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Now that the Governor was away and the Woodbury people were at the prison, the priorities of Rick's group had changed. They had to make some modifications in the prison. They didn't have enough space for everyone so they had to clear one more cellblock. Rick talked about it with Hershel, Daryl, Karen and Tyreese, and decided that it could be a good thing that each group had their own space. That would give them time to learn to live with each other.

There weren't many walkers left in the part of the building they decided to use, but the cells and the main floor were covered with corpses and blood. So Rick asked Glenn and Maggie to clean and secure the new place. He also asked Carl, but the kid was sulking and didn't want to help; he preferred staying outside with Michonne to make sure there weren't any holes in the fence surrounding the prison. After he made sure the woman agreed to take Carl with her, Rick decided to let him do what he wanted; he didn't have the time to deal with it at that moment.

While Beth was taking care of Judith, Carol and Hershel helped the new-comers to settle in. Except for Tyreese, Karen, Sasha and Robbie, the new group was formed of old people, women with young children, and a few kids. They all looked lost and scared. With the way the Governor massacred most of his own people after attacking the prison the day before, it was understandable.

Daryl wasn't totally against Rick's idea to bring more people with them, but he wasn't feeling really comfortable being surrounded by so many new faces. So, when the sheriff demanded that he gohe go out and check check that the forest around the prison was clear, he was grateful. Daryl knew that Rick wanted to be sure the Governor hadn't left them any bad surprises, and he also guessed it was Rick's way of giving him some much needed space. After all the months together, they began to know each other quite well and Rick knew Daryl was feeling uneasy with all the new people. So, with his crossbow on his back, a few arrows and his knife in his belt, the redneck walked to the entrance where Michonne was waiting for him. When he was out, she closed and locked the fence behind him.

When the sun was down, Daryl came back inside the security of the fences. He hadn't found anything suspicious, but he was sure that the Governor would come back soon enough to take his revenge; he didn't look like the guy who would abandon them without giving a good fight first

After about two weeks, everything was doing pretty well. The new people were settled into their cellblock and the atmosphere between the two groups was okay, except a few small disagreements that were quickly fixed. Daryl was hunting almost every day, which was keeping him away from the newcomers as well as Carol who began to miss his presence. Even Rick thought that the hunter should be around more. But he also knew that they needed to eat and having as much fresh meat as possible was good for the health of the group.

"Hey, how was your day?" Carol asked one afternoon, when Daryl came back from his hunt a little early and walked directly to his cell.

"Pfft, it wasn't bad, I guess not much game today, didn't really find much," he answered, putting his crossbow on the floor and sitting on his bed.

"Don't worry," Carol began sitting next to him, "There's still some deer meat left from the one you got three days ago."

"So many mouths to feed…" he noted, yawning.

"Yea, but you could take a day off; you look exhausted!" she remarked, patting his knee.

When he didn't flinch, Carol smiled. Daryl had changed so much since he and Merle had joined the group. In the beginning, the Dixon brothers had kept to themselves, not really interacting with the rest of the group. But when Merle left while they were in Atlanta, Daryl began to let the other people around him. Carol was the person who he seemed to be the most comfortable with, but she had needed a lot of patience to get him to trust her. She was now able to touch him without seeing him tense and she even had some deep discussions with him. With every minute spent with him, her affection for him grew slowly and she even began to think that she felt more than just affection for him. Carol tried to keep those feelings down, because she didn't want to scare Daryl; she didn't want him to run away from her. He was so uncomfortable with everything related with love and feelings.

"Things need to be done," he said, shrugging.

"Of course, but there are other people who can take care of it…"

"Ain't any other hunter…"

"Right," Carol agreed, knowing she wouldn't win that one. "But at least, try to get some rest," she added standing up. "The last thing we need is our hunter being too worn out…"

A thin smile appeared on Daryl's lips when he looked at her and nodded.

Over the course of the next few days, Daryl spent more time at the prison. Rick arranged a new schedule where the hunter had watches during the day, giving him time to rest during the night. But of course, he was still hunting every two or three days to make sure they had enough food.

During the same time, Glenn had announced that he had asked Maggie to marry him. They didn't really want a true wedding, but Beth, Carol, Karen, Sasha and a few other women from Woodbury's side, made a statement that they should have a least a ceremony.

"We don't have a lot to celebrate these days," Sasha said after the news had been announced... "It's going to give us a reason to forget what's going on around us…"

Everyone thought that she was right, so they decided to plan something that looked as much as possible like a real wedding. The women made lists of what they would need and Tyreese, Rick and Karen made a few runs to gather it all.

Daryl was glad he had to be on watch or out to hunt, because he wasn't really into those kinds of events. But even if he didn't have any interests, almost every evening he was listening to Carol who was keeping him updated with the advancements they were making with their project.

A few days before the wedding, Glenn asked Daryl if he could come with him in town; he wanted to find something special for Maggie. First, he had talked about it with Rick to have his permission. The sheriff agreed and suggested that he take along Daryl. He knew the hunter would be glad to stay away from the prison for a while and he thought it would be safer for Glenn to not be by himself.

First, Daryl thought that they both used his motorcycle, but a few members of the group learned they were going to make a run and gave them a list to things to find. Still in need for a ride, Daryl took his bike and Glenn the green Hyundai, so they would be able to bring back more things with them.

They stopped in two small towns but didn't find anything interesting. So they kept going and drove until they found a bigger city about two hours later. As soon as they arrived and began to walk around, Daryl thought something was weird; there were no walkers. In the other towns they had to kill several of them, but this place seemed to be deserted. Thinking more about it, Daryl increased his vigilance; he didn't want to have a bad surprise.

"Something's wrong here," the hunter noted, stopping a few meters away from a big convenience store.

"What? I don't see anything special…" Glenn said, looking around.

"That's the problem; ain't any walkers around…"

"Right…" the Korean agreed after a few seconds.

"We should hurry and get the hell out of here before it gets dark…" Daryl proposed, pushing the door of the shop opened, his crossbow in front of him.

Glenn nodded and followed the other man, a knife and his gun in hands.

Fortunately, nothing went wrong. There was no one inside the store, dead or alive, and there was still so much stuff left on the shelves. While Glenn was looking around for something special, Daryl found the kids and babies' department. Beth had given him a list of things that Judith needed and since Glenn seemed to be occupied with finding a gift for Maggie, he decided to take care of it himself. He took a shopping cart and put baby's clothes, blankets, diapers, bottles and other stuff in it. When he was done, he went to the pharmacy area, but didn't have as much luck and almost every shelf was empty. But he did find some useful things on the floor like a bottle of pain killers, two tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, tampons that a few women had on their list, and a full box of soap bars. Daryl kept going like this until he had gathered as many things as possible. After a while, Glenn joined him and looked at the cart.

"Tampons and lace panties…Really Dixon!?" Glenn said, taking red lady underwear from the cart and moving it a few inches in front of Daryl's face.

"Shut up…" the hunter grunted, blushing. He already had been uncomfortable when he picked up the women panties; he didn't need Glenn to be making jokes about it too. "They're on the list," he added, like he needed to explain himself.

Laughing, Glenn put the panties back in the cart and took something from the pocket of his pants.

"Look what I found for Maggie," he said showing a small plastic box. He opened it and took a silver chain in his hand and gave it to Daryl.

The other man looked at it; there was a small angel pendant hanging from the chain.

"What do you think?" Glenn asked, taking the jewel and putting it back in the box.

"Don't know…Guess that's what women like…" Daryl said, shrugging.

"You should find something for Carol…" the Korean proposed.

"Why would I give something to her?" he asked, beginning to feel uncomfortable again. He didn't like the direction their conversation was heading.

"Well…to show her that you care…"

"Don't need too…"

"Why? Everyone like receiving gift…"

"No…not me," Daryl said, pushing the cart in front of him and hoping that Glenn would drop the subject. "And she probably knows already…"

"So, you really care about her…" Glenn said, smiling.

"Didn't say that…It's the same for everyone in the group…"

"Yea…right…" Glenn added, shaking his head. Daryl Dixon was really not the type of guy with who he could talk about love and women.

Glad that the smaller man had stopped bothering him about Carol, Daryl picked up two bags from the sports department and after throwing one at Glenn, he began filling his with all the stuff they had found. When they were done, they got out of the store and started to walk back to the car and the motorcycle. But about halfway there, Daryl caught a movement between cars parked in the middle of the road. So he stopped his pace and waited a moment.

"What's going on?" Glenn asked, looking around.

But when nothing else happened, Daryl shook his head and started walking again. "It was probably nothing," he thought, tightening his grip on his crossbow. When they arrived at the car, they put the bags in the back and got ready to drive back to the prison.

About two hours later, Daryl pulled over and got down from his motorcycle.

"What's going on? Are you out of gas?" Glenn asked out of the car's window.

"Naw…just need to take a piss…" the hunter explained, walking on the side of the road. "Just go, I'll join you in a few…"

"You're sure?" the Korean demanded, looking around to make sure there was no threat.

"Yea, just go…"

Glenn nodded and left slowly, looking back in the mirror. He didn't really like the idea of leaving Daryl alone, but he knew the man was used to being by himself. And they hadn't seen anything dangerous except a few walkers. He knew Daryl enough to know that if there were too many of them, he would just take his motorcycle and leave.

When Daryl was done, he took a bottle of juice he'd found on the floor of the shop and drank it. After about a minute, he got back on the road. He couldn't see Glenn's car yet, but he wasn't worried and he would join him soon enough. He was thinking about increasing his speed when the motorcycle began to shake. Leaning on his side to look at the front and back tires, Daryl stopped looking in front of him for a few seconds and didn't notice that he had changed his direction a bit. When he looked back in front of him, it was too late; there was a big fallen tree in the middle of the road and several wrecked cars on the right that he couldn't avoid and he was riding too fast to slow down in time. So the motorcycle hit the tree and Daryl was throw from it, projected in front and fell on the other side of the tree.

"Arhhh…" he groaned when his body hit the ground.

He felt a sharp pain in his skull and something pushing against his left side and his leg. He looked over and realised that he was stabbed just over his hip by a piece of metal probably coming from one of the broken cars. For a second, the situation made him remember of when he was stabbed by his own arrow while he was searching for Sophia. But he stopped thinking about it when he noticed the pool of blood growing around him; it wasn't looking good. Daryl tried to move but the pain in his head and his side got worse and he began to see a kind of fog forming in front of his eyes.

He was trying to stay conscious when he heard a car approaching. "Glenn figured out that I wasn't behind him…thank god…" he thought, relaxing a bit. But when the vehicle was closer, the noise made by it was louder than the one usually made by the Hyundai. Daryl tried to turn his head to the side to have a better view, but he was slowly passing out, so he wasn't able to see well. He noticed people getting out of the car, or rather a truck, and walking toward him.

"Look who's there," a familiar male voice said. "He doesn't look like he's in good shape…"

"Who is it?" a female asked, getting closer.

"An old friend…"

"What are we going to do with him?" another man demanded. "Let him die here…"

"No, we should take him with us; he will want to decide what to do with him," the first man suggested.

"Fine…But we have to stabilise him first," the woman said, keeling next to him. "We don't want him to die and turn in the truck…"

When Daryl felt a hand on his arm, he tried to move away. The small movement was too much for him, and the pain became unbearable.

"Shhhh…It's okay, we're going to help you…" the woman said again with a gentle voice, making her sound like she really cared.

It was the last thing Daryl heard before everything went black.