A/N. The only Harry Potter fanfic I'll likely ever write. And I'll only ever write about Snape and Lily... Perhaps Bellatrix and Voldamort, BUT THAT'S LATER. Enjoy this little fluff of Snape and Lily and leave a review :D

The wedding... The blasted wedding of my Lily and that James Potter. I don't even know why I'm here. Why she ever invited me. Just to spite me, perhaps? Just to rub in my face that I will never be hers. I don't know why I came... But I did, and I'm going to bloody well enjoy it, damnit. I'm going to enjoy imagining James burning in hell and pretend that I'm the one standing there next to Sirius, awaiting the bride.

I stood in the back, watching as Lily slowly made her way down the aisle, her father at her side. Lily's beautiful smile, her eyes flickering with happiness, for one moment, I thought they flickered toward me...

It went by without any hassle. The wedding was nestled among the trees in a clearing, fall making it a bit crisp and the leaves falling everywhere. It was beautiful, I will admit.

After the ceremony, quiet music began to play in the background and slowly everyone began to dance with one another. I retreated back into the trees, just watching, wishing. That's when her eyes really did flicker into my direction, when she truly noticed that I was, in fact, present.

I saw Lily turn to her groom and mention something to him that I did not catch. He smiled at her and nodded, and she pulled away from him and the crowd, and began to walk in my direction. I took a few steps back so as to stay out of James' eyesight, knowing that he had not seen me yet. However, Lily's eyes stayed locked on mine. She knew where I was, she was coming to speak with me.

I didn't know if I wanted to actually talk to her. If it would make any difference, but for some reason, I stood my ground, watched her silhouette reach mine.

"Severus..." she whispered to me.

"You came... I didn't think that you'd actually come," she finished. I looked at her, coming up with something to say.

"Of course I'd come, darling.."

"And why?" she asked me.

"Because you asked me to," I admitted. She looked surprised.

"You'd do something, merely because I asked you to?" she asked. I nodded. She looked confused once more, as if asking for an explanation to that. I understood immediately.

"Because I love you, Lily," I said lowly. Her expression did not change, but her eyes, her beautiful eyes...

"I love you too Severus," and with that, she kissed me. A different kiss, a kiss of longing. The last kiss I'll ever receive from her.

"Always," she finished and returned to the party.

Harry seemd surprised by what Snape just told him, as he lay dying on the floor, Severus had one last thing to say.

"I loved her, Harry. And because you are her, I love you too," and with that, Severus Snape was no more.