Ok, so I know FF6 told us that Dom and Letty met when they were 15, but I can't get the idea out of my head that they met when they were kids! I've had this on my laptop for a while so I just decided to go ahead and post it!

Dom and Vince age 12. Letty age 10. Mia age 8.

Letty wasn't sure why she went out for a walk that day. She wasn't sure why she walked away from the burger joint her mom left her at so she could go get drunk or high or laid. Or all, Letty thought with a roll of her eyes. The ten year knew when her mom dropped her there that she wouldn't stay long. Letty thought it was cruel making her sit there smelling all the food with no money. So, Letty got up and walked out.

She wasn't sure where she was going. She was a ten year old girl. Even though she was a girl, she didn't act like it. Letty loved cars, hated dresses, and had a mean right hook. She'd just moved to L.A. the week before with her mom, and Letty didn't usually have friends.

Her whole world changed because of this walk.

Suddenly, she came upon a garage. Toretto's Garage, it was called. Letty's eyes grew wide as she saw all the cars inside. Immediately, Letty walked to the doors. There was a man, who looked about mid-thirties, a little girl who looked a bit younger than her playing with dolls (Letty rolled her eyes), and two boys who were a little bit older than her. All of the boys were mad.

They were leaning over a red convertible that was obviously having difficulties. One of the boys was scraggly looking, with reddish brown hair and a scowl on his face.

"This ain't workin." He snapped.
"Obviously, Vince." The man snapped back.

"Sorry Mr. T. I gotta take a break. We've been workin on this stupid car for three hours now!" Vince sighed.

'Mr. T.' sighed and nodded. "Yeah, you boys deserve it. I can't figure out what's wrong with this thing for the life of me." He replied.

Vince, the scraggly one, sat on one of the benches and started flipping through a car magazine while chugging a water bottle.

"Dom, I'm gonna join Vince." Mr. T. sighed and walked off a bit.
"What is wrong with this car?" Dom inquired to himself.

"Have you checked the spark plugs?" Letty inquired, stepping into the garage a bit more. (I know nothing about cars!)

Dom's face lit in realization. "No, I didn't even think to check that!" He didn't look up to see who had given him the advice; he was so consumed with the car. Dom quickly adjusted it and turned the engine again; the car purred like a cat.

"You did it!" Vince looked up in shock.
"Nice job, son." Mr. T. said, very impressed.

Then, the three boys quickly turned to the intruder. Dom's face showed his surprise at seeing the one to fix the car to be a girl.

"You know cars?" Vince demanded.
"Obviously more than you." Letty shot back.
Dom laughed at the feisty little girl. "Well aren't you feisty?" He chuckled.
"Of course." Letty smirked.
"You gotta name?" He asked leaning against the hood after his dad closed it.
"Yup." She replied, crossing her tiny arms.

Dom smiled, he couldn't help it. He liked the feisty girl that wasn't completely fawning over him like the rest. And she apparently knew about cars. But, he thought, she looked like trouble. But then again so did he.

"Care to share?" Dom tried again.

"Wait, I know you. You're the little girl that moved down the street. The Ortiz's right?" Mr. T. said.

"Yes sir, that's us. Me and mom." Letty replied immediately. Apparently she could show respect when needed.

"Then you're Leticia Ortiz, right?" Mr. T. smiled.
"It's Letty." She growled.

Letty walked over to the car and popped the hood back up, shoving Dom away. She stood on the stool to help her see, and grinned as she examined it. There was nothing she liked more than cars. Dom watched her and glanced at Vince, who shrugged. Dom looked back to Letty and watched her eyes lit up as she looked at the car.

Mr. T. chuckled. "My apologies, Letty. How are you?" He asked, already liking the girl.

"well, I was doin' fine until Mom decided to leave me at that joint down the street so she could go get one." Letty answered finally.

Dom looked up at his dad, eyebrows furrowed. "Why did she leave her little, how old are you sweetie?" Mr. T. asked.

Letty looked up at him with a fire in her eyes. "No offense, sir, but don't call me sweetie." She said firmly.

Vince and Dom snorted as Mr. T. chuckled softly. "My apologizes again, Letty."
"How old are you, squirt?" Vince asked.

Letty looked at him with a bigger fire in her eyes. She looked like she might hit him. Dom wondered if she would. Nah, he thought, she's just a kid, she ain't about that life. "I'm ten. Don't call me squirt." She snapped.

"You're older than my daughter Mia, over there. She's eight." Mr. T. told her with a wave in Mia's direction.

"Why don't you go over there and play Barbies like a good little girl?" Vince smirked.

"Why don't you go to hell?" Letty asked, completely serious. Dom laughed and Mr. T. grinned.

"What did you say to me?" Vince asked angrily.
"Oh, I'm sorry." Letty replied.

Dom rolled his eyes. Maybe she wasn't as hard-a as he thought. He watched curiously as she jumped from the stool to stand toe to toe with Vince, looking dead in his eyes with her hands crossed and hips cocked.

"I said. Why. Don't. You. Go. To. Hell." Letty said slowly.

Maybe she was, Dom chuckled.

"Listen here, squirt, you don't know who you're talkin to." Vince growled.

"Yea I do. I'm talkin to you, apparently, or are you too stupid to figure that out by yourself?" Letty replied smoothly.

"Squirt, check yourself." Vince snapped.
"Call me squirt one more time." Letty said threateningly.
"You ain't about that life, squirt." Vince rolled his eyes.

Letty's nostrils flared and she immediately threw him a right hook to his face, knocking him flat on his back. Dom's jaw dropped and Mr. T. blinked surprised at the girl.

"Boy, I am that life." Letty smirked cockily.
Dom glanced at his dad. "Can we keep her?" He laughed jokingly.
Mr. T. laughed. "I'm gonna remember you said that." He told him.
"Why?" Dom inquired.
"Give it a few years." Mr. T. chuckled softly.
"Dude you just got knocked the heck out." Dom laughed at Vince.

Letty laughed; the sound made Dom stop and look at her. Something about the way she laughed made him feel odd. Her eyes squinted and sparkled, her lips parted in a gorgeous smile, and her nose squished up. Dom decided he liked her laugh.

"Mia! Come meet Letty!" Mr. T. called towards the girl.
"Oh, here we go." Vince sighed, shaking his head as he got up.
Dom leaned towards Letty. "Just smile and nod." He whispered.

Letty looked at him, confused. Then, a tiny girl of eight years old came running towards the front. She had on a pink dress with pink sparkly shoes and a white ribbon in her hair.

"Oh, jeez." Letty mumbled softly. Dom caught it and laughed softly.

"Oh my gosh! There's a girl here! Hi! I'm Mia! I'm eight! How old are you? Where do you live? Why are you at the garage? Are you another one of Vince or Dom's girlfriends? They come in here a lot but they just kiss. I think it's yucky but they say I don't know what I'm talking about. I love barbies! Do you wanna play? Eee! I have an extra one you can play with me! Ahh! Dom's my big brother and he never plays dolls with me. He's too into cars. I don't really like cars." Mia said, talking fast and not giving Letty a chance to answer.

"Whoa whoa whoa. You don't like cars?" Letty asked as if she'd just been told Mia was a serial killer.

"Uh, no. They're just to get you from point a to point b." Mia replied, shrugging.
Letty looked as if someone had just kicked a puppy. She looked up at Dom, who was shaking his head.

"Trust me, I've tried to get her to see the light." Dom told her.
"That should be a crime, not likin cars." Letty shook her head.
Dom smirked. "Got that right."

"So you wanna play dolls?" Mia grinned.
"Um, sorry but I don't play dolls. But, it's nice to meet you. I'm Letty." She waved.

"Oh, that's alright. I'm so excited to have a girl around here! We're gonna be friends forever." Mia grinned excitedly.

"Ok, Mia. Go play." Mr. T. smiled.
"Ok, Daddy. Bye Letty!" Mia replied, then ran off.

"She doesn't have a lot of friends that are girls." Dom told her.

"You don't have a mom, do you." Letty said softly, not as a question, but a statement.

"She died a few years ago." Dom nodded.

"I'm sorry. My dad left us a few years ago too. That's why mom hates me." Letty replied.

"I'm sorry about your dad. But I'm sure she doesn't hate you." Dom nudged her gently.

"How many mothers who actually love their kids do you know that leave their kids at a diner with no money to watch other people eat?" Letty inquired.

Dom looked at her sadly and shook his head. "You got me there."
"But it's alright. I'm not overly fond of her either." Letty said.

Dom felt like she'd put up some sort of shield; just a few moments ago she was being all soft and kinda mushy, and now the walls were back up. Mr. T. looked at Dom, who shrugged.

"Letty, honey what time is your mother picking you up?" Mr. T. asked.
Letty shrugged. "She didn't say. She doesn't care." She told them.
"How long have you been waiting for her?" Vince inquired.
She looked up at the clock. "Three hours."
"I don't like that your mother just left you by yourself." Mr. T. told her.

"Not crazy about it myself, but you get used to it. But it wasn't the best time watching all those other people eat." Letty sighed.

"When was the last time you ate?" Dom inquired.
Letty's eyes shifted slightly, and only Dom caught it. "Breakfast this mornin."
"Don't lie." Dom said.

"Fine, breakfast yesterday. But I'm not hungry." She replied. Immediately, her stomach growled. She glared down at it.

Dom smirked. "Wanna try that again?"
"No one asked you." Letty glared at him.

"Well, Letty, we're having a family barbeque. You should come!" Mia said, appearing at her dad's side.

"No, no, that's alright." Letty said immediately.

"Nonsense. You'll come, you'll eat, and then we'll take you home. You just live right down the street, I'm sure if your mother will leave you at the diner then you can come and hang out at our house." Mr. T. said firmly but gently.

"Really, no thanks, Mr. T. That's alright." Letty insisted.

"Let, just come. You're hungry, we've got way more food than Vince will eat. It's a family thing, just come." Dom said.

"I don't take charity, or pity." Letty told him.
"Good, 'cause we ain't givin out neither." Dom said, crossing his arms.
"Oh, please come, Letty!" Mia pleaded.

"We were just about to leave as soon as we finished with the convertible. So we're leaving now. Come on, we won't hurt you. You can call me Tony, or Mr. T. or whatever you like." Mr. T. told her.

"Mr. T really it's cool. I'm just gonna go back and wait for my mom." Letty lied again.

Dom figured out that whenever Letty lied, her eyes shifted slightly. Almost unnoticeably, but he could still tell. Mr. T was locking up, and Vince and Mia were walking towards Mr. T's car.

"Well, if you change your mind you can always tell your mom to bring you over." Mr. T told her with a sigh as he locked the doors.

"Alright. Thanks for letting me look at the car, Mr. T." Letty nodded.

"How do you know she's going back to the diner? And how do you know her mom is gonna show up?" Dom demanded.

"I don't. But, I didn't want to force her." Mr. T shrugged.
"Well that's not good enough." Dom shook his head.

He walked the little way that Letty had gone and turned her around. "You're coming with us." He told us.

"Oh really?" Letty rolled her eyes.
"Someone could kidnap you or something." Dom told her.
"Like you're trying to do?" Letty pointed out.
"Come on, I don't want you walking around L.A. by yourself." Dom told her.
"No. I don't want pity. Everywhere I go that's what I get." Letty told him.
"Well I don't pity you. Now get in the car." Dom said firmly.
"You think you're real tough huh?" Letty said.
"Don't be a brat." Dom rolled his eyes.
"Don't be a jerk." Letty replied.
"You're a pain." Dom sighed.
"So are you." Letty replied.
"This is ridiculous." Dom told her.
"I agree. Now stop stalkin me." Letty replied.

Dom rolled his eyes and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder.

"Oh my gosh! Dom put me down now!" Letty yelled, hitting his back.
"No." Dom smirked, putting her in the car.

Mr. T was watching very amused as Dom closed the door and went to the front. Mr. T was grinning and Dom shrugged.

"She's comin." He told his dad.
"I can tell." Mr. T replied.
"Why do I get the feeling that she's never gonna leave?" Dom inquired.
"Because she's probably not." Mr. T laughed and got in.

Mia was talking Letty's ear off, and Letty was somewhat engaging in a conversation with her. Vince smirked at Dom and rolled his eyes. Dom's phone vibrated in his pocket.

Now we've got two rugrats. –V

Dom smirked. Well, maybe Let'll keep Mia busy. – D

Doubtful. – V

Sorry, bro. But if it were Mia, I wouldn't want her walkin the streets by herself. u kno how LA is. – D

I understand. But she did punch me. – V

That jus made me want her to come even more! – D

Ha ha Dom. –V

U didn't think she was special? Talkin with her in the garage didn't feel...idk man. – D

Normal. Normal is the word ur lookin for. And yea it really did. Like she'd always been there. – V

See? – D

Maybe she'll be good for our family. –V

I think she needs family. –D

Mr. T pulled up in front of their house and everyone got out. Letty looked down the street to her house; her mom was home.

"She's home." Letty mumbled sadly.
Dom looked angrily down the street. "See, you can just hang here." He said.
"I don't want to intrude. Like you said, it's a family thing." Letty replied.
"Come on." He told her, walking towards the door.

Letty looked back down the street, wondering if she should go home. But, the Toretto house felt like home to her. She took a step towards her house when Dom's voice cut through her silence.

"Don't even think about it." He smirked.
Letty rolled her eyes and walked up to Dom. "But I'm not family." She mumbled.
"Do you wanna be?" Dom asked her seriously.
"I've never been part of a family. I don't think I'd be a good part." Letty admitted.

"You're not afraid to stand up to Vince, and you're respectful to my dad. You actually listen to Mia, and you know about cars. You don't get more perfect for this family than you, Letty." Dom told her.

"I thought I was a rugrat." Letty told him.
Dom looked at her. "I can read, Dom." She rolled her eyes.

"Eh, but what's the point of havin just one rugrat?" Dom grinned. "Dad's grillin chicken." Dom tempted her.

Letty's eyes lit up at the sound of food. "Really?" She asked excitedly.
"Yup." Dom nodded.
"Race ya." Letty told him, running inside.
"No fair!" Dom yelled after her, running to beat her.

Letty laughed as they ran through the house, Mr. T yelling for them to slow down. Mr. T grinned; yeah, he thought, she'll fit in just fine.

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