Author's Note: While watching the sending FMV in Kilika, I realized that Yuna is likely the only main-character's-girl I actually like. Compared to Shana, Rinoa, Aeris... she's great! And I thought she deserved a little recognition. Enjoy.
Convening Spirits: A Summoner's Burden

The first time you perform a sending, it hurts deep inside your soul. You can feel the dead clawing at you, tearing at your still beating heart to feel the warmth of your living body. Yet when they finally depart, it feels as if you're missing something. There's a hole of an emotion inside of you, something like guilt.
When I first performed that sending, back in Kilika, there were people staring at me, crying over their lost ones. I felt so terribly guilty, to be sending their beloved all away. But it had to be done; it was my duty as a Summoner.
All I could think about afterwards was my friends, my guardians, my family. They were so supportive of me, and when Lulu embraced me afterwards it was so comforting I began to cry. I also shed tears for the departed, and how I had felt them snatch me and then take something away that I didn't understand.
I dried my eyes, however, when I thought of my father. The great High Summoner Braska, my father, my inspiration. He was strong, and he must have performed many sendings in his lifetime. I could bear with it, to live up to his expectations. I had to be strong, and carry the burden of being a Summoner by myself. It was my choice, my life, and my journey. As Sir Auron would say, this was my story.
Ah, Sir Auron. He was such an amazing guardian to my father. What a beautiful man. I always wished as a little girl that when I grew up I could find someone just like Auron. He was perfect in every way, and although a little cold at times, he was always so insightful. In my eyes, he was the best man a woman could ever have. It hurt me to think he was never with a woman.
Sir Jecht was also a wonder to be around. He was, in many ways, the complete opposite of Auron, being a boisterous loud man. But he was interesting, and told me so many wonderful stories about Zanarkand. Yet, never once did he mention his son. His dear son Tidus that now befriends me as a guardian and a best friend.
How I love Tidus. I'm glad he chooses to be with me until the end, I don't know how I could make it and defeat Sin without him. I'd had childhood crushes before, such as my one for Auron, but never felt so strongly towards someone as I do towards Tidus. My whole heart reaches out to him, scars and all.
I have so many scars. Too many to count. From the endless battles, the sendings, and the pain that my heart has endured from carrying the sadness of the people of Spira. I am their last hope, their only way to living in peace. Without anyone to give my heart to, I surely would break. Tidus is the one to open myself to.
Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, Rikku, Auron, and Tidus. My six guardians, and best friends. I am a Summoner, on my way to defeat Sin. I will defeat Sin. I must defeat Sin.
Best regards to Spira and her people.
I will be strong for you.