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Chapter 22

Mr. T. was always up early in the morning; didn't matter what day or what time of the year it was, he was up by about six o'clock. His family lived their lives fast and loud, and that offered very little time for peace and quiet.

But Tony Toretto wouldn't change a single thing.

It was the first day of summer break-a Thursday-and Mr. T. was the sole person awake at the fort as he stood in the kitchen, deciding on what to make for breakfast that morning. A glance at the clock on the stove told him that it was now six thirty.

Mr. T. frowned. "At least one of those kids should be up by now..." He trailed off, turning towards the refrigerator.

Among several pictures of the whole team-including a picture of Letty dressed from head to toe in pink that, no matter how many times the girl herself ripped it down, it appeared right back up again-was a work schedule for the garage.


Mr. T. chuckled; he always enjoyed having to force those two out of their beds. He turned and walked out of the kitchen, heading for the stairs, when he saw Dom walking down them-yawning.

His son looked up at him, stretching his arms above his head, and smirked. "Don't worry, I'm up."

"And Leticia?" Mr. T. chuckled as the two Toretto men walked back into the kitchen.

Dom paused at the door of the refrigerator, double checking the schedule. "Let's opening today, too? Thought she wasn't on 'till next week." He said, turning back to look at his father.

Mr. T. smirked and shrugged. "It's on the schedule."
"Pop you realize that's a danger to all of us; it's the first day of summer." Dom chuckled.

"I'm aware; it just so happens that that is how the schedule fell." Mr. T. replied.
"Good luck gettin' her up." Dom smirked, pouring himself some coffee.
"What, you think your old man can't handle a sixteen-year-old girl?" Mr. T. inquired.

"Well Pop, this ain't just some sixteen-year-old girl we talkin' here. We talkin' bout Letty." Dom laughed.

"And?" His father raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.
"And five bucks says that you can't get her ass out of bed." Dom replied.
Mr. T. smirked. "Make it ten."

Fifteen minutes later, Mr. T. came back downstairs, a frustrated look on his face.

"That girl didn't even move." He said exasperated.
"Told ya." Dom chuckled.
"Alright Dominic; you have a go." Mr. T. rolled his eyes.

Dom smirked and walked upstairs, heading straight to Letty's room. He knocked softly before opening her door, and shutting it closed behind him.

Her room was a mess-as usual; clothes thrown everywhere, CDs and magazines in piles all around the room. She has posters of cars everywhere, along with a few band posters plastered on her purple walls.

The entire room screamed Letty, and Dom absolutely loved it. He walked towards her bed, and, at the sight of her, shook his head; grinning.

Letty was all tangled up in her sheets; her bed a total wreck. The sheets were half hanging off into the floor, the pillows were thrown all different directions-not a single one of them did she have her head on-and her comforter was completely on the floor; her face was buried into the mattress.

Wild child, wild sleeper, He thought with a soft chuckle.

Dom's eyes were drawn to the leg that was currently thrown over half her sheets, exposing quite a bit of skin.

But who was Dom to complain about a sight like that?

"Quit staring at my ass, Papi." Letty's husking, sleepy voice mumbled into the mattress.

Dom chuckled and brushed some hair away from her face. "Well, you so kindly put it on display for me, how could I not?" He teased.

"Shuuud uuup." Letty moaned, snuggling deeper into her bed.
"We got open today, Let." Dom laughed.
"Wha? Noooo..." She whined in response.
"Yup. Now get up, baby." He grinned.

"Don't wanna..." Letty objected, rolling over onto her back; closing her eyes tight and drifting off to sleep again.

Dom chuckled at his girl's stubbornness, and smirked as he got an idea. He walked over to the foot of her bed and slowly crawled towards her. He braced himself on his arms and leaned down; pressing his lips gently on Letty's.

He smiled when he felt Letty smile into the kiss.

"Gotta get up, Mami." Dom mumbled against her lips, but making no move to get off of her.

She laughed and raked her nails across his back, kissing him again.

"Seriously, baby. You're gonna have to make me leave. I won't be able to stop kissing you of my own free will. And Pop's gonna make you get up if I don't." Dom smirked between kisses.

"Oh hell no. No way am I gettin' Mr. T. to get the ice bucket on me. No way. Out, Papi. I'll be down in a minute." Letty objected, pushing him away.

Dom laughed and leaned back in for one last kiss, before he got up and walked back downstairs.

"She'll be down in a minute." Dom smirked at his dad.

"Nope; that doesn't count." Mr. T. shook his head.
"What? I woke her up!" Dom objected.

Mr. T. grinned and ran upstairs. Doom raised an eyebrow and looked after him, puzzled. Then he heard Letty scream.


Dom watched as his dad came in, carrying Letty over one of his shoulders. "I win." Mr. T. grinned, setting her down in the kitchen.

"But-" Dom just started laughing, shaking his head at his father's antics.

"Son, you cannot win against the master." Mr. T. smirked, extending his hand.

"Wha-now you expect me to pay you?" Dom asked incredulously.

"Yes. I won the bet; you said that I couldn't get her ass out of bed. I quite literally got her ass out of bed." Mr. T. grinned. "Now, pay up, or I'll just dock your check."

"Why am I the center of your bet at almost seven in the morning? And more importantly why the hell am I on open on the first day of summer, Mr. T.?" Letty whined.

"Because I caught the two of you making out on my Charger last week." Mr. T. smirked, handing a plate of food to the both of them.

Letty's face turned red and Dom laughed. "I thought you'd forgotten about that, Pop." Dom smirked.

"Ah, that's where you're mistaken, son. I never forget anything." Mr. T. winked.

By lunch, the whole team had gotten restless. Mr. T. came in from his office-Mia not far from his side-and saw Dom and Vince wrestling; Leon and Letty cheering from the sidelines.

"Guys!" Mr. T. called out.
"Hold up, MR. T. this is the last round!" Letty laughed as Dom lifted Vince off his feet.

"No, I'm calling it now. Cut it out." Mr. T. said firmly.

Dom set Vince back on his feet and the two boys grinned at each other, before turning their attention to Mr. T. Jesse looked up from his computer, and Letty and Leon walked over, still smiling about the wrestling match.

"What's up, Pop?" Dom inquired.
"Alright guys, it's twelve o'clock; lunch time." The older man told them, smiling.

Groans echoed throughout the garage as they all saw where this conversation was heading. "Aw man, Fat Burger's gonna be busy as shit this time of day; first day of summer, too." Vince grumbled.

"Nuh-uh, I don't wanna go." Leon shook his head.
"Yea, me either." Jesse quickly added.

Dom threw his arm around Letty and smirked. "None of us wants to go get it, Pop."

"Here's the deal. I've got four sets of keys here. There are five of you; I'm going to sit them right here, and you all will work out who is going and who is going to work on these cars." Mr. T. explained, showing them the key sets.

Everyone was silent, all with a small smirk on their faces; not a single one of them ever able to resist a challenge. Mr. T. looked at them all in turn before he slowly set the keys on a small work table and backed away; his hands in his pockets.

They were all still for a moment, before all five of them jumps towards the keys at once. Dom and Vince got a pair of keys first, and Leon yanked the set Letty had just grabbed away from her. Jesse had been beat out the first three times he'd tried, and figured he was going to lose.

Vince smirked and picked up the last set before Letty could get her hand on it. "Yo Jesse!" Vince yelled, tossing the last keys to the youngest boy.

Jesse fumbled a bit and grinned as he held up the keys. All the boys burst out laughing at Letty's extremely pissed face.

"Sorry, Letty; you've got lunch run." Mr. T chuckled.

"Dammit, Vince!" Letty growled, hitting the boy in the shoulder.

"Ow! Shit, Let.." Vince shook his head, still grinning.
"You snooze you lose, Let." Dom smirked.
Letty narrowed her eyes at her man. "You boys cheat."

"What? Us? Cheat?" Vince gasped dramatically.

Mia walked towards Letty, rolling her eyes. "You guys totally know that you cheated." Mia objected.

"Here Letty, I'll go get the food.' Jesse smiled genuinely.
Letty's frown turned into a small smile as she looked at Jesse. "Nah, Jess, it's cool."
"Seriously, Letty I would've lost; I'll get the food." Jesse insisted.

"Well I can at least go with you so that way you don't have to carry it all by yourself." Letty suggested.

"No! I wanna go! Please get me out of here!" Mia begged.

Vince grinned at her and threw his arm around her shoulders; pulling her into him. "oh c'mon, Mia, you know you love us." He winked at her.

She squirmed out of his embrace and rolled her eyes. "I hate sitting around here all day. Please, Jesse, do you mind if I go with you?" Mia asked, her voice taking a sweet tone as she addressed the younger boy.

Jesse smiled happily. "Sure, Mí! I don't mind; c'mon!" He told her, going around to get the team's order before they rolled out.

"Finally! Mia exclaimed s they drove away from the garage.

"You hate it that much?" Jesse inquired.
"Yea, there's only so much testosterone a girl can take at one time." Mia laughed.
"Letty's there." He commented.

"True, and she does help a lot, but you know how it is; she's all wrapped up in Dom and she isn't into girlie stuff." Mia shrugged.

Jesse was silent for a moment; he wasn't the best at paying attention or giving advice, so he really didn't know what to say. "Well...I'm sorry." He frowned.

"Oh, don't stress, Jess! I'm a big girl, I can handle it. It'd just be nice to have someone to hang out with for once that didn't owe Dom and you boys allegiance or have to be checked out and approved by Dom and Vince or..." Mia stopped as she realized she had lost Jesse's attention to the radio.

Dom and Letty had finished their cars right as Jesse and Mia pulled up with the food. They both lugged arm fulls of food bags and drinks up the driveway as the boys-and Letty-cheered.

"What the hell man? It's almost been an hour!" Vince exclaimed, tearing into his burger before Jesse had even moved away.

"Yea, I thought Coyote here was gonna start eatin' tires or somethin' if you guys didn't get back soon!" Leon laughed.

"Shuuhh-uhh!" Vince snapped, glaring as the team all laughed.

Dom noticed Mia looked particularly happy as she handed him his food with a big smile on her face. He was glad that Jesse had done something to improve her mood.

No matter how much he loved his little sister-which was quite a lot-Dom was not going to hear her bitch everyday about being at the garage all summer long.

Pop we'll be outside!" Dom yelled as the boys and Letty carried their food outside and sat in the back of one of Mr. T.'s trucks; basking in the California summer sun.

Letty went to sit but Dom reached forward and, not hard enough to hurt her, yanked her arm and caused her to fall into his lap. The boys laughed and teased her for 'being clumsy' as Letty playfully narrowed her eyes at Dom.

"I was gonna sit by you." She told him.

"And now you're sittin' here." Dom smirked, adjusting her so that she sat sideways and he could see her face.

Letty stuck her tongue out at him and he responded by kissing her; one hand snaking behind her head to hold her in place as their lips danced together.

"Yo cool it, love birds! I'm tryna eat here!" Vince yelled, throwing a few fries at the couple.

"Shut up, V! We've all had to endure all your disgusting make outs at parties." Letty rolled her eyes.

The boys laughed and Vince smirked, still digging into his food.

"I'm surprised you didn't call me and Mia a thousand times tryna figure out where the food was." Jesse laughed.

"Tony wouldn't let him." Leon smirked, shoving Vince.

"Pop threatened to ban him from the garage for a week if he didn't stop whining." Dom chuckled.

"But were they really even that busy?" Vince asked Jesse.

"Hell yea, man. They were packed. That and Mia was talking to someone; I didn't know who it was I figured a friend of hers." Jesse shrugged.

"Which one?" Dom asked.
"Uh...I have no clue." Jesse shook his head.

"Well that explains why she wasn't bitchin when she got back." Vince said, making Leon and Jesse laugh too.

"Hey man, shut it. So she don't like hangin' here with us, big deal. If she made all of us sit all day at the mall with her you know we'd be raisin' nine kinds of hell." Letty growled, standing up for her friend.

The boys immediately shrunk back; not a single one of them was brave enough to stand up to Letty when she was mad. They turned back to their food and quickly wolfed the rest of it down.

"Vince! Leon! You boys both still got cars that need finishing! Jesse I need you to take a look at this engine too!" Mr. T. yelled from inside the garage.

"Back to the grind." Vince smirked, hopping off the truck.
"Ain't no rest for the wicked!" Leon chuckled, him and Jesse following him.

"That leaves us!" Letty smiled at Dom.

He chuckled and stretched out farther and pulled her deeper into his embrace; wrapping his arms around her. "Yup; for the whole summer." Dom replied, tracing his fingers up and down the bare skin of her legs from where her cargo capris cut off.

Letty smiled against his neck and hummed quietly. "Sounds nice, Papi."

Dom smiled and leaned his head against hers. "So, what do you wanna do this summer?" He asked her.

Letty was quiet for a moment, thinking. Dom waited patiently, still tracing his fingers across her legs; unconsciously spelling out "DOM".

"I wanna race this summer." Letty announced, break the silence.
Dom paused. "You mean like, race me and the boys?" He asked.

Dom wasn't stupid; he knew what she meant. But after what happened the last time they went, Dom hoped she meant what he'd asked.

She sat up to look him in the eye. "No, Papi. I mean like I want the team back at the races. We could totally own those fools, Dom, and you know it! Plus we could make some cash, help your dad pay for stuff, it'd be awesome." Letty beamed.

He shook his head, his hands gripping her waist now. "Letty...you got hurt the last time we were at the races. You think I forgot how you were blacking out, bleeding in my arms? I cannot go through something like that again, Let. I won't." Dom told her firmly.

"Well it won't happen again. I'm a big girl, Dom. I can look out for myself." She replied, her tone just as firm as his.

"I know you can but Letty I don't want you gettin' hurt again." He sighed.

Letty narrowed her eyes at him. "I don't need your permission." She said.

Dom heard the warning in there loud and clear; she would go with or without him. And he sure didn't like that second option.

"Letty, I've talked to Hector about the races since then; sounds like it gets more intense all the time. People are gettin' better upgrades, better cars..." Dom trailed off, losing himself as Letty stared into his eyes.

"Letty...baby..." He shook his head, trying to regain his train of thought.

But then she gave him that look; that look that only she could give. It was a mix of her intense stare-he always had been a sucker for her eyes-and her bottom lip pouted.

Used separate? Dom could handle.

Used together? Dom was a goner.

"Please, Papi..." Letty said sweetly, nuzzling her nose with his.

"God, Letty, you know I can't say no to you." Dom sighed, but not able to fight the smile on his face.

Letty grinned. "So that's a yes?" She asked.
Dom chuckled and tickled her sides. "Fine, fine. We'll go back to the races soon."

She grinned wider and kissed him. "Good; because just drivin' back and forth to work don't cut it." She told him.

"I know, Let. Trust me, I know." Dom chuckled.

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