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Shaw...just the name made Chuck cringe. I mean, who would want to date someone named Shaw? Chuck thought, as he stumbled into the Buy More that morning. He noticed Casey was working, the usual scowl on his face. Morgan was busy not being busy, as usual, and Jeff and Lester...well who knows what those two were up to.

Chuck made his way over to the Nerd Herd desk and slumped down into his chair, his head resting on his fist, one Converse sneaker tapping anxiously on the floor. Casey walked passed by the desk, carrying some lady's new microwave, and Chuck looked up.

"Hey, Casey, do you got a minute? I need a favor." Chuck said, standing up from his chair.

"You want me to put a bullet through Jeff and Lester?" Casey asked, a hopeful look on his face and an evil gleam in his eye.

Chuck raised an eyebrow. "Uh, well no...but would you really?" He asked in disbelief.

Casey grinned. "In a heartbeat, you bet I would." He replied eagerly.

"I am afraid to ask this but I will anyway, why? I mean technically they are civilians." Chuck said.

"They're Jeff and Lester, commonly known as Jeffster. I don't need any other reason." Casey rolled his eyes.

"But anyway, that's not what I need." Chuck moved on.
"What is it, Bartowski? Is it about your lady feelings again?" Casey scowled.

Chuck stopped short. "Well to you I suppose-"

"Not interested." Casey growled, interrupting him, and walked off to give the lady her microwave she was too lazy to carry on her own back to her.

"Ok fine, don't care about my lonely problems then, while Sarah is out doing who knows what with...Shaw." Chuck sighed, plopping back down in his chair, his head hitting the desk.

"Aw, I'm sorry to hear that, Chuck." A new voice said, a female voice Chuck knew.

Chuck looked up to see none other than Carina standing there. His face showed his surprise at seeing the beautiful red headed spy at the Buy More.

"Carina? Nice to see you. What are you doing here?" He inquired.
"What a gal can't stop by to see an old friend?" Carina smiled.

"Well what are you doing here, here. Like, at the Buy More. In need of some high quality electronics sold by low quality service?" Chuck chuckled. ( ;] see what I did there?)

Carina laughed. "Oh, Chuck you're funny. No I'm just here to see you. I heard that you're gonna be taking your agent's test real soon and I wanted to wish you luck and congratulate you so far." Carina explained.

"On what exactly?" Chuck inquired.
"Not dying." Carina smirked.

"Oh, well that is always a good thing I suppose." Chuck shifted on his feet.

"I'm sorry to hear about Sarah and Shaw, that must be hard for you." Carina replied sincerely.

"Well I guess it could be a little easier." Chuck shrugged.

"You know, there's this little bar downtown that I know of. Why don't you and I go have a drink after you get off work?" Carina asked.

"Well that depends, will there be shooting and knifes or terrorists and such at this bar?" Chuck laughed half-heartedly.

Carina smiled. "Well I can't guarantee anything, but you never know; we are spies after all. But all I am asking as a friendly drink, no mission or spies. Just two friends, and some drinks. Maybe snacks." Carina told him.

"Well, I do enjoy snacks." Chuck grinned, but it faltered as soon as he thought of Sarah. "But, I don't know,'s very nice of you to ask." He sighed.

"But you're still pining for Sarah." Carina finished, nodding understandingly.

Chuck smiled, almost painfully. "Sarah's a great girl, one does not simply get over Sarah Walker." He shrugged.

Carina snorted. "Sarah's great and I like her and all, but really I gave her a lot more credit than she deserves."

"For what?" Chuck inquired.

"I really thought she was a lot smarter than what she actually is." Carina shrugged.

"What do you mean?" Chuck asked, still confused.

"She's going with Shaw when she had you right here. Not exactly a smart move, you know?" Carina explained sincerely. "But, anyway, I hope you feel better about all that soon. Broken hearts aren't fun. I'll see you around Chuck." She added before turning and walking out.

*If Sarah can go out with someone else, why can't I?* Chuck thought. "You know what...Carina!" Chuck called out, jogging after her.

She turned and smiled. "Yea Chuck?" She asked.
"Actually, I will take you up on that date." Chuck smiled.

"Date?" Carina laughed.

Chuck's face instantly paled. "Oh, I um...well I said...friends, right...friends don't date...I mean you bar...drinks...and snacks." He said awkwardly, shifting on his feet.

"Chuck, you're rambling." Carina grinned.
"Right, sorry..." He ran a hand through his hair.

"It's a date. Meet me here at seven." Carina smiled, handing him a piece of paper with an address on it.

Chuck grinned. "Right, seven o'clock. At this address. I will see you there."
"Good." Carina replied, turning and walking towards the doors.

"Hey, Carina what should I wear?" Chuck called.

Carina laughed and looked over her shoulder. "Figure it out, Chuck." She replied, walking out.

Chuck grinned at the paper, before a confused look crossed his face. It wasn't an address to a bar, it was a hotel address and room number. Carina's room number. He smiled a little before looking around and smirking. He had to go brag to Sarah. Rub it in her face.


Chuck 'accidentally' dropped the paper as he walked into Castle a few hours later. He had left his jacket down there so he had to go get it anyway. Sarah was sitting at the table across from Shaw doing paperwork and looked up.

"Um, Chuck you dropped this." She said, picking it up. Sarah's eyes narrowed as she looked at it. "Wait, Chuck this is an address, to a hotel room. In Carina's handwriting." She said, anger dripping in her voice.

Chuck doubled back and took the paper from her hand. "So it is!" Chuck smiled.

"Chuck why did Carina give you a hotel address and when did you see her?" Sarah demanded.

"Um, in the Buy More a few hours ago. She asked me on a date and I said yes, hence the address to where I am to go." Chuck explained.

"Chuck I don't think it's a good idea." Sarah responded immediately, her eyes narrowed.

"Good thing I didn't ask ya." Chuck shrugged.

Suddenly the door opened and Casey walked in, grumbling something about Jeff and Lester before eyeing the guns hungrily. He looked up at his team, realizing something was going on.

"What?" He asked.

"Chuck is going, by himself, to a hotel with Carina." Sarah explained harshly.

Casey looked between Walker and Chuck before smirking. "Stay away from her handcuffs. But I'm sure the intersect could get out of them if need be." He smirked at the horrified look on Sarah's face.

"You're encouraging him?" She asked in disbelief.

"What? You've got Shaw, why can't Chuck get a little where he can?" Casey laughed slightly, loving to push Walker's buttons.

"Because she's dangerous, and not to be trusted, and what if something happens?" Sarah demanded.

"Like what? They have sex? I'm sure the only one objecting to that would be you, Walker." Casey grinned.

"I...what Chuck does in his personal life is not up to my objection unless it is dangerous he is still my asset until he is a spy!" Sarah said.

"Then looks like Chuckie's got a date tonight." Casey shrugged.
"Later." Chuck grinned, walking out, leaving Sarah in a tizzy.


At exactly seven o'clock Chuck knocked at Carina's hotel door, shifting on is Converse covered feet. The door opened and there stood Carina in a black dress, smiling.

"Hey Chuck! Glad you could make it! The bar's downstairs, so shall we?" She smiled.

"We shall!" Chuck replied, holding his arm out to her.
Carina smiled up at him as she took it. "You are so sweet, Chuck."

"Thank you. I try. Most girls don't like the whole sweet-guy thing. They go for the bad boys." Chuck said as they walked to the elevator.

"They only like the bad boys because we tend to want what we know we can't-or shouldn't-have. I for one think it is incredibly attractive that you are so sweet. You really made an impression on me when we stole that Wookie's diamond." Carina told him.

"Really?" Chuck asked in disbelief.
She nodded as the doors slid open. "Really."

"Thank you, I should say." Chuck smiled as they stepped in.

Carina stepped forward and lightly kissed Chuck on the lips, before pulling away and smiling.

"You're welcome, Chuck."

Chuck grinned and shifted on his feet. "So what made you want to ask me on a date, besides my incredibly attractive sweetness?" He asked.

Carina laughed. "Well, you were cute, and you're a spy so that makes things less complicated in a sense, and I don't know I guess I just like you."

"Well I like you too, Carina." Chuck smiled.

The doors opened and the two walked towards the bar, ordering drinks. The two were having a nice, uneventful conversation, enjoying each other's company and whatnot.

Until Sarah showed up.

Looking pissed.

With a knife.

"Uh-oh." Chuck said, looking between the two.
"Sarah?" Carina asked as the woman walked up to them.
"Why are you on a date with Chuck?" Sarah demanded.

"Why aren't you?" Carina shot back.
"Wha-I...I am his handler and-" Sarah started, before Carina interrupted.

"Oh please, Sarah. We all know that's a load of bull. If you can be with Shaw you can be with Chuck. Don't get mad at me for actually wanting to be with him." Carina rolled her eyes.

"Shaw? What I do with Shaw is none of your concern." Sarah snapped.
"Neither is what I do with Chuck." Carina replied.

"This date is over, Chuck get in the car." Sarah hissed.
"No. I'm not leavin'." Chuck replied.

"Right, Walker. You had your chance." Carina added.

Sarah yelled and pulled Carina by her hair off the barstool. Chuck gasped and immediately stood up, but not wanting to get in between the two as they started fighting in the middle of the bar. Carina needed Sarah in the gut, Sarah slapped Carina in the face, and the each threw glasses at the other, fighting dirty.

Talk about a cat fight.

Finally, Chuck had enough. Standing between them he sighed. "Ladies, stop it. We are in public, and this is not the time to be killing each other." He hissed.

"You're right, let's go." Sarah told Chuck.

"Sarah I'm not going anywhere. I'm here with Carina having a very nice time with drinks and snacks and you are not going to ruin it with me. You can't play with my heart like this. You are with Shaw and I am with Carina. We are on the same team, nothing more. Now if you will excuse us, Carina and I were just headed upstairs." Chuck said firmly, grabbing Carina's hand and leading her up to the elevator, leaving Sarah wide eyed, and mouth agape.

When the doors closed, Chuck wrapped his arms around Carina. "Are you alright?" He asked.

"Never better." Carina giggled, wiping blood off her lip.

"That was quite the fight. Never thought I'd see two girls fighting over me." Chuck laughed.

"Get used to it. No girls within a five feet radius from now on since you're with me now." Carina told him.

Chuck laughed as the elevators doors opened, and noticed she wasn't laughing. "Oh, you're serious. Ok, duly noted." He nodded obediently.

"Good boy." Carina smiled, pulling him into the room, shutting the door behind them.

And later, when Chuck attempted to stay away from Carina's handcuffs...

It did not work.


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