bruises, and cracked ribs. He would sometimes cry himself to sleep at night!

But they could not do a thing about who was doing it. It would be his word against theirs! He was the loser of the school, the most hates, and they were rich to boot.

He gently shook his head, as he headed to his small bathroom. He was only fourteen, just starting high school. But the bullying had gone on for years.

A small sigh escaped his lips as he let the hot water hit him. So many thoughts ran around in his head. Maybe he should just take his uncle up on his offer. Though he didn't really want to leave, his few friends.

Just a few people dared even talked to him. The bullies made it clear, those who became his friend were to going to be bullied too. Usually if he was with the others it would just be taunts and words.

However, if the others were not there to help him fight, things got really bad. He hadn't had a broken bone yet from them, but he did get fractures and cracks. Their cruel words, haunted his mind all the time.

There was only one upside to all of the bullying. The king of the school never once did anything to him. Sure he would insult him sometimes, but it was never like what the others would do. Sometimes when Naruto was up for it, they would fight.

Fists would be flying, insults would be said. Girls would freak out, that he had actually touched their Sasuke-kun! Then when it was over, when Sasuke was not there to see, the girls would attack him angry.

Two girls in particular would hurt him, but they made sure to do it so he could still walk. They kept the other girls in check so that they wouldn't cause Naruto to end up in the hospital. It had only happened once, and all the girls apologized for sending him there.

Fangirls were crazy, and cruel, but even they wouldn't send the boy who has been hurt all his life to the hospital. Do not get me wrong, they sent people to the hospital a lot, but they felt for the small boy.

They noticed how Sasuke treated him differently, and therefore tried to somewhat kind to him. If only to be on Sasuke's good side. When they would watch the two boys fight, they saw how their Sasuke-kun came to life.

He showed emotions, they had never seen. There was something about the nerd that made Sasuke react. Many of them were jealous that the ugly, un-kept, grungy, cry-baby, weak, dead last, loser could make their Sasuke-kun show emotion. It really pissed them off.

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Once Naruto was done with his shower he quickly gets out, dries, then dresses. He hated their uniform. The pants were a little baggy on him, the white button up top was really back and wrinkled no matter how much he tried to keep it nice.

Then there was the sweater he had to wear, it was big on him, and at times slipped off one shoulder. The ugly brown shoes were the only thing that actually fit right. Sighing he put belt on that would hold up his loose pants. He was a bit scared to wear the belt again after the choking incident in the locker room.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he sighed gently. Smiling a bit, he ended up wincing seeing his braces with the bright orange rubber bands. His friend Kiba had thought it'd cheer him up, about getting braces. It didn't really work. Gently he adjusted his fake glasses on the bridge of his nose.

He had real glasses he had to use for reading, but he wore the fake ones to keep people from hitting his face. The bullies were nice enough to not hit a guy wearing glasses. Though sometimes they tore them off him, and gave him swirlies or black eyes.

Trying to smooth out the wrinkles in his uniform, he noticed the stains of blood, dirt, and food that just refused to come out. He didn't have the money to get a new uniform. Biting his lower lip softly, he really did not want to ask his uncle for money.

Then his uncle would know something was seriously wrong. Last time he had told his uncle that everything was great! He had friends, and a small job that would give him spending money.

When in reality he had few friends, and no job. No one wanted to hire him, since it always brought trouble. Sometimes he got the occasional odd job he could do for money. He taken from his musings, and fussing when a loud knock came.

Running to the door with his torn up bag, that was held together by pins, he opened it to reveal his friends. A red head with raccoon eyes, a kanji tattoo above his left eye. Teal eyes looked to him, with a glare yet they held a soft worry.

Kiba, his friend with wild brown hair, brown eyes, and upside down red triangle markings on his cheeks, slung his arm around Naruto's shoulders. Lightly Naruto smiled to him, letting the other boy guild him out.

Gaara, his red headed friend, closed the door after making sure it was locked. Many of the kids at their school believed Gaara wore eyeliner. That wasn't the case, he just did not sleep ever. Sometimes he would go into a deep meditation, but never sleep. He quickly made his way to the others who were waiting for him out on the sidewalk.

Two other boys were with Naruto and Kiba when he reached them. A slightly big boy with red swirls on his cheeks, munching on chips and a boy who looked like he was sleeping standing up. Naruto chuckled telling the Pineapple haired boy to start walking.

Shikamaru, just looked at him, before Choji nudged him lightly. They had all noticed the blonde was limping. Yet, they all knew not to ask about it. It only upset Naruto.

O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O. o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o

By the time they reached the school, they had roughly twenty minutes before their first class. There were other students there, but not many to make Naruto worried. Quietly they each sat down under a large tree, that they liked to eat lunch at.

Gaara pulled Naruto into his lap lightly noticing how he was struggling to sit. The blonde was grateful to his friend, for offering his soft lap to him. Lightly he leaned on him, looking like he had not slept well at all last night. This worried the others.

Soft breathing could heard from him, as Gaara lightly rubbed his back. A shadow fell on them, but Naruto did not stir. The shadow shifted as a body sat beside Gaara, looking to Naruto.

The person who sat was male, long soft brown hair that was kept in a low ponytail, beautiful soft lavender eyes went well with his pale skin. Neji Hyuga looked at his boyfriend holding the blonde nerd in his lap.

Neji was friends with the school's king, Sasuke Uchiha. Lightly he reaches out and runs his fingers through the soft tresses of blonde hair.

The small blonde stirred lightly, and upon seeing Neji began to move off Gaara's lap. A little smile from Neji stopped him though. It comforted him a bit, to know it was okay to stay in the soft lap. The brunette knew that the beating from yesterday, was particularly harsh.

He didn't like seeing the little innocent blonde hurt, but there was not much he could do. The biggest thing he could do, was help protect Narutos innocents. If anyone found out, little Naruto was a virgin it would be worse.

There is not telling what the others would do. Would they tease him? Or would they do worse to him? That was not something they wanted to find out. If anything like…that…happened heads would roll, literally.

Just as the bell rang, Neji leaned, and kissed Gaara, then kissed Naruto's forehead. Gaara kissed his forehead as well. It was an unspoken thing. They were the two eldest of the group, by only a few months.

Naruto was just so small, he had such a big heart. Neji parted ways with the others, to head to his own group. It was well known by everyone he was dating Gaara. No one really messed with Gaara or Neji. Both of them were damn scary!

Naruto sat down beside Gaara, with Kiba moving to be behind him. Shikamaru and Choji sat in front of him. Only his right side was exposed, but he was near the window which was nice. He hated this class. It was math and one of the teachers who hated him taught it.

Sighing gently he made sure to the pay attention so he would not be told off. All of his friends knew he worked his ass off to get all the straight As he got. It took all he had, not to bolt from the room as he felt the stares, and heard the whispers.

Finally it was time for second period. His next class, was also hated, but the teacher was nice. Gym, he wasn't big like Choji, but did have baby fat, and was slightly out of shape.

O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O. o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o

By the time lunch came around Naruto felt like crying. He had been corned in the locker room, and slammed into a locker. He had been saved by Kiba running back in after noticing he had not followed him right out.

Naruto had to come to Gym with a large hand shaped bruise on his slender neck. Then on his way to English with Kakashi, who was one of his favorite teachers, he had tripped. As he had tried to get up, they walked all over him. Making sure to dig their heels into his hands and back.

Now he was on his way to lunch. He held himself tightly, as he walked. Smiling slightly when he saw Gaara and Neji waiting on him by his locker. Kiba and the others must of gone ahead to get their spot. Suddenly he was on the floor. His head slammed against he cold tile hard, making him wince.

He had to bite his lower lip to keep from crying out. Slowly getting up, he felt the tears pricks his eyes. "Why wont you just stay down! You do not deserve to be here!" Spoke on boy who harshly stomped his foot onto his back.

"You are a worthless piece of shit, and you are not worthy of being stepped on! You should just leave, and never come back here! Better yet, why don't you disappear. Go crawl into a cave, and make it like you had never even existed." Another boy said to him, then he hocked a loogie on him.

That's when he heard skin meeting skin. Looking up he saw Neji kneeling by him. Gaara was on top of the boy landing punch after punch on his face. Sasuke stood to the side with his friends watching everything. His face was passive, but Naruto could see the slightly raised eyebrow. That spoke volumes, even Sasuke that was too far.

Juugo a large boy, who was a pacifist and would break up any fight or bullying he saw, even stood back as Gaara tore into the boy. He offered a small smile to Naruto who shyly returned it. Karin, Naruto's cousin, adjusted her glasses glaring at Naruto. She didn't like him very much, because he mother hated how his mother had married his father. She never hit him, but she did give him dirty looks, and said nasty things.

Suigetsu, a white haired boy grinned at him lightly in a slightly creepy way. He was always sexually harassing Naruto. No one ever left him alone with the other boy. They knew things would go a little too far if they did.

Even Karin agreed, that Naruto should not ever be left alone with Suigetsu after the first time. When he had pinned a sobbing Naruto to a wall, and was trying to force his dick into Naruto's mouth. Luckily for sweet innocently little Naruto, Juugo had come in, and helped him.

Juugo had told Sasuke what happened, whom was shocked. Suigetsu had never gone that far in harassing someone. Naruto was special. He knew that the white haired boy saw something he wasn't supposed to see about the blonde.

Then he noticed the eyes, the eyes that held so much sadness, and just called out to people like a light. They held so much innocents, and kindness. It was hard to miss under all that sadness that shined in his eyes. Naruto leaned in closer to Neji when he saw Suigetsu. He felt Neji help him up and lead him away to the nurse.

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Shiona: Here is the first chapter of The Ugly fox! I hope you enjoyed it. I am so sorry it's short. I tried to make it long.