I had originally intended for this fic to be a oneshot, but it didn't quite work out that way. Here is the second and last part!

The sun had barely begun to rise when Winry woke up from her drunken slumber. Bright light streamed in through the open window and she groaned and rolled away from it onto her side.

There was no sugar-coating it: she felt like shit - worse than last night, if that was possible. She smelled like sweat and vomit. Her throat was raw and sore, and her mouth was very dry. Her head ached and her stomach couldn't decide if it was hungry or sick.

As Winry gingerly lifted herself up off of her side, she noticed she was still wearing her tight, black dress from last night and Edward's white sweatshirt was still around her. She openly cringed as the events started coming back to her. She had honestly been counting on the fact that she would have forgotten everything that had happened after she had stumbled into the bathroom. Wasn't that what was supposed to happen when one got really drunk to the point of puking and then confessing ones undying love to Edward Elric!?

But no, she could only wish she would be so lucky. She remembered everything. Her cheerful drunkenness when she couldn't keep her hands off of Edward – though at least she had only focused on his thighs and shoulders. Getting too close to his face when talking to him – the music wasn't loud enough to justify it. His face had been a blonde blur, but he laughed and joked along with her, and he didn't seem to mind how touchy-feely she had become.

And then of course he just had to see her stumble out of the bathroom, vomit in the grass in front of the pub, cry her eyes out again in front of him, and carry her passed out self home.

Winry buried her face in her hands. This was mortifying. She could never face him again.

Continuing to sit in bed with nothing to do was not going to make Winry forget last night easily, so despite how awful she was feeling, she forced herself out of bed with the intention of taking a shower.

She grabbed a fresh pair of pajamas – she didn't see herself leaving her room for the remainder of the day and she might as well be comfy – and then slipped out towards the bathroom as quietly as she could.

She assured herself that Edward would still be asleep. He tended to get up later than she did normally, and this was even early for her. Winry was pretty confident she could successfully avoid him for the rest of the week until he left. He was probably just as eager to do the same thing. The thought made Winry both relieved and sad. Mainly the latter. She shook her head though it made it hurt, and undressed.

The warm shower felt good on her skin. She stood underneath the water long after she had scrubbed herself clean. The heat was making it easier to forget about her body's pain and her mind went numb, focusing only on what she felt on her skin. It was over too quickly.

She still felt sick to her stomach, but at the same time she had a strong craving for something fatty – maybe bacon and fried eggs? No. As she thought about breakfast, her stomach heaved and Winry decided not to risk anyway.

After towelling off her hair, Winry dressed in her pajamas and crawled back into her bed. She wrapped Edward's sweatshirt around herself again and closed her eyes, hoping she could just fall back asleep, though given how she was feeling she figured she was being too optimistic.


Edward didn't sleep well that night. His sheets were a mess from all the tossing and turning. He was exhausted. He had no idea what time him and Winry had even made it home last night, just that it didn't seem that long ago at all and the sun was already rising.

Though no matter how bad he felt right now, he knew Winry would be feeling worse. With a jolt in his stomach, he wondered if Winry remembered anything that was said after they had left the pub.

"I love you, you idiot!"

As nervous as he felt when he remembered that moment, and despite how much it annoyed him to be called an idiot, hearing those words did make him happier than he would like to admit. Edward was cautious though. He didn't know how much of that was Winry being honest, or Winry just being really drunk. The tears were real enough.

Edward groaned and ran his hand over his face. He could just try to avoid her for the rest of the week. It was all too tempting. But he knew that he would lose Winry forever if it came to that. Edward hoped she could make the first move. He didn't trust himself to.

Lying in bed was making Edward antsy. There was no more hope of getting any sleep. Defeated, Edward hopped out and quickly changed. He hoped he could distract himself with breakfast.

Pinako was already in the kitchen when he arrived.

"Well good morning," she said in the tone that Edward knew meant she was about to question him. "And how're you feeling?"

Edward rolled his eyes. "I'm feeling just fine, granny. Do I look hungover to you?"

Pinako smirked. "Honestly yes. You look like you haven't gotten much sleep. The party must have been good, huh? I didn't hear you two come home last night. You were out quite late."

"No need to worry about me, granny," Edward said grinning and grabbing a piece of toast. "It turns out your granddaughter is the one you have to watch out for."

Granny looked up from the toaster at him, amused, "Ha! Good one, Ed."

"Yeah, yeah... but seriously she got pretty hammered."

He watched Pinako raise a curious eyebrow at him.

"I got her home in one piece. Don't worry."

Pinako shook her head, "If she's anything like her father she's going to have one hell of a morning."

"Anything we can make her to help?" Edward asked.

"Something greasy," Pinako answered. "But I wouldn't make anything yet. Wait until she gets down here."

Wait. Edward couldn't wait. He needed to see her, though he wasn't sure what he would do or say when he did.

"I saw the necklace you gave her," Pinako said, tearing Edward away from his thoughts. "It was very nice, Ed."

Edward coughed and looked down at his toast, wishing she couldn't see how red his face had gone.

Pinako cackled and turned to leave the kitchen. "I'm going out to pick up a few things. Remember: something greasy, lots of water and salt, and try not to make her angry about anything."

"Just go already!" Edward fumed.

Pinako left, and Edward was all too aware that he and Winry were now alone in the house. He didn't know how long he sat in the kitchen, he just knew that all the waiting was driving him insane. He couldn't stand just sitting there doing nothing, wondering what was going to happen when he saw Winry again. But he couldn't bring himself to go upstairs and see her either. So there he sat, doing nothing, his stomach in knots, trying to finish his toast.

She came down after what felt like an hour, long after Edward had given up on his toast. He attempted to distract himself with book on the West instead.

He heard the shuffling feet on the stairs before she came in, but didn't look up from his book until he heard her speak.

"Hey, Ed."

When he finally looked up, he felt his stomach clench uncomfortably. She still looked completely under the weather, but was also somehow annoyingly beautiful. He noticed that she had pulled his sweatshirt over her pajamas and decided that she could keep it if she wanted.

"Hey, Winry. Feeling better?" he teased, and he grinned that cocky grin he felt comfortable doing. He knew this would annoy her, and an annoyed Winry was a Winry he could deal with.

"Shut up," she said, but to Edward's dismay she didn't sound annoyed. She slumped down in a chair and buried her face in her arms. Edward bit his lip, thinking she was going to cry again, but then she said, "I want eggs. And bacon."

Edward remembered what granny had said about greasy food. "Yeah? And why are you telling me? You expect me to make it for you or something? Carrying you home wasn't enough?"

"Yes please," Winry said with her face still buried into her arms. "Jerk."

Edward laughed. "Fine. I see how it is."

Winry didn't move as he busied himself with the cooking, and when he finally placed her plate in front of her, she didn't look up at him. She seemed a lot more interested in the eggs. Did she remember anything from last night?! And if she didn't, was he going to be an idiot and blurt it out to remind her?

Edward swallowed. "Hey, uh, so I guess you're feeling a lot better if you're eating, huh?"

Winry finally looked up at him with those bright blue eyes. "Yeah," she nodded. "But that's not saying much. I still feel awful. You have no idea. You're lucky all the guys weren't buying you drinks too."

Edward chuckled. "I don't think I could afford to get that drunk anyway," he said. "It's not like you'd be able to carry me home. I'd be stuck sleeping on the bathroom floor of the pub," he grinned.

Winry grimaced. "That floor was so gross." She pushed away the rest of her breakfast. "Thanks for the eggs, Ed," she said sincerely. "And for carrying me home."

"Y – you're welcome."

Winry smiled. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"With pie?" Edward asked.

Winry laughed. "I can do that. Maybe not today though. I'm surprised I managed to make it down the stairs."

"What did you want to do today?" Edward questioned.

Winry looked at him tiredly. "I was just going to sleep all day."

"Oh," Edward said trying not to sound too disappointed. He wasn't sure what he had wanted her to say, but he had hoped the two of them could hang out together today. Maybe eventually he would get the courage to say what was on his mind. Though honestly he probably needed about double the amount of drinks Winry had last night to do it.

"Come up with me," Winry said suddenly. "I could use some company."

Edward felt the blood rush to his face. "O-okay."

Winry then stood up and Ed turned away from her while putting away the dishes. He ran the hot water over them as Winry waited, gritting his teeth while doing so, trying to decide if he should bring it up or not.

When he turned around and saw Winry standing next to the table, in pajama bottoms that just barely counted as shorts and a tight tank top that did not cover her whole stomach, he knew that their platonic friendship was over. He could deal with a frustratingly sexy Winry around him all the time. He couldn't deal with it if she told him she was in love with him.

But he couldn't say anything, so he finished cleaning up and simply followed Winry upstairs to her room.


Winry tried to figure out how she had gone from wanting to avoid Edward for the rest of the week to inviting him up to her room. He hadn't said anything to her about what she had told him last night, and she hadn't expected him to, but he was more subdued than usual, and she had never seen him turn so red when asking him to hang out with her in her room. Winry couldn't decide if it was a good thing or not.

"Did you tell grandma?" she asked when the two of them sat down on her bed.

"'Course. For once, I'm not the one who fucked up," Edward said. Winry glared and then smacked him on the arm with her pillow.

"Laugh it up, Ed!" And he was laughing, hard.

For some reason, Edward laughing right now was making her feel sad again. She was really going to miss this. Even him making fun of her. Winry bit her lip. Edward wasn't going to say anything. If she wanted anything from last night to be resolved, she had to start it herself.

"Ed," she said, and it came out quieter than she intended. "I – uh – I wanted to – um... last night," she could feel her face growing hot, "last night I think I remember saying something – and I don't want you to take it the wrong way or anything, but – uh..." Shit. She couldn't do was rambling and probably making this worse. Edward was just kind of staring at her with his mouth slightly open. Winry was about to give up before she suddenly felt Edward pull her into a tight hug.

" Edward - !?"

"Please don't cry again, I love you too."

Well that was unexpected. Winry found herself at a loss for words, but she wrapped her arms around his in return. The two stayed silent like that for a few minutes; Winry could only hear Edward's beating heart. Finally, Edward added, "Please tell me you remember what happened last night otherwise this is really awkward."

Winry almost laughed. "It's already awkward! You always make things more awkward than they need to be!" Winry said and took a took a deep breath before adding, "But yes, I remember everything!"

Edward pulled back slightly, but his hands remained on her waist. He looked outraged. "You could have said something!"

"Oh come on! You're one to talk! You never tell me anything!"

"Don't give yourself too much credit - maybe if I was piss drunk I would!"

"Then why don't I buy you a drink!"

Edward stared at her for a second. And then he burst out laughing. And then Winry couldn't help herself. She started laughing so hard she was in tears. The two of them were both laughing harder than the situation really called for and Winry wasn't sure why.

"God, what is wrong with us?" Winry said when she finally regained some composure. She guessed the answer. Laughing came easier than admitting feelings. Laughing also made it harder to dissolve back into tears, and at least she was expressing something.

Still very aware of the hands holding her waist, Winry stared at Edward's chest and absent mindedly traced the top of his jeans. "So what now?"

"I dunno," Edward said quickly.

"I'm going to miss you a lot," Winry said to his chest. "There are probably going to be nights when I'm going to be really sad about it and cry."

Edward took his hands off her waist and moved back slightly. "Winry, why are you telling me this?"

"I dunno," Winry said truthfully. "I just want you to know that this really sucks for me." She hesitated for a second before she added, "And I can't wait around forever. I won't wait around forever."

She finally looked up into his eyes and she could tell that last sentence had killed him a little. But he nodded. "I understand. But – but you won't. I promise. Winry, I swear – I..." He was at a loss for words again. "Please – please wait. Just a little bit longer. I – I don't know what I'd do without you – do – do you want me to stay? I'll stay."

"No. No!" he looked so sad that Winry couldn't help but wrap her arms around him again. Looking straight into his eyes, she said, "Go. Don't stay for my sake. You've been so excited about this, I couldn't forgive myself if you stayed just for me and missed out on the West. But don't take two years for God's sakes! And maybe call sometime! Or at least send a letter! But preferably both. And – "

And then Edward closed the gap between their lips. Her eyes widened and her heart raced. After a few seconds he pulled back and the two of them stared at each other, breathless.

"I will," he said. "I promise."

And then Winry practically tackled him into the bed as she returned the kiss. It was sloppy at first. Edward seemed almost afraid to use his tongue and Winry realised this must have been his first time. But she found she didn't care. Edward got the hang of it quickly enough and soon his hands were in her hair, and he was moaning and he rolled her over so that he could be on top.

His weight felt amazing on her and Winry's hands couldn't decide where they wanted to touch him. Why had they waited for so long to do this?!

When the two finally paused for some air, their arms were around each other so tightly it was as if they were afraid of the other leaving at that very moment.

"I'm an idiot." Edward finally said.

"I knew that already," Winry smirked. "But why do you mention it now?"

"Hey! B-because, we could have done this a lot sooner. And now I'm leaving in a week."

"Such an idiot." But she grinned and kissed him on the cheek.

"Yeah, yeah. Feeling better?"

"Yeah," Winry smiled.

"Me too," he said and he kissed her forehead.

Winry suddenly became aware of the tears on her cheeks and, surprised, she wondered when they had started. Of course Edward had to notice. He always had to get so worried about it.

"Tears of joy? Or sadness?"

"Both," Winry replied honestly. "When you get back it'll just be joy. I promise."

She saw Edward try to smile and when he couldn't she leaned over again for another kiss. This one was a lot less urgent than before. It was soft and sweet. She could feel the tears continue to fall. When the kiss ended the two of them lay next to each other on the bed, her head resting on his chest. There were no more words the two could to say to each other right now. Edward was leaving in a week; nothing was going to change that. But Winry had something real to look forward to when he came back.

Winry closed her eyes and managed a smile through her tears. All that mattered was that the two of them were together now. Edward might leave for a bit, but one day soon he would come home, and the waiting would be over.