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Area-I(5): Human Confinement Facility

Several alarms blared as multiple units of security personnel moved through the massive complex. Each frantically trying to find the cause of their current predicament. A person had escaped their cell, the damage this person caused had thrown the entire compound into a frenzy.

The only one who didn't seem to be apart of the current state of panic was an old battle hardened Repliroid. He stopped near the door to the courtyard, grabbing one of his subordinates and pulling the younger officer towards him.

"Raider, what in the world is causing all of this commotion? Who exactly escaped?"

The young Repliroid looked around nervously, it seemed as if he didn't want to make eye contact with his superior. The older of the two waited patiently for the officer to calm down and answer his question.

"Sir, Prisoner 780-X-32 her containment cell. She has already taken out three of her security detail, and critically injured the fourth. We don't know if she will do anything else dangerous or not, so we must capture her with extreme haste."

The older Repliroid allowed himself a smile that wasn't caught by the officer. He looked up to the ceiling, trying to recall which prisoner that was.

"Prisoner X-32? Is that the one really crazy girl that survived the massacre up at Area H?"

Raider gave a slight nod before excusing himself to resume his search of the compound. This left the older Repliroid to chuckle to himself. He turned around and started walking back to his station.

He reached into his coat pocket and withdrew a communicator that bore the symbol of a snake shaped into an angular S. He then activated it when he was assured he was alone.

"I am sure that Lord Serpent would love to hear about this development."

Area-A(1): The Forest's Eden

The forest was quiet, several mechanilods and animals went quietly about their business. A lone figure dashed past a group of large birds, scaring them into the sky. The person ignored them as they jumped into a wall of bushes.

This person was a young girl and she quickly recovered from her landing, proceeding deeper into the forest. She was trying to put as much distance between her and the Confinement Facility as she could manage. She slowed to a halt behind a tree, leaning against it she slid to the ground while trying to catch her breath.

When she got her breathing under control she allowed herself a small smile. She was relieved to have gotten as far as she had from that cursed place, even happier that she was no longer captive. A single question plagued her fractured mind, seemingly only wanting to disrupt her happy feelings.

"What am I supposed to do now? What does a free person do exactly?"

The first thing one would normally do in your situation is to find somewhere safe to stay.

The girl nodded at the Voice that responded to her question with a monotone response. This Voice, for whom she had taken to calling 'Big Brother', had been with her ever since the incident. She had more than eagerly welcomed the Voice's presence after that day, for it more than alleviated the emptiness she felt.

"Well, which way should we go? I don't really have any ideas."

The Voice seemed to pause as it contemplated a response. However, before it could share its opinion, a large explosion tore apart the silence of the forest. Many machines and birds could be seen fleeing from the area. The girl held her ears and waited for them to stop ringing.

When she could hear properly the Voice continued.

If I were you I would go and investigate that explosion. It may lead you to someone that can give you assistance.

The girl nodded as she stood up, brushing off her legs. She then turned in the direction of the pillar of smoke and proceeded to run as fast as she could.

Area-A(1): Site of Explosion

The girl pushed herself through a few low hanging branches. Slipping through the opening she found herself in the midst of a clearing. Small fires and rising smoke dotted the area. She slowly made her way to the wreckage that sat in the center of a large scorch mark. She walked around the destroyed machine, noting that it looked like a blue transport vehicle, she then began rummaging through some of the metal shards that weren't enveloped in flames.

She gave up her search after a few minutes, not being able to find anything usable.

"Well what now?"

A few feet to your left, there seems to be a body. I would advise taking their clothes for your own use.

The girl was about to protest the Voice's statement, until she looked down at herself. Her restraint jacket and her pants were extremely torn from a scuffle she had gotten herself out of. The shreds of cloth hung loosely, she winced when she noticed the blotches of blood covering a majority of her attire. Shaking her head in defeat she made her way over to the body.

Reaching her target she moved a few pieces of rubble, she then paused as she got a good look at the person.

It was a boy, seemingly around her age, that fact alone saddened her. He had spiky brown hair and green eyes that were wide open, possibly out of fear. The boy was wearing a blue jacket and beige pants and metallic blue shoes. He was also wearing a black bodysuit, but seeing as she wasn't already wearing one, and as she didn't want to take everything from him she ignored it.

As she reached her hand towards the boy a curious thought slipped into her mind. She halted and lowered her ear to the boy's chest. She waited, but she didn't hear him breath.

He is dead, do not worry yourself with the details. I advise taking his clothes as fast as possible and continue out of that area before any possible scavengers get here.

Nodding slowly the girl gave a silent apology before she started removing the boy's clothing. She quickly changed into them and began running back into the forest, not looking back at the wreckage and the body of the boy.

She slowed down and leaned against a tree as she contemplated what to to next. She growled in agitation when she couldn't think of anything, so she decided to voice her questions.

"Where am I to go now Brother? If we head to the city, the people there might report us and send us back to that dreadful place."

We could head towards the mountain road, from there we could-

The Voice was silenced as the ground began shaking violently. The quake caused the girl to fall to her knees, which was extremely lucky for the tree she was leaning against then shattered as a mass of purple pushed over it. Covering her head the girl whimpered as several humanoid machines rushed around her, following the massive construct that destroyed her tree.

When everything stopped the girl looked up to see a large path cut into the trees by what had gone over her. She got up and proceeded to try and flee, but she was halted by the Voice.

No, do not escape just yet. I sense something in the direction those machines went. Why not try and follow to see why they are in such a hurry?

The girl took a few moments looking back and forth, deciding on what to do. Sighing in defeat when the Voice again urged her she started running in the direction of the destruction, even though she really wanted to escape.

Area-A(2): Forest of Knowledge

The girl soon reached the area in which the trail stopped. She quickly hid behind a stump as she spotted what had tore its way through the forest.

It was a giant snake Mechaniloid, its amethyst plating shone brightly in the sunlight trickling through the trees. The snake let out a roaring hiss as it was hit by multiple pellet shots. Shifting her gaze the girl locked onto three people that stood opposite the Mechaniloid.

Two of the three were wearing green clothing with helmets that had red visors. These two were firing rapidly at the snake, walking back with each successful hit, pushing back the third in their group. The girl looked to the third and saw that they were a girl wearing pink. She could feel her heart skip a beat at the sight of the girl, causing the Voice to chuckle.

"Prairie, get out of here! Take the Livemetal and escape, we can hold it off!"

That snapped Aile back into reality, she felt worried for the two men. However valiant their efforts, their attacks didn't seem to be doing that much damage to the snake. When the snake slammed its tail onto the ground the two men in green were downed instantly. Aile felt fear creep into her mind as she saw the snake advance towards the girl in pink.

"What are we going to do?"

Get between it and her. I sense something coming from that girl and we need to defend it.

The girl's eyes widened in surprise, what was the Voice trying to suggest?

"How am I going to do that when two people with guns couldn't? That thing would crush me flat!"

Do not worry, go and defend her, I will assist you. Besides, you wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her would you?

Gritting her teeth she was slightly annoyed at the fact that the Voice knew how to get her to do things. She had to agree with it.

Jumping up she ran as fast as she could towards the two. She then found herself between the two with her arms outstretched in defense of the surprised girl behind her.

The snake took a few seconds to register the intruder, but when it finished it reared back as it began readying another attack.

Raising its tail the snake caused the girl to whimper. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the attack coming. When she heard the gears in the snake's tail begin to unwind she called out.

"Brother! Help me!"

There was then a massive shockwave that pushed the snake back, a small red orb materialized before the girl and began to quickly circle her. The Voice began to speak, causing the girl to calm down as the snake corrected itself.

Of course, if you would allow me use of your body for a brief moment.

The girl was then surrounded by a column of white light. An ominous voice filled the area, announcing what was transpiring.

Live Link Established. R.O.C.K. SYSTEMs Online.

The girl was surrounded by several chains of red energy as her body began shining white. Her clothes broke apart and their pieces started swirling around her. The energy chains began wrapping themselves around her body, materializing into a white body suit.

The shards of her clothes then began to turn red and float back towards her. They wrapped around her chest, arms and legs, each forming crimson armor.

her hair then grew in length and faded into white as more of the chains wrapped around her head. It formed a black helmet with crimson fins lining the sides of the helmet. A blue gem materialized in the helmet's center.

A white Omega symbol then flashed and faded.

Prairie's eyes widened in surprise when the light faded. She tried desperately to figure out what had happened.

Now standing where the girl had stood was seemingly a Repliroid with crimson armor and long white hair that blew in the winds from the transformation. Red lines glowed along her white bodysuit as she raised a gun towards the snake.

She was shocked to see the Repliroid before her, but she was more shocked to see that a small dark aura had covered the metal in her hands, slowly draining the color from it. She looked back towards her protector with a tinge of fear.

"What is this girl to have this kind of effect on Model X?"

The girl chuckled darkly as the buster in her hand began glowing as it gathered energy. The snake hissed and stared down at her, this only caused her smile to widen. She then spoke as the gun's energies turned orange.

"For scaring my sister, and harming these people, I will give you the punishment you deserve."

She spoke in the same chilling voice as the voice that filled the area earlier. A thin white aura enveloped her as the snake lunged. Without hesitation she pulled the trigger and unleashed a meteor of plasma into the open maw of the snake.

There was a very large and very loud explosion that filled the area. The snake was knocked back as it hissed in pain. Th snake's face was partially melted with a large chunk blown into its muzzle. It turned and hissed once more before it rushed deeper into the forest.

The aura covering the girl then faded as she dropped her gun. The girl could feel herself regain control of her body functions as the girl behind her slowly made her way towards her.

You may have your body back, and she seems to want to talk to you.

The girl quickly turned, which caused the girl in pink to flinch slightly. Prairie noted that she felt slightly unnerved by the girl's crimson eyes, but she ignored the feeling as she smiled.

"Thank you for saving us. My name is Prairie. What's yours?"

The girl stood in silence, obviously trying to find an answer to Prairie's question. She then returned the smile as she gave her answer.

"My name is...Aile."

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