Chapter one: Fire


A terrible searing uncomfortable hotness surrounds Jack and makes it nearly impossible to breath. Beads of water are forming on his forehead and it takes jack a while to realize that it's sweat. Jack hasn't felt sweat once in his entire immortal life. The heat is one of the only two things that he can feel.

The second one is pain.

Pain that's all over his body and impossible to ignore. It's hard and heavy, and in his arm and leg and chest and even spreads into his forehead. Something heavy is pinning him to the hot wooden floorboards. Jack wants to sleep, let himself slip into unconsciousness and escape the pain. But there's one thing keeping him awake.

Crying. It's more of a loud shrieking sob that's right next to his ear and terribly loud and frightened. Jack shakes his throbbing head and forces himself to raise his eyes to the sound. He's almost sure he has them open but can't see anything.

It's terrifying, Jack shakily lifts a hand to his face and feels at it. Warm wet, something is falling down his face in a steady stream.

"Jack, Are you okay?!" the sobbing voice chokes out suddenly. It's recognizable and he realizes who she is, one of Sophies friends Alice.

And that's when he remembers what happens. He has to get her out of hear at all cost. With a shuddering breath that rattles Jack to the bone he tries to push himself to his feet.

The pain intensifies greatly and it takes all Jack can to stay conscious. Alice's crying is the only thing that Jack's holding onto now. He manages to stagger to a standing position then feel around for Alice before helping her to her feet.

He has no idea where he is, and a horrible word suddenly comes to mind.


He can't be blind, but here he is eyes wide open and not able to see anything. A cool wind is pulling at his clothes and Jack suddenly remembers that their on the second floor, the wind from outside is coming through an open window and willing the spirit to follow it's pull.

He does everything he can to ignore the pain and grabs Alice by the arm with the only hand he can feel. "Alice..." He breaths casting where he thinks the girl is a pained smile. "Don't... let... go..." Jack fly's with his remaining strength out the second story window the wind curls around them and helps the boy lower them both to the soft ground.

They fall In a heap in the grass Jack hopes that their far enough from the burning building that their out of danger. "J-jack! Your hurt." Alice's voice is loud he can hear her trying to get to her feet.

Jack shakes his pounding head softly and smiles, his mouth feels like sandpaper and he can barely breath coughing and shallowly gasping

Suddenly Alice goes quiet and the sound of ruffling clothes is loud in Jack's ears.

"Alice! My baby, your okay?! Oh thank god, thank god!" Jack helplessly turns his head up at the sound of the sobbing voice attempting to see through his blackened vision. He assumes the voice Is Alice's mother.

He can faintly hear the sound of the girl yelling hoarsely in protest. "But- I'm not the one who's, what about Jack!" But they just ignore the girls words and the voices start fading into the distance. Jack's smile falters and he can't help but feel a bit relived because he's saved her, she would be okay. Fingers of unconsciousness pull at his sides and all the he wants to do now is sleep.

And so, that's what he does.

The guardians stand in front of the globe, waiting for their monthly meeting. Well, more like waiting for Jack to arrive at their meeting.

Bunny taps one of his big furry paws against the polished floor. "We should already be starting, why is Frostbite taking so damn long to get here!" Bunny Huffs angrily taking out an egg and beginning to paint it. Tooth frowns at him fluttering anxiously.

"It's not like Jack to be late to these..." She chirps wings flapping quickly behind her.

North rubs his beard contently as if lost in deep thought. "Tooth is right, He must have a good reason for not showing up on time.

Tooth nods vigorously. "Yes, I'm sure he has a great reason. maybe he's doing something in the south pole and just has a larger area to cover."

Sandy shakes his head a image of the boy they have come to know as Jamie appears over his head in sand, followed by a street sign and then a lake.

Bunnymund crosses his arms. "Sandy's right, he usually stays in Bergass during the winter time. So there's no way he'd take so long. He probably just forgot or had something better to do."

Tooth bit her lip rubbing her hands together thoughtfully. "North, isn't there a way to, you know check un on him or something? See where he is."

North scratches his eyebrow before perking up and turning to the globe. "There is one way! I haven't used it in at least a hundred years because there was no need for it." The other guardians watch in awe as north goes to his control panel and flips a few switches. All the golden lights disappear and are replaced with five new lights.

The green purple red and yellow lights are all in the north pole and extremely close to each other. "I-is that us?" Tooth asks smiling at the lights. North nods his head grinning widely at her.

"I used this whenever I couldn't get in contact with you, or to make sure you were alright. Jack's light is blue." Bunny spotted it almost instantly.

"Just like I thought, the bloody boy is in Bergass!" A faint blue light on the globe was just as bunny said it was, sitting right in the center of Bergass. Tooth cocks her head at the light.

"Hey North why is it so much dimmer than ours?" North followed bunny's gaze to the light. The Russian mans face fell as he saw it.

"Oh no... This is very bad." His voice had gone nerve rackingly quiet. A question mark appeared over Sandy's head.

"Jack needs our help." Tooth's face scrunches in confusion.

"What do you mean?" But North was already pulling out his snow globe.

"No time to explain, or for the sleigh! Everyone, Go through the portal now!" he throws the snow globe to the floor and without saying another word runs through it the other guardians following closely behind.

They arrive in a small neighborhood that they had visited about five years prior. They look around quickly searching for their friend.

Their eyes fall on a house in the center of the street. It was completely burnt down. A few police cars are parked in front of it. The ambulances and fire trucks had cleared out hours ago. "Oh no." It didn't take a genius to know that fire and ice didn't mix. They sprinted quickly to the house not worrying about the several police men that talked outside of the house.

"oh no." Bunny's knees suddenly felt weak.

"Jack!" Tooth surged ahead of the rest of them dropping next to the boy who lay on his stomach breathing shallowly. "Jack! What's wrong what's-" she stops mid sentence when she realizes what's wrong. His arm is twisted at an odd angle, a large bloody and burned gash spreads across the back of his knee. His hoodie is singed and in tatters, several large burn marks cover his back through the holes.

"Tooth, is Jack okay!" But she doesn't have to answer when the other three guardians eyes fall on the injured spirit. A hand goes up to cover tooth's mouth as she stares down at him. Bunny reaches out and places a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Jack moans loudly and everyone flinches. "jack." tooth breaths.

North scoops the boy in his arms flips him over gently into a more comfortable position. A large bloody gash is on the side of the boy's head bloodying his white hair and dripping down his head into his eyes. Even more burns cover his torso. A deep cut is under his left eye and another on the corner of his jaw line, the crimson red blood that seeps out of them is shocking against his terribly pale skin. But the most horrible thing is that cold is no longer emanating from the boy's limp form.

He feels almost normal body temperature.

Sandy is the only one who seems to keep his head on straight through all the shock, pictures form over his head madly indicating that they need to get back to the pole and fast.

The other three are knocked from their daze. North calls to the other taking his snow globe from his pocket and throwing it to the grass.

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