Authors note: No ZaDR, just ZaDF... a little drabble on the silly language of us English and using the same word for different things...

Zim's been officially banished from the Empire and Dib and Zim have recently become friends...

"Can I come over today?" Dib asked. Zim scowled.

"Not today." Dib nudged him.

"C'mon, we're mates right?"

"No!" Zim screamed. Dib frowned.

"What? You said we'd be friends!" Dib shouted.

"We are friends!" Zim shouted back.

"Then why'd you say no?" Zim had confused Dib with his strange reaction.

"Because you said mates." Dib blinked at his reply.

"What?" Zim flushed at having to explain.

"Mates means... urgh," Zim pulled at a lekku embarrassed. "In Zim's language it means... animal mates... lovers." Dib flushed.

"Not mates then... can we forget I even mentioned it?" Zim nodded.

"Yeah and Zim guesses the Dib could come over today." Dib shook his head.

"Er..." Dib began. "Maybe tomorrow, I need to get that image out of my head." Zim shrugged.

"Fine human, tomorrow then."