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"Just take the damn medicine freezer burn!" Jack turned his head away from the foul smelling liquid yet again. "stop being such a baby and take it!"

"But it's so gross!" Jack can't help but whine. The medicine bunny was trying to get him to take was absolutely vial and Jack refused to even try it.

"I don't give a damn if you think it's gross or not! It'll make your fever go away, so just take it!" Bunny pressed the spoon against Jack's cheek but still the spirit didn't budge. It was true that the heat horribly hot feeling that overtook his body was terrible but it couldn't be worse than the disgusting medicine that Bunny was trying to get him to take. Whatever that stuff was, it smelled similar to rotten milk. Bunny groaned frustrated with Jack's child like behavior.

Jack just grinned in the wrong direction at his successful efforts.

Bunny stared at him frowning angrily. A sly smile suddenly creeps across his face, he didn't have to worry about Jack seeing it because well. Jack couldn't see it. "Fine if your not gonna take your medicine then I'm just gonna, shave your head!"

"Wha-!" Bunny shoves the spoon into Jack's mouth and quickly tilts his head up so he can't spit it out. Jack swallows loudly with a deep shudder.

"looks like I win." Bunny says simply twirling the spoon in between his fingers. Jack coughs a few times smacking his lips at the disgusting taste. He reaches aimlessly for the glass of water on the side table. He finds it too, but knocks it over in his blind attempts accidentally spilling the contents all over the floor. The sound of glass shattering echos loudly in the room. Not realizing what the sudden noise was, Jack jumps jostling his injured arm painfully.

A small groan escapes his lips. He can already hear the sound of Bunny picking up the broken pieces of glass and Jack can't help but feel completely useless. He doesn't know if he should apologize or try to help or what, so Jack just sits there waiting for the dull throbbing in his shoulder to lessen.

"Is your arm okay?" Bunny's voice is light and slightly worried. Jack nods slowly

"feels just perfect." he laughs sheepishly.

Bunny can tell that Jack is lying but doesn't push him further because the kid is already grumpy from sitting around for four days straight. when Bunny scoops the remainder of the glass into the garbage he realizes that Jack hasn't said anything for a while. That was odd because Jack was almost constantly checking to make sure if Bunnymund was still in the room.

"Frostbite you okay In there?" He calls from the bathroom where he's putting away the broom in the closet. There's no response. "Freezerburn?" Aster nervously pokes his head around the corner to see Jack sitting exactly where he left him, eyes glazed over mouth slightly open. Not really saying or doing anything.

They don't care for you

They didn't care for him at all. Bunny, sandy, North not even Tooth cared about him. It was true they didn't like Jack one little bit, they were forced to talk to him, forced to be near him. All because he was apparently a guardian now.

All because of the moon that had only talked to him once, one time over the coarse of three hundred years. Not even the moon cared about Jack, he didn't even bother to tell the spirit that he was a guardian, instead he let this group of some random four people, that had never even thought of giving Jack the time of day, to do it.

Heck, the kids only liked him for the snow days and sled rides. If Jack didn't have that, what was he to them, some stupid white haired immortal teenager that froze everything he came into contact with?

the only reason they ever acknowledged you is because you had to become a guardian.

Jack didn't care who was faking their affections towards him. because he refused to be alone again, he refused to be shut out again. Jack wouldn't be shut out ever again, he would make sure they knew who he was he would make sure that they never forgot about him. And that was a promise.

"Ow? Ow Ow! No please stop I don't' want it to be like this I don't want this, I don't want this!" Who was that screaming? Whatever it was it was giving Jack a massive headache.

Bunny sits on the edge of Jacks bed. "...Jack?" But still the young winter spirit stares straight ahead not one word escapes his lips but tears are running down his face. Bunny grabs Jack shoulders and shakes them. "Jack!" Jack blinks twice and a sudden strangled gasp racks his body.

Pain, it comes so suddenly all over his body that Jack can't help but cry out in terror. He wildly thrashes and writhes in the firm grip of someone.

"lehmego!" Aster releases his firm grip immediately, shocked by the boys sudden outburst because he hadn't even grabbed the boy that hard. Jack breaths heavily trying to quill the pain that's spreading across his chest. "W-What the... hell, was that?!" Jack pulls at his arm and doubles over.

"Sorry! but you weren't answering me and I got scared that-" the door suddenly flies open, causing Both their heads to snap In it's direction.

"What is going on in here?!" It's tooth's frantic voice, Jack can faintly hear the sound of fluttering wings. "Bunny what happened?" she questions.

"you- he attacked me!" Jack yells through choked gasps. Tooth looks worried as she floats over to Jack and put a hand genitally on his shoulder.

"No that's not what happened Jack!"

Jack forces his head up so he can glare at Bunnymund. "Then- What- did happen?"

Bunnymund doesn't know what to say. The spirit had just been staring blankly at the far wall doing absolutely nothing. Bunnymund had gotten scared that something terrible was going on inside the boys head. He instinctively grabbed Jack to try and bring him out of it but he had ended up hurting him in the process. "I uh." Aster pressed his thumb and pointer finger to the sides of his nose. "Tooth can I speak with you please."

"Hey I think I have a right to know what just-" Jack starts, but the sound of the door slamming echoed loudly in the room cuts him off. "-Happened..."

Jack cradled his arm and pulled his knees up to his chest and focused once again on just breathing.

If your wondering Jack Can't actually remember what went on inside his head.

But It still happened and does affect the way He thinks.

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