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Chapter 3

Carina and Chuck were curled up in the bed, her lying on top of him, both smiling happily. She ran her fingers down his jawline and he squirmed, being extremely ticklish.

"As much I as I love this Carina, I wanna take you on a proper date." Chuck announced, finally breaking the silence.

Carina lifted her head and looked at him. "Ok. Sounds good to me, Chuck. Where to?" She inquired.

Chuck grinned. "I've got the perfect place in mind; trust me, Carina, you'll love it. It's completely amazing, and fantastic, like nothing you've ever seen before!" He explained excitedly.

Carina smiled at Chuck's childlike enthusiasm. "Well, that seems like a lot to live up to. Sure you can deliver?" She teased.

"Of course. Charles Carmichael always delivers." He replied in his 'spy voice'.

"Well, bring it on, delivery boy." Carina grinned, lying her head back down and snuggling into him.

Another silence ensued, until Chuck finally broke it.

"Hey Carina, can you let me out of these handcuffs now?"


Chuck returned to the Buy More, not wanting to look like he completely skipped the rest of the day. He looked around and found Casey, stacking a load of Nerf guns.

"Casey! I need your help with something." Chuck said, walking up to him.

Casey looked up with another evil gleam in his eye. "Need me to lock Jeffster in the cage?" He asked eagerly.

"No." Chuck replied.
"Send The Beard back to Hawaii?" Casey tried again.
"No, Casey." Chuck shook his head.
"Russians?" Casey grinned evilly.

"Casey, no this isn't about spy stuff or your extreme dislike of Jeffster. I need your help with Carina and me." Chuck said exasperated.

Casey growled, turning away from the intersect. "Not interested then, Bartowski."
"You'd get to bother Sarah some more." Chuck said, smiling.

The older man paused in his work, turning his head slightly. "Do I get to make her have another shit fit?" Casey asked carefully.

"If you so see fit." Chuck shrugged.
Casey smirked. "Then I'm in. What do you need?" He said.


"Tah-dah!" Chuck grinned as he and Carina reached their destination for their date.

Carina arched an eyebrow, surprised. "An arcade?" She asked carefully.
"Not just an arcade! This is Arcade Land. Note the land." Chuck beamed happily.

"What exactly does the land change about the arcade?" Carina inquired, having never been to an arcade before.

"Well this doesn't just have your normal arcade games; this place has carnival like games, go-karts, bumper cars, laser tag, paintball, and so much more! This is where Morgan and I go whenever summer just starts. It is a Morgan and Chuck tradition." He explained, flailing his arms eagerly.

"Oh, that's nice. When did you two start this tradition?" Carina asked curiously.

"Second grade." Chuck replied, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and leading her inside.

Carina laughed and looked around the huge place; there were flashing lights, screaming kids, and lots of colors. She'd never seen anything like it, and it definitely wasn't what she'd been expecting.

"So, where should we start? Are you feeling racing, snacking, gaming, or prize winning first?" Chuck said, bouncing on his feet enthusiastically.

"How about we take a walk around, so I can survey the area and decide where to start first?" Carina suggested.

"Alright! Chuck Arcade Land tour!" Chuck exclaimed, dragging her into the fray.


"Casey do you know where Chuck is? I called his cell but he's not answering." Sarah said walking into Castle.

Casey looked up from the computer he'd been sitting at, a fake scowl of confusion on his face. "No, I have no idea where Bartowski is. Haven't seen him since work." He replied.

Sarah tapped her foot. "If he was out with Morgan, or Elle and Awesome he would've answered..." She trailed off.

"Maybe he just went for a drive or something." Casey shrugged. Sarah nodded, but didn't say anything. "Or maybe he just doesn't wanna talk to you." He added with a smirk.

Sarah paused and looked at him, eyes narrowing. "You know where he is, don't you?" She accused.

"Walker if I knew where he was would I sit here and string you along, acting like I didn't?" Casey chuckled darkly.

"Yes." Sarah replied.
"Yes I would." He agreed.

"So which is it?" She demanded.

"Chuck is out surveying, very low key. Not much danger." Casey explained, leaning back in his chair.

"Without me? Without me even knowing?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, c'mon Walker we're just training wheels. What are you gonna do whenever the wheels come off and he's on his own out there. Without you." Casey smirked, lighting a cigar and taking a drag.

"I will go about my life as normal; going on missions and being a spy, what I do best." Sarah replied.

"You practice that in the mirror every night, Walker?" Casey chuckled.

Sarah glared at him and started walking back up the stairs. "I want it known that I don't like that he's surveying alone." She called.

"Never said he's alone, Walker." Casey called back.

Sarah's footsteps immediately stopped, before she stormed back downstairs and marched back up to Casey. "Who's he with, Casey?" She said slowly.

Casey merely smirked and typed something into the computer, pulling up the security footage at Arcade Land. He did a search and found an over eager Chuck pulling a smiling Carina along.

"He's with Carina again?" Sarah hissed.

Casey chuckled and crossed his arms. "Looks that way, don't it, Walker?" He said amusedly.

"He's not surveying, Casey, they're on a date!" Sarah snapped.
"Oops, my mistake." He rolled his eyes.

Sarah's eyes flashed dangerously and she stormed out of Castle, slamming the door behind her. Casey chuckled and looked back at the screen.

"Change of plans, Bartowski." He grinned, taking another drag of his cigar.


After the thorough tour, Chuck took Carina into the arcade, where his nerd senses went wild.

"Ok, so are you feeling Mario or perhaps a fighting game? Ooh, we could go for some classics. There is always Galaga!" Chuck grinned, talking faster than Carina had ever heard him speak.

"Galaga?" Carina inquired.

Chuck froze, and turned to her in horror. "Y-you don't know what Galaga is?" He said slowly.

"Uh, should I?" She asked suspiciously.

"Galaga is the most amazing game ever! It...come on, we're playing Galaga first." Chuck shook his head furiously, dragging her over to the game and breaking out the quarters.

A ways away, Sarah watched through binoculars. "They're playing Galaga...they thought I wouldn't notice. But I did."


"Chuck, I really don't think video games are my forte." Carina laughed as she lost, again.

"Well that's ok, it doesn't matter if you can't high kick the villain fast enough on the game. You can do it in real life!" Chuck beamed; trying to make sure her feelings weren't hurt.

"That's sweet, Chuck." Carina laughed again as they walked out of the video game section.

"Ok, you choose next!" Chuck beamed.

"Um, how about Go-Karts? I know how to drive those, at least." Carina suggested with a smile.

"Excellent!" Chuck agreed, practically skipping to the Go-Kart arena.

Sarah trailed behind them, listening to their conversation. She looked around, and took off running, luckily not gaining the intersect or the spy's attention as she rushed through the crowd.

"Ok! Let's go!" Carina grinned, sitting in one of the karts.

"Um, Carina this is gonna sound really lame..." Chuck trailed off, standing next to her.

"What, is this your special kart or something?" Carina laughed.
"Actually yes." Chuck replied.

"Oh. Ok, that's fine." Carina said carefully, getting up and out of the kart, getting in the other one.

"Thank you sweetie." Chuck beamed.
"Uh, Chuck I really don't do pet names." Carina told him.
"Not even from me?" He pouted. Carina laughed, but didn't respond.

They waited for the green light to go on, and when it did they took off down the track; trying furiously to beat the other. Carina was laughing gleefully; Chuck brought out a side in her that she hadn't known for a long time. She quite liked it.

Chuck put the petal to the floor and pulled ahead of Carina, grinning smugly as he passed her. Carina yelled and tried to catch him, but he was too fast. But suddenly, his kart started acting odd.

The kart tried to swerve left when he turned right, and right when he tried to go left. Without warning Chuck's kart started spinning out of control, and he was headed for the wall. Carina yelled for him, but there was nothing she could do now.

Chuck flashed, and expertly regained control of the kart, pulling back beside Carina, panting as the adrenaline pumped through his body. Carina breathed a sigh of relief as they crossed the finish line and got out of the karts.

"Chuck did you flash on the kart?" Carina asked, impressed.
"Yea, yea I did." Chuck smiled, surprised himself.

"Impressive, Mr. Carmichael." Carina winked, grabbing his hand and walking out of the arena.

"How about we go play a nice, safe, carnival game? Like the bottle throwing...thing where I can win you a prize." Chuck suggested.

"Cool." Carina smiled.

Sarah huffed indignantly. "That was supposed to be Carina's kart." She sighed, walking after them swiftly.

"Step right up! Step right up! Knock 'em down and win a prize! A dollar a try!" The vender announced loudly, trying to gain customers in the crowd.

"I'll play, my good man!" Chuck grinned, walking up.

"Excellent, excellent! Gather 'round, gather 'round! Watch this man win his lovely lady a prize!" The vender beamed, accepting the money and handing Chuck the baseballs.

"Here we go." Chuck laughed, and threw the baseball at the stacked bottles.

Not a single one fell.

Carina looked curiously at the bottles; they hadn't even moved. The vendor merely smiled at Chuck and motioned for him to try again. He threw the ball even harder, but again none fell down.

"Here, let me try." Carina said, taking the last ball.

She threw the ball toward the bottles, but none fell.

"This is rigged!" Chuck accused loudly.

"Try again, try again my friend!" The vender announced.

Chuck fished out another dollar, now determined to knock off at least one of the stubborn bottles. He handed the bill to the man, and collected the three baseballs from him in return.

Carina looked at Chuck. "Chuck it's ok, I don't have to have one of these toys." She said.

"Oh, no. You're getting one of these toys. I will knock these bottles off." Chuck said firmly.

He flashed and located a weak spot in the pyramid, smirking slightly at the vender. Chuck shifted his aim, threw as hard as he could, and knocked all the bottles off the table. The vender's eyes bugged out as he looked in wonder at Chuck and Carina.

She beamed and kissed Chuck sweetly before pointing to a huge panda bear she wanted. The vender reluctantly handed the bear over, before going to set the bottles back up.

"Nice job, Chuck." Carina beamed as they walked off.
"Yea, I'm just amazing." Chuck grinned, kissing her cheek.

"I'm hungry." Carina announced.

"Let's go get something extremely greasy and deep fried." Chuck replied, leading her to the food court.

Sarah groaned from her spot in the crowd, stomping her foot again. "I loaded those bottles myself, and it still didn't work."

Her phone beeped in her pocket, and she pulled it out and saw a text message from Casey.

Give it up, Walker. They've got themselves the perfect date! –Casey.

Sarah did a Casey growl, and shoved her phone back in her pocket, following the two love spies to the food court.


"Chuck, I'm so not sure about this." Carina said nervously, looking at the extra cheesy, extra messy chili cheese dog Chuck was holding towards her.

"Ah, c'mon Rina you know you wanna try it!" Chuck grinned childishly.

"What did I say about the pet names?" Carina said, but she couldn't stop the smile tugging on her lips.

"Technically speaking Rina would be a nickname." He corrected, still smiling.

"Oh, whatever Chuck, fine give me a bite." Carina rolled her eyes teasingly, taking the chili dog from him.

Chuck smiled and bounced on his feet, anxious for her to taste Arcade Land's finest creation. Just as Carina went to take a bite, someone bumped into her.

Carina tripped forward, and using her expert spy skills managed to hold the chili dog away from her, keeping the mess waiting to happen off her clothes. Chuck looked startled and watched a blonde haired woman scurrying away.

"Not even an apology." He shook his head.

"Whatever, it's fine. But taxpayers bought this outfit, I'd really hate for it to get ruined." Carina joked.

"Oh, now you sound like Casey." Chuck grinned.
"Ugh. I retract my statement then." Carina laughed, making Chuck laugh as well.

"So, how did you like Arcade Land?" Chuck asked nervously.

"It was interesting, and fun. Actual fun, not poisoning someone or torturing someone type of fun." Carina replied.

"Poisoning someone is fun?" Chuck raised an eyebrow.
"Of course." Carina grinned.

Chuck refused to ask how, and moved on with their conversation. "I was a little afraid you'd think it was childish and geeky.." He trailed off.

"Well it was. But that's not a bad thing. This place suits you and I like it. I liked seeing you get excited and just being calm; no spy stress." Carina replied.

Chuck beamed happily. "You wanna get out of here?" Chuck suggested.
"Absolutely." Carina replied, leaving eagerly.

Sarah growled low in her throat as she sat in her car, planning her next move. All her other tries had failed, but she was determined to ruin their date. "Ok, no more messing around." Sarah said, driving off.

Chuck managed to get her hotel room unlocked and press her against the door, kissing down her neck. Carina was having none of that, not wanting to be teased. She dragged Chuck to the bed, ripping his shirt of in the process, grinning mischievously at him.

Chuck grinned back and tore her shirt off, before she crawled on top of him. Neither paid any attention to the knocking at the door. They were too wrapped up in each other to hear the door unlock and someone come in.

"Oh, my goodness! I am so sorry y'all I thought no one was home! Please forgive this intrusion!" A deep Southern accent said from the doorway.

The two looked up, startled, and saw a maid standing with a cleaning cart, looking absolutely appalled. Carina narrowed her eyes at the woman, telling her to leave.

"The sign was on the door." Carina hissed.

"I am so sorry, I made an oopsie." The woman replied apologetically. "Y'all need some towels?" She asked.

"No we're fine, thank you. If you could just come back tomorrow, that'd be great." Chuck said, extremely embarrassed.

"Oh, but y'all don't want a dirty room, do ya?" The woman said, shocked.

Carina stood up and walked to the woman, shoving her out the door. She didn't other putting her shirt back on, she had no shame. Carina shut the door and stepped into the hallway with the 'maid'.

"Walker, have you lost your ever loving mind? First you stalk us all day and try to ruin our first date and now this? You stole a house keeping outfit and key card?" Carina hissed; she knew that fake accent, she'd taught Sarah that.

"Look Carina you need to keep away from Chuck. Never mind me." Sarah snapped.

"Walker, I really don't get you. You had Chuck from day one. Yeah, I get he went out with a few girls but that was because you shot him down." Carina shook her head.

"Carina, he is my asset and I am ordering you to stay away." Sarah said sharply.

"I don't take orders from you, Walker. Answer me this, do you even want Chuck?" Carina demanded.

Sarah paused; unsure of how to answer. There was a stretched moment of silence, until she finally spoke. "I want you to stay away from him." Sarah said.

Carina frowned. "That's not the same thing, Walker. I think you just don't want him to be with anyone else. I don't think you actually want him. I do, though. He's sweet, and charming, and a gentleman. You don't find guys like him just anywhere. I intend to have a relationship with him, that's what I want. You are my best friend, but you play him too much. I hope you can come to terms with this. He accepted Bryce. If you'll excuse me, he's waiting on me." Carina replied gently, before turning and walking back inside her room, stealing the key Sarah had taken and shutting the door behind her.

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