Big Brother Eddward!

Chapter 1: I wanna be like you! Or The Vincent Brothers.

Double D has a big brother. Eddward Vincent was his name and he was everything a perfect son Could ever wish to be. He was handsome, academically advance from those in his grades, well mannered (as far as they knew), talented, and athletic. His parents could see from the second year of having him around that he was destined for greatness and decided that they wanted another perfect child.

But you know what they say, 'Only once in a blue moon...'. When Double D was born, everyone was excited for the new little genius to enter their great home and show them what he could do. And it brought more excitement and joy when they saw that their second new born child look quite the same as their first son did...

They named him Eddward Vincent II.

After they had him for a year the parents became quite disappointed to see that their second son acted like any other infant, but that didn't stop them from still loving him and giving him everything...for a while.

Though, his parents weren't always their to take care of him like they did for his big brother due to their busy schedules and no interest in him, his brother of nearly two years old watched him as the nanny watched them both.

And this is how they grew up. With both parents loving their oldest son more than their youngest, with his older brother taking care of him and teaching him everything he knew and being protected by his older brother...

"Come on Junior it's a basic Geometry hand out, this shouldn't be as difficult for you with my teachings." Eddward sighed, a frown on his face as he kept marking in red all the wrong answers his little brother got.

'Junior' stood next to Eddward's desk in his tip toes watching half of his answers get marked in red. His poor little 7 year old heart crumbling with every mark and remark his brother made to him.

" 'm sorry big brotha' Eddward." He mumbled.

Eddward put a fat red 50 on his paper before looking down at his brother with a stern face that 'Junior' has seen several times but on his fathers face. He flinched back and made himself look even more smaller by looking at the floor. Eddward's eyes soften at his baby brothers actions. He in no way ever attempted to hurt his brother.

Ever since his genius mind could remember, his baby brother has always been the black sheep in the family and he always tried to do his best to impress both mother and father. Sadly, whenever he did something good, Eddward did something better.

He sighed and ran a hand around his black hair under his black beanie. His hair was as straight as his fathers, he hated how it will get in the way so instead of cutting it his parents gave him a black beanie he had been eyeing in a store. While his brother held their mothers unruly black locks giving him more of a little girl look. Mother and father disliked it and had tried to cut it all off once, but Eddward threw his first tantrum ever at them, he liked his brothers hair and no one was going to mess with it.

" Hey, Junior." He spoke softly the second he saw the tale tell signs of tears. Junior looked up at his brothers green eyes with cyan teary eyes. He gave his brother a soft smile. "It is quite alright to not be good the first try, you'll just have to keep trying until you get it and I'll be right here for you." He said.

His little brother sniffed and nodded vigorously at him.

"I will do my best for you big brother!"

With a gap tooth smile thrown his way he decided that that was enough of math.

"Now how about some Science? You love science." He laughed as his brothers face lit up and sat down on the floor looking expectantly at his brother with a notebook and a pencil in hand. " Can we learn about bugs again? Pwease!"

Actually, Eddward wanted to move on and get on to the space lesson, but his brother was very good in giving him the puppy face.

"Sure, why not."


Their never went a day were Double D did not love and admire his brother. With his brother, he learned many things, not as much as Eddward but enough, and he always felt protected. Mostly when kids would pick on him for his hair or because he rather read a big novel recommended by his brother rather than play in recess with the others.

Eddward would never let anyone hurt his brother. He needed to protect his baby brother no matter what and no one is going to stop him from reassuring that his little brother is happy. Double D wanted to be just like his big brother one day and one day he will and his parents will be proud of him too!


Both 8 and 10 year old looked away from the documentary they were watching about the solar system and stared in question at their mother.

"Yes mother?" They said in unison.

Their mother came to a halt and looked at their youngest. "No not you Eddward, your big brother." She spoke carelessly to him and he deflated a little in his perfect sitting posture as he went back to watching the document.

"Dear I heard the great news! The school called your father and I about having you transfer to the private Young Minds International School in Peach Creek!"She squealed in joy.

Junior gasped and looked at his brother in awe. Only the smartest kids were chosen to attend. "W-wow big brother that's amaz-"

"Eddward." His mothers stern voice stopped him from completing his compliment as he turned to look at her, "What have I taught you about manners boy, we do not speak unless we are spoken to." She scolded.

"Mother you didn't taught him anything, I did." Eddward stated but it all went into deaths ear as his mother went on.

"Honestly son, that's the second time today that you have been rude. I'm disappointed in you."

Junior seem to slump down even more, "Forgive me M-Mother." He mumbled. It broke his big brothers heart as the first tear ran down. Eddward spoke again, "Mother-" but she did not listen.

"And what is with that posture, your father has told you two before about perfect sitting posture, man up, you are 8 years old Eddward. Old enough to know that you should not cry over a scolding." She kept on and on as Junior tried to hold in the sob that was stuck in his throat while Eddward's temper kept escalating.

"Why can't you be as good as your brother?"

And that was the last straw as Eddward saw his brother flinch.

"ENOUGH! Cease your worthless ranting MOTHER." Eddward had never raised his voice at anyone but when he did, he left no room for questioning and thickened the air.

Both his mothers and baby brother had their jaw dropped staring at him with such disbelief in their eyes. He finally had her attention.

He glared at the woman who had conceived him and his brothers with withheld anger that he had stored inside of him for years. His beanie just gave him an even more darker look as he stood and grabbed his brothers hand.

"E-Eddward-" she was interrupted before she could even start.



He rolled his eyes at his mothers confused look. "No, I am declining the invitation to the Private school."


Junior got in front of his brother. "Y-you can't do that big brother."

"Yes I can, it's my choice."

"B-but but y-your loosing on a big oppotu...oppurtu..."Junior scrunched his face as he tried to pronounce the word. Eddward smile at him and shook his unruly hair with his free hand.

"Opportunity?...I don't care. I'm not going to leave you alone with such derelict caring."

They both gasped at his use of words.

With not another word spoken Eddward put a tight grip on the little hand and speed walk to the door.

"W-where do you think you goi-"

"Good bye Mother."

He opened the door and closed it.

And that was that.

The Vincent brothers new beginning without parents like the ones they had. Eddward only wanted the best for his brother and he will go to the extra mile just to see his little brother smile, that was his life goal.

But sometimes, for a genius, Eddward forgot that the world was a very cruel place, mostly for kids. It was the same cruel world that children of their age were shield by to not see until they were old enough and ready.

It was that exact moment that he put trust on the wrong people that had him never trusting any one again. It was that moment he watched his brother bleed nearly to death and then sleep for days highly medicated as recommended by the doctors and only leaving the oldest of the Vincent brothers to sit on an uncomfortable chair blaming himself and praying to any being that could hear him to have his brother wake up. Eddward Vincent was left with a fear of the loss of his brother and he hated the city that had filthy disgusting people in.

Once his parents had heard the news they have immediately rushed to see them both. Getting Eddward to dispatch himself from his sleeping brother was a difficult thing for both parents but after much force and talking he was out and in his own house.

He wanted out of this city,away from all the madness but he won't leave without his brother. So he decided that he would accept the invitation to the Young Minds International School in Peach Creek on the condition that the whole family moved to Peach Creek.

Both parents hesitated for days not wanting to live so far away from work. After talking it over and getting a better way for success in work they approved of this. They didn't move until a week after the day 'Junior' woke up, stitched and bed rested for a while.

"Here Junior."

Edd blinked and stared at the beanie in his hands. Looking up in confusion, seeing his brother smiling at him with his hair on his face, he asked. "But, Eddward this is your beanie. Why are you giving this to me?"

Eddward chuckled and scratched the back of his head.

" Junior, I'm not gonna see you for a while, I won't be able to even come back for many summers to come."

"W-what?" He didn't want to believe this...

"Edd, I want you to have this and wear it on your head." He put the beanie on his baby brother, making sure to cover the scar that touched his eyebrow and disappeared in his hair. He cracked a smile as he saw a smaller version of himself but with unruly hair. After thinking it over he tucked all the hair in the beanie. "Yeah, you'll put it on like that alright. And besides, while in Peach Creek you will be safer and I will always call to inform you how all goes."

Junior sniffed trying not to sob. His brother was leaving him and he won't be back for a long time.

"I'll miss you brother." He stood on his tip toes and hugged him. Eddward hugged back.

Their was a car honk signaling their parents were getting frustrated waiting for Eddward to get out. All was already packed in the car for him and ready to get him to his destination.

Junior couldn't go. He had to stay home were his parents left him directions on what to do so he won't cause in trouble. He was strictly told not to leave the house.

"Promise me you will stay safe and keep your grades up and be good Junior." Junior nodded. "I-I will."

They let go and after a few sniffs Edd rummaged through his middle pocket in his overall. He took out his gift to his brother. "I got this for you big brother it's something so you won't forget us."

A necklace with two dog tags with two letters; one on each, M and F.

He later found out that they stood for Mother and Father. Even if he did not like what the words stood for, the gift from his baby brother was appreciated.

He got in the car with his parents excited to get him their as he looked out the window and waved at Junior who waved back through the window.

As promised, his big brother called him everyday. He told him about how everything was and that he wanted to try out for the Swimming team. Double D told him how he met two kids named Ed and Eddy, he told him about the nickname he got and about the silly scams. Eddward didn't like that his brother was participating in such foolish antics but what could he do? He was on the other side of PeachCreek and couldn't get out without parent permission.

Little by little the calls became shorter and rare until Eddward would only call once every two or so months. He missed his younger brother dearly but with the responsibility that came with being the Swimming Team Captain and keeping his grade up and other things he wouldn't be able to call at all.

But the day finally came. The day he was kicked out. This meant that his parents will not only scowl and be extremely disappointed in him but he will return home and enter a new school with his brother.

He was expecting to surprise Junior with his return on the week before starting the second year in High school with his brother. And a surprise it was...for both of them.