Harry hadn't even had a chance after the war to fully catch up on his sleep before Kingsley showed up at the Burrow and asked Harry, Hermione, and Ron to be Aurors. There was a congratulations on ending the war and a bit of mourning over the dead first, but then Kingsley had just come right out and asked them all to work with Kingsley and the Aurors. They would be tracking down the remaining Death Eaters and restoring peace to the wizarding world and no NEWTs were necessary. Hermione had refused right away; she wanted to spend her summer helping to rebuild Hogwarts and then go back and finish her NEWTs. Ron said he'd absolutely be an Auror, he just needed some time before he could start, because he was needed at home; someone had to keep George company and help out at the joke shop while everyone else worked on Fred's funeral. Harry had said yes and shown up to work the next day.

Typically Aurors are given months of intensive training, before they were put on the streets, so that they would know the correct protocol and not endanger any lives. Harry didn't get that; they handed him a thick instruction manual and told him to peruse it at his own convenience until they got enough recruits to start a training course. His lack of training was probably why he didn't get any of the interesting hands on in the field assignments. He was probably the most powerful wizard in the Auror corps and he was definitely the only one who had defeated Voldemort, but he was still kept out of the action.

A lot of what Harry did was paperwork and tying up loose ends. He was a valuable resource of information on Voldemort and the Death Eaters, so the monotony of paperwork was always broken up by other more senior Aurors coming over and asking for advice or information. And paperwork didn't just create itself, so about a third of Harry's time was spent in various interrogation rooms questioning informants and captured Death Eaters for information. But once he got the information he had to record it and check the validity of each and every minute facet of each statement, before passing along the useful information to the designated parties, and all of that required paperwork.

Harry was sick of paperwork, so when Head Auror Robards called Harry into his office, Harry was eager for the possibility of a new assignment.

"Yes Auror Robards? You have something new for me?" Harry asked. He still had facts to check on the interview he'd done yesterday, but he didn't think there was a single shred of truth in Rodolphus Lestrange's statement and was eager for something else to work on; something important.

"Yes, sit down Harry, I've something important to tell you," Robards said.

"Alright," Harry said, sitting down in the chair opposite Robards.

"We've captured the Malfoys; all three of them."

"That's great sir! Where were they?" Harry hoped Lucius Malfoy didn't get let off the hook this time around.

"They were in Malfoy Manor attempting to brew an abortion potion. They said it was for Draco Malfoy and that he was in need of medical treatment, but they surrendered quietly once our side agreed to take him to St. Mungo's."

"Sir, how can an abortion potion be for a wizard?"

"Most pureblood wizards are capable of getting pregnant and giving birth. The healers did confirm that Draco Malfoy is indeed pregnant."

"I saw him during the final battle and he didn't look pregnant."

"He's only a month or so along they tell me."


"Yes, oh indeed, but this story just gets stranger and more unbelievable. The Malfoys said that Draco was impregnated by Voldemort as a punishment for the family after your escape from Malfoy Manor. But Voldemort's original body was destroyed by you sixteen years ago, so He shouldn't have been able to get anyone pregnant. As you have informed us, His body was made during a ritual from the bones of His father, the flesh of Peter Pettigrew, and your blood. It's only natural that the father should be one of those three."

"Sir, do the healers have a way of determining which of us it is?" Harry asked. At this point he didn't know whether Draco had consented or been raped, but there was something darkly humorous about Draco being impregnated by Voldemort's muggle father or even the bumbling lumpy Peter Pettigrew. Harry just hoped the baby didn't turn out to be his and he shuddered at the thought.

"They do. There is a spell that determines paternity and they already conducted it. You're the other father Harry."

Harry's jaw dropped and he was speechless. Robards let the news sink in for several minutes before speaking again. "I'd like you to go to St. Mungo's and interview him; see if you can get him to tell you as much about what happened as he knows. This is highly unusual, but since he's pregnant with your baby and with his questionable guilt, I will allow Draco Malfoy to be released into your custody, if you're willing to take responsibility for him. You'd have to watch him constantly and he couldn't be left alone. Or you could leave him in St. Mungo's until we can figure out what to do with him."

"I thought he wanted the abortion potion?"

"That was when he thought he was carrying Voldemort's child. I don't know what's going on now, but perhaps the two of you can sort that out."

"Alright. I'll go talk to him, but I haven't decided if I'm taking him home with me." There was no way Harry was taking Malfoy to the Burrow, so if it came down to it, he'd take Malfoy to Grimmauld Place.

"Remember to write down everything he tells you and be careful what you do and say around him, because this could turn into quite the story in the papers and we don't want it blowing up in our faces."

"I'll try sir." Harry didn't know if he'd succeed and wished he'd gotten to take the course on public relations before being sent on this assignment.

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