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Area-D(2): Snake Highway (Inside an Abandoned Building)

It hadn't taken the group long to get out of Area O, but they soon found themselves in the midst of one of the largest Slither Inc. forces they had encountered. An hour had passed since they had entered the area, and now the small group was sheltered inside one of the many buildings that the raid had destroyed. Giro had taken to caring for the unconscious Aile, while Zero and Omega sat in the corner of the room glaring at one another. Prairie had awoken, thanks to Omega dumping a Sub-Tanks contents on her, and was now in the middle of getting scolded by X, so she was currently sitting in one of the only remaining chairs away from the others.

The group had thought themselves lucky that nothing had happened when they entered the building, but that was soon shattered by the appearance of Mère. She had a crate of medical supplies in one hand, and a confused Yuki in the other. Setting down the dazed girl Mère made her way to Giro and Aile.

"What are you doing here Dark Elf?"

Mère didn't respond, she just sat down next to Aile and opened the supplies. She pulled out a small syringe and was about to inject it into Aile, but she was stopped by Giro.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Trying to administer medicine to my daughter. Does it matter?"

No, just knowing you, that could mean that you are willing to do anything.

"I am not that crazy."

Says the mother of Aile and Omega. Two of the most sane people on the planet I am sure.

"Shut up X, what would you know about having kids?"

I have four.

Mère looked over in Prairie's direction, she looked like she was about to argue, but she kept her mouth shut and continued what she was doing. Yuki, who was still dazed from blood loss, glanced over to Omega and Zero, who were silently yelling at one another.

"What's with the two Zeros?"

Omega looked at her with a smile on his face, Zero looked worried at what he might say.

"Simple, there was going to be a party, and neither of us told each other what we were going to wear before it was too late. I think I wear it better.."

Yuki actually giggled as Zero gave Omega the death glare.

Omega let out a laugh and proceeded to walk away from Zero, taking a seat besides Prairie as she tried to get X to be quiet. The group remained in silence, the only noise was Aile's jagged breaths as Mère treated her wounds. Prairie looked to Giro as he handed Mère the supplies that she asked for.

"What happened to the people Aile was fighting?"

"They left, Aile decided to let them live despite what they have done.

Well, that is how Aile normally treats people. Angry one moment, and forgiving the next.

Prairie smiled and turned to Omega, who had managed to busy himself with a piece metal that he had ripped out of the wall. She felt old fears surface within herself as she watched the crimson repliroid, after all that Zero and Ciel had done to kill him, and here he was, fighting with them. She felt confusion flood her mind at all of the contradictions that were becoming apparent to her. So lost in her thoughts she didn't notice that Omega was now returning the stare.

"Want something Pinky?"

"Hm? Why do you ask?"

"Well you are kind of staring at me. Any particular reason why?"

"No, just lost in thought, and please don't call me 'Pinky'."

Yeah, you are more of a 'cyan' anyway.

"Not helping X."

Omega chuckled and returned to his metal, and Prairie turned her gaze to Aile and Mère, the older girl wrapping some of Aile's minor injuries as Giro helped with the more serious.

"Is she okay?"

"Yes, she'll probably be a bit winded when she wakes up, but nothing major."

"Are you sure Mother? She looks like she has been chewed up and spat back out."

Mère turned to Omega and smiled again, she stood up and walked over to Prairie and started looking over her injuries, not wanting to give Omega a response. Quickly treating and covering Prairie's burns she turned and looked to Zero, who was eying her with caution.

"Well Zero, I do believe it is time I use that energy of yours."

"I said you shouldn't."

Mère ignored his statement and lifted her hand, a black sphere forming in her palm. She the raised her other hand and grabbed the sphere. Everyone watched her as she pulled the sphere apart. The task complete, each of the halves formed into smaller spheres, she then tossed one orb to Giro and the other to Prairie. The two looked at the orbs with curiosity, they then looked to Mère, who was seemingly trying to avoid Zero's glare.

What is this Mère?

"Energy that I took from Zero, power he really didn't need anymore. Giro got the power half, while I believe Prairie got the memory half."

Does not explain what it is.

"Oh just absorb the things and see for yourself. It's no fun when you people ask questions."

"With you, people need to ask questions."

Giro and Prairie then turned to look at one another, worry and curiosity evident in their eyes. With a smile Giro raised his orb as a Z formed in the center.

"How about I go first, to see if this is safe."

The orb began pulsating as its energies were drawn into Giro. The orb quickly shrinked and vanished and Giro blinked as an aura similar to an Override flared into life around him. The small group watched as Giro's armor shifted from its normal red hue to an onyx coloration. His visor split and slid back to form blades and white markings scratched themselves across the armor. The energy subsided and Giro looked down at himself, giving a low whistle when he noticed how his armor looked.

"You gave him my Black Armor, how in the world did you manage to do that."

Mère didn't respond, she simply placed a finger over her mouth to show him that she wasn't going to tell him. Zero groaned and turned to Prairie, who looked skeptical of the orb in her hands.

"Wait, if Giro has my power, then what is in my memory for her to use?"

"If you would just wait, you'd find out. Stop ruining my fun."

Prairie, after a moment of hesitation, raised her orb. An X formed in the center as the orb began to be absorbed into her armor. Compared to Giro's armor Prairie's seemed to go through the most change. Her armor slimmed and its color faded to white. Her chest armor all but vanished as it was replaced with a crest with wing-like blades and a red gem. Her helmet also modified itself as it became smooth and wing blades formed from the sides. Her boots also slimmed down and turned white as wings blades formed around her ankles. When the aura faded she looked at herself, a look of bewilderment crossed the faces of both Omega and Zero as they saw what her armor changed into.

"You turned her into Copy X. Why?"

"Zero, I told you not to ask questions, just let me do what I want and keep quiet."

"X? Do you feel alright?"

Yes, just a bit disoriented from that energy rush.

"Well Mère, is there any particular reason that you did this?"

The girl turned to Prairie with a smile that filled her with dread. It was a smile that told her that something bad was about to happen.

"Yes. The eight revived Falseroids are currently on their way here. I gave you this power so that I could have you preventing them from getting to Aile. I am sure that if they do it won't be pretty."

Omega shot onto his feet and turned to Mère with a scowl that would have killed any normal human.

"And you tell us this now!?"

Mère shrugged as she moved to Yuki, a smile still on her face.

"I had expected you to know that they were coming, now you had better hurry, you wouldn't want them to hurt your sister."

Omega didn't answer, he just turned and looked to Aile before walking to a window and jumping out of it. The rest of the group each gave their own glares to the girl as she began to laugh. Without saying anything, each quickly filed out of the room to join Omega at the front of the building. Yuki however, getting her mind out of its daze, walked up to Mère and slapped her. The taller girl took a small step back, but continued to smile as she turned back to Yuki.

"Now, is that anyway to treat me? If you want my attention, you could have just kissed me. I do not really like the barbaric approach."

"If she dies," Yuki glared, "I will hunt you down and kill you like any other Maverick I slay."

With that Yuki activated her armor and walked out of the room, leaving Mère smiling and alone with her unconscious daughter. Turning she observed Aile's condition. Her armor was broken in several places, her body suit was shredded, revealing cuts and burns. It was also noted that Aile was seemingly having a hard time breathing, like she was having a nightmare. Mère's smile actually flipped into a frown as she thought of how much pain her daughter must have been in.

"Why do people not trust me? I am not that bad of a person."

Turning to her medical supplies Mère shifted the contents around, deciding that the best thing to do would be to get done fast, pulling out a small nurse hat she smiled.

"Okay sweetie, time to get you back together."

Area-D(2): Snake Highway (With Omega)

Omega fumed, his mother could really get on his nerves with her mysterious attitude. No matter how many times he and Aile had talked and interacted with her, it always left him drained. Even now he wondered why he put up with her for so long. Omega would have stayed lost in thought awaiting the Falseroids, but his thoughts were cut short when he felt a hand slam onto his shoulder. Turning he locked eyes with Zero, who wore a worried expression.

"What do you want?"

"Nothing, just wanting to know if you are ready to do this."

"I was ready when I fought them along side Aile, and if they are as weak as I remember them, then no one will have any problems with them."

Zero waited, pondering Omega's response before he nodded and stepped back from the crimson Repliroid.

"The others have split up to guard different parts of the building, do you think that you'll need any assistance."

Omega shook his head as his grip tightened around the hilt of his sword. Zero saw this and was about to say something, but he was interrupted by something crashing into the ground before them. The dust cleared, revealing that the object was in fact Purpril and Protectous, the two Falseroids stared down at the two warriors with twisted smiles. Omega gave a smile of his own as he activated his sword.

"I take it that you are two of the Falseroids that Mère warned us about? Do you know how much fun I'll have returning you to the junk heap again?"

"Omega, let's not get ahead of ourselves."

Omega didn't seem to hear Zero, for he activated his Override and started walking towards the two Falseroids. Zero knew that look on Omega's face, and he activated his saber in response. When Omega had that look it meant that the battle was about to get very brutal.

"So, which one of you wants to die first?"

Area-D(2): Snake Highway (With Prairie)

Prairie let out a surprised noise as she avoided an electrified tornado that suddenly formed on top of her. Charging her buster she tried to lock onto the two Falseroids that were attacking her. A green blur flew past her and she fired, the shot managing to hit the blur, causing it to crash into the ground. It was revealed to be Hivolt, who's wing now lay in a smoldering pile of metal on the ground. Standing up he gave a chuckle as he shifted his remaining wing into blade mode.

"Interesting, you managed to hit me, but you shouldn't get too excited."

Prairie was about to ask him why, and then she was hit in the back by a violet cresent of electricity. The attack sent her flying into the ground. Pulling herself up she was met with the sly gaze of Hurricuane.

"You have me to deal with as well."

Hey Prairie, not to interrupt your fight, but can I try something?

Prairie gave a slight nod, feeling the sensation of the Livemetal taking control. X gave the Falseroid a smile as her eyes began to glow blue, her armor following suit and shifting into a blue and lavender coloration. Lifting her buster X smiled at the sensation of cold air gathering around the barrel.

"What is this? Is there anything to this color change?"

"Yeah, now how about you freeze."

Not giving Hurricane any time to respond, X fired. Instead of the normal yellow plasma shot, a shard of ice shot forth, impaling Hurricane. The ice shot detonated, firing off smaller shards that also detonated when they came into contact with Hurricane's armor. The Falseroid's body drooped as it began to vomit black smoke.


X smiled and was about to give a retort, but she was blindsided by an electric orb that smashed into her and sent her flying. Hivolt gave a maniacal laugh as he shifted his arm into a laser rifle, walking forward he started firing large beams of electrically charged light. X did the best she could to correct herself and dodge the lasers, but the sheer amount of them meant that she was getting hit when she didn't expect one.

Getting fed up with the unnecessary damage X threw her arm forward and fired another ice shot. The attack flew and impaled Hivolt's wing when her tried to shield himself. The shot exploded like the last, causing smoke to pour from the wounds the shot had opened up, Hitolt hissed and shifted his wing back into wing mode. By this time Hurricuane had managed to stand and had gotten her blades to start spinning again. The two Falseroids looked to one another and nodded. Hivolt then jumped into the air and Hurricuane started to spin the blades around her neck.

A massive tornado filled the area as Hurricuane's blades spun faster and faster, Hivolt shifted his legs into their gunner configuration and began firing as Hurricuan began launching crescent energy from the center of the tornado. X dashed sporadically as she tried to avoid the attacks from the two Falseroids. This was made much harder for the fact that she was slowly being pulled into the storm. Hivolt then began to orbit the storm and unleashing more of the rays of light as he called down lightning.

"X! If we get caught up in that, it will shred us!"

"I know Prairie, I am trying the best I can!"

As the two were conversing, Hivolt took his chance at the split moment that X was distracted. Aiming a charged shot he fired, hitting X squarely in the back. The attack then imploded into a massive electrical field that paralyzed the blue warrior. X fell to her knees and was then slowly pulled towards the storm, inside Hurricuane readied her blades to meet the her stunned prey. X tried to stop herself, but because of the momentary distraction, she couldn't do anything.

"I think that this is your end my dear."

X smiled and turned to face the raptor Falseroid, her eyes slowly becoming a dull red. Her armor shifted back into its basic white coloration and she let go of the ground. The winds picked the girl up and began pulling her into the storm at a rapid pace. The two Falseroids watched as the girl turned to face them, a slight aura of gold beginning to swirl around her. Hivolt and Hurricuane flinched slightly as the girl's arms opened up blade like wings. The aura then started to be a mixture of violet and gold, Hivolt's eyes widening when he realized what she was doing.

"Hurricuane! Throw her, if she gets through the storm, it will be the end for both of us!"

Hurricuane was about to state that she wouldn't have been able, with how fast the girl was being pulled in, but she was cut by X bursting into a fit of mad laughter.

"Now, shall you correct your previous statement? I am assured that this is not my end."

X then broke through the tornado's wall, Hurricuane striking with her blades, Hivolt yelled the weasel's name as a bright light filled the tornado.


The tornado exploded, a massive flaming ball of light shooting forward and overpowering the storm. Hivolt only watched in horror as Hurricuane's body fell back and began detonating. The orb of light then started shooting towards him, dodging to the side he managed to escape sudden death, but at the cost of his other wing being vaporized. Falling to the ground he quickly jumped to his feet and spun around, expecting the orb to turn around and attack him again, but it didn't. He instead saw the orb dissipate as the sudden feeling of a plasma ripping through his chest caused pain to flood his systems.

Turning his head he saw X standing there, her armor smoking, with an ancient looking blade held in her hand. She looked at him with hatred burning in her eyes, he turned and started laughing. X withdrew the blade from his back and the Falseroid fell to his knees.

"You know, I am actually happy to die like this. Fallen in battle by the hands of a warrior more skilled than I."

Hivolt's damaged core started to shine brightly as his energies began reaching critical levels. He continued to laugh, X just stared at him as his body final failed. The explosion pushed her back slightly, but she stood her ground as Prairie took back control.

"Do you think that you went a little too hard on them?"

I simply did what I needed to to protect Aile, but I do see what you mean. I may need to lock that function later.

Area-D(2): Snake Highway (with Giro)



The two attacks collided and caused a massive explosion, throwing both warriors to seperate sides of the battlefield. The first warrior revealed was Giro, who raised his blade to deflect another strike from the second warrior. The second warrior was Fistleo, flames danced around him as he gave a hearty laugh while he was pushed back.

"Good block lad, I see that I may have to step up my game."

"Anything you want is fine old man, I'll just have to out match you when you do."

The two let out wild laughter as they again charged at one another. Fistleo threw a punch and Giro slashed with his saber, the meeting of the attacks again caused the warriors to be pushed back. Flammole sat back and simply watched as the two had their fun.

"You know, I would like a turn fighting!"

Fistleo turned to his companion, and smiled. Flammole just returned the look with a raised eyebrow as Fistleo was elbowed in the face by Giro. The lion let out a laugh as he returned his attention to the battle. The Falseroid was interrupted in his musings by Giro as he landed after being sent flying.

"If you want to join, go ahead. I am perfectly capable of taking on two enemies at the same time. What do you say old man?"

Fistleo looked from Giro to Flammole and shrugged.

"Whatever makes this battle more exciting is okay with me."

Flammole groaned as he got up, his arms igniting as he began to rush forward. He began unleashing a flurry of flamming punches and fireballs in Giro's direction. Giro dodged the attacks as best as he could, several actually hitting their mark, pushing him back. Giro swung his sword hitting the Falseroid in the arm, Flammole hissed in pain and backed away. Fistleo then jumped over his companion and kicked Giro away. The lion turned and gave Flammole a thumbs up.

"No worries Mole, I got your back."

The falseroid nodded as he turned to Giro and opened his arms into their larger cannon formation. Fistleo howled as he dashed forward, attempting to hit Giro with another wall of attacks. Flammole smiled and fired his cannons as they locked on. Large columns of fire shot forth and hit the two combatants.

The area around the two exploded, fire and bits of the earth flying as the fire formed a massive wall around them. Giro hissed in pain as several embers landed onto his armor and began to actually burn through it. Fistleo smirked as he took his advantage.

The Falseroid rose to his full height, the flames wrapping arounnd him. Giro looked up to Fistleo as his arms became surrounded in flames.

"Combo attacks? Interesting."

"Yeah, they work when they need to."

With that Fistleo brought his arms down and slammed them into Giro. The black armored warrior fell to the ground and Fistleo raised his arms again, this time the flames slowly shifted into a blue coloration. The Falseroid then slammed his hands into the ground, several columns of fire then erupted and launched Giro into the sky. Flammole followed this up by launching several large energy spheres.

The orbs hit their target and exploded, the sky filling with fire. Fistleo let out another laugh as Giro hit the ground.

"Sorry lad, but together we are almost unstopable!"

Giro pulled himself off of the ground, using his sword to suppot him as he coughed up blood. The black armored man then smiled as he pushed himself into standing. Wiping the blood from his lips, Giro raised his weapon and pointed it at the two.

Giro then dashed forward and rammed into Fistleo, sending the Falseroid flying back. Spinning Giro launched himself into the air. Flammole began firing a larger volley of fire spheres as Giro then began to make his decent. The man laughed as his sword became engulfed in energy, throwing it into a downward slice he fell onto Flammole, the Falseroid groaned as his body slowly began to split into halves. Fistleo quickly recovered, managing to catch sight of his comrade falling apart and exploding. He gave a whistle as Giro turned towards him.

"Say lad, what was that attack?"

"Don't know, just thought of it."

"Well, would you mind if I name it?"

"Go ahead."

The Falseroid stood, a hand to his chin as Giro continued to walk towards him. Fistleo suddenly smiled and snapped his fingers as an idea came to him.

"How about Fission?"

"Sounds good, but I think the attack needs a bit more work."

"Come now, you'll have plenty time to master it during the rest of our battle!"

Giro smiled, Fistleo's excitement was really getting to him, so he decided to go for some banter.

"That is, old man, if you can keep up with me!"

The two then lunged, their fighting auras clashing with them. Giro slashed with his saber, aiming to sever the Falseroid's arm. Fistleo saw this and aimed a punch at Giro's wrist. Fistleo was faster than Giro, but not by much, for he did manage to strike Giro's arm where he needed to, but the blade had still managed to cut into his arm. The two seperated, each holding their arms as they tried to ignore the pain. Sparks of electricity and smoke came from the large cut on Fistleo's forearm, while Giro was sure that his wrist was probably broken.

"That hurt."

Fistleo nodded, agreeing with Giro, but he still smiled as he shifted his stance to where his damaged arm was farther away from Giro. Giro swapped his sword into his other hand and also got into a fighting stance that shielded the damaged limb.

"How much longer do you think this fight will continue?"

"As long as it needs to lad, hopefully for a couple more hours."

"Then let's continue."

Without saying another word, the two then rushed towards each other.

Area-D(2): Snake Highway (with Yuki)

Avoiding a large ice missle Yuki retaliated with an energy wave that hit her target. Lurerre fumed as the attacks cut into her body's armor, the large fish groaning as charred metal and fluids began falling out of the wound. Lifting her hand she fired a large ball of ice that flew towards Yuki, the girl dodged, but she was hit by the resulting ice pillars that shot out of the orb as it exploded. Ignoring her freezing body she again launched another energy wave, this one was almost to its target, Lurerre's head, but it was stopped by a massive tentacle.

Turning she looked straight into the massive yellow eyes of Leganchor. The massive Falseroid floating above her and Lurerre was sitting in front of her, judging by the fact that neither of the Falseroids had to move to attack her, or defend, she was in trouble.

"Now isn't this nice, we actually seem to have the upper hand fighting this one."

"Do not patronize her Erre, she is clearly damaged from Serpent's previous assault. If she wasn't, we'd probably end up where we were before we were revived."

The smaller of the two fumed again as she turned to the larger, the face on top of the giant skull returned the look as the skull growled. Yuki blinked in surprise, she had not expected to see bickering between Serpent's own Generals, but she was leaning towards the jellyfish, for he seemed to actually be the more compassionate of the two.

"Well, you'd better start fighting, or I'll tell Lord Serpent that you are symphonizing with the enemy."

"Erre, I do not care for Serpent. His ideas left us like this, monsters that he believes will do his bidding even if they end up dying."

"Stop using my name, I am Lurerre, I am no longer this Erre you keep talking about."

Yuki, thanking herself lucky for the distraction, started to charge her rapier and began to slowly walk towards the anglerfish. She was spotted however, for the skull head on Leganchor's chest opened its mouth and fired an ice dragon. Yuki, not seeing the attack, was hit and frozen to the ground as the dragon wrapped around her. Lurerre noticed this and turned to face Yuki with a smile, one that caused chills to run through Yuki's body.

"What's this, trying to attack a lady as her back is turned? That is not polite what so ever."

"Please, if you're a lady, then I'm a plant."

Lurerre didn't respond, her eye simply twitched, telling Yuki and Leganchor alike that a really big nerve was just struck. The Falseroid then raised her hand to signal her fish body, the beast opened its mouth an loaded a missile into it, Yuki cursed her luck as Lurerre pointed her hand forward and snapped.

The missile fired and was shooting towards quickly. Yuki knew she wouldn't be able to dodge it, so instead she raised her charged rapier to block the missile.

There was a large explosion as the missile hit its target, Lurerre shook herself and widened her smile before turning back to Leganchor. The jellyfish Falseroid simply stared at his companion as she began to giggle.

"Oh, I am sorry, I didn't mean to snap like that."

"Yeah, but if you didn't, I couldn't do this!"

Before either Falseroid could do anything, Lurerre was impaled by Yuki's blade, which had been thrown from the large cloud of smoke, through the chest. The small machine shrieked in pain as her body exploded into ice particles, the fish beneath where she was sitting grew enraged as Yuki walked out of the smoke, holding her side as blood again started to drip out of it.

"Even if you needed to do that, I really wish you hadn't."

Yuki turned to face the massive Falseroid, and was about to question his statement, but she was interrupted by Lurerre's fish body jumped at her in an attempt to crush her. Yuki stepped to the side as the behemoth crashed next to her, acting quickly, Yuki jumped up to the head of the Falseroid and retrieved her rapier as Lurerre's body began to regenerate. When most of her head was reformed, she spoke in a scolding tone.

"How dare you destroy me! Do you know who I am?!"

Yuki didn't respond, she simply raised her weapon and brought it back down through the top of the fish's head. Electricity shot through the massive construct as the fish roared. Small explosions went off throughout its body, Lurerre frantically looking around as the beast again roared in pain.

"What are you doing?!"

Leganchor watched as his companion's body was ripped to shreds by Yuki. He knew that it was his task to assist her, but something held him back. The face on his chest however, acted on its thoughts. Opening its mouth several bladed tentacles fired from it and struck Yuki, sending the girl flying as Lurerre's body crumpled to the ground. Leganchor shifted his gaze to Lurerre as his second face continued to attack Yuki.

He was actually surprised to see Lurerre look at him with pleading eyes.

"Legan? Will you not help me?"

Leganchor blinked, did he just hear her correctly? Did she just use his actual name?

"I don't know my dear Erre, something is holding me back, some sort of doubt."

Lurerre closed her eyes and smiled as the beast beneath her tried in vain to move. She looked back up to Leganchor as Yuki sliced through the arms.

"Always the indecisive one Legan, but that is probably how you can see what is right and wrong."

"Eh, what is this? No longer using that childish mask of yours?"

The two Falseroids were so ingrossed in their conversation, they didn't notice Yuki go on a rampage against the ever increasing number of arms being fired at her. Several minutes of this passed and Yuki exploded with energy and started to run towards Leganchor. The massive Falseroid blinked and turned to face the warrior, and then was suddenly hit and pushed back. He started to fall backwards as Yuki unleashed her full fury into her attack. Leganchor's body was shredded and falling apart as it hit the ground, explosions ripping through it as the severed parts detonated. Yuki stood up and lifted her blade, aiming it at Leganchor's face as she growled.

"I am getting really tired of you two."

Leganchor was about to respond, but Yuki was suddenly hit with an ice ball that exploded, the girl turned and faced Lurerre and continued to growl, the small Falseroid smiled weakly as she formed another attack.

"Now now, it is not polite to attack an old man when he is unarmed, not while there is a perfect target like me."

Yuki gave Leganchor no time to argue as she unleashed another wave of energy, the attack hit Lurerre and bisected her. The fish gave one last roar as it shut down, its body crumpling and exploding as Lurerre was vaporized. Yuki turned and looked into Leganchor's eyes as he focused on her.

"It seems that I am alone then. Fine, kill me warrior."


Yuki showed no remorse as she lifted her blade once more, and after a swift movement she impaled the blade through Leganchor's head. The Falseroid gave a shuddering gasp as the lights in his eyes faded. The body of the Falseroid gave one last shudder before it too became engulfed in a massive blaze. Falling to the ground, Yuki turned and started to walk back towards the building. She almost made it before X-w materialized in front of her.

That was a bit harsh, don't you think?

"I was just doing my job and protecting Aile. That left no room for remorse."

Yeah, but those two seemed to be having a fun conversation before you ruined it.

"I don't want to repeat myself X-w, now let's go back inside."

The Livemetal sighed, and relunctantly agreed as Yuki pushed open the door and walked back inside.

Area-D(2): Snake Highway (with Omega and Zero)

Omega and Zero's clash with the Falseroids that had attacked them had gone more smoothly than the rest. The two red warriors had managed to push back the mavericks, not to say Purpril and Protectous were not capable, but their opponents were just more skilled. Omega growled as his smile slowly slid into a frown as he turned his sights on Purpril.

"Come on, I expected a fight, not a warm-up."

Purpril chuckled and jumped up, dodging Omega's swing, the monkey then launched several bombs from his arms. They detonated and pushed Omega back, the crimson warrior growling as his aura became more visible. Zero fired a charged shot at Protectous and turned when he heard the commotion.

"Hey, calm down, you're likely to do something your going to regret."

Omega simply turned to Zero and smiled as he disengaged his saber. Zero took careful note of the ominous light beginning to form around Omega's left hand.

"Please, the only reason you want me to calm down is so you don't-"

Omega never got to finish his statement, for he was punched into the ground by Protectous. The mighty Falseroid chuckled as he turned to Zero, said warrior readied himself as Protectous opened the missile pods in his arms.


Zero winced as Protectous suddenly exploded, the behemoth's body was flung into the air as the leg that was standing on Omega was torn to shreds. Omega jumped out of the hole, only to then be blindsided by Purpril in his disk form. Zero chuckled as he heard the crimson Repliroid swear violently as he was slammed into a wall.

Turning, Zero faced the massive Falseroid as he attempted to stand, sparks and fluid dripping out of his damaged leg. Zero unsheathed his saber and ignited it as Protectous aimed his still active missile pod at him.


Raising an eyebrow Zero simply looked down to the arm that Protectous was using to hold himself up. Making eye contact with the Falseroid, Zero shrugged and swung his sword, firing an ice wave at the limb.

It was almost comical to see the behemoth's arm become severed from the rest of his body, sending the beast flailing to the ground. The attack was just quick enough for Protectous to not really notice, for he still fired the missiles. Zero had to simply sidestep one missile that was lucky enough to fly low.

"I simply do not understand. Why in the world would Serpent think it necessary to revive something that have already been defeated once before?"

"Simple, we are trustworthy. Building new generals would entail months of training and rehabilitating."

Zero spun around and blocked Purpril's punch, the monkey letting out a sinister cackle as Zero pushed him away. The monkey flipped and launched more bombs, Zero shooting each one with ease.

"You need to try harder than that, I am starting to feel like my time is being wasted."

Purpril growled and started to run forward, he was about to attack, but he was suddenly hit and almost vaporized by a massive plasma shot. Zero stepped back as the heat from the blast had actually managed to singe his armor. Turning he laughed as Omega tried to pull himself out of the wall.

"Are you alright?"

"Shut it."

The crimson warrior pulled his other arm free and activated his buster, blasting the rest of the wall he started to walk forward while dusting himself off.

"Now, can you please keep your monkey in check. If you do I can kill the rhinoceros."

Omega didn't respond, he just nodded and turned to Purpril. The monkey was pulling himself off of the ground, his armor melting and his arms seeming ready to fall off. Zero winced when he saw that Purpril's face was bubbling when he tried to speak.

"Wh-what did...gyahh...'ou hit m..e with..?"

"Something from the old days, until now Zero was the first to survive that. Congratulations."

Zero was actually about to discredit Omega's statement, but upon remembering that he indeed survived that attack when the two fought, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

"Ar-e you going t-o kill me?"

"Oh maliciously."

Omega laughed a little as he ignited his saber, he then proceeded to march towards Purpril with a look that seemed to be a mixture of anger, and joy. Zero turned from the crimson warrior and his prey as he returned focus to Protectous. The massive Falseroid was trying in vain to lift himself off of the ground.

"I think you really shouldn't be trying to move right now, I mean, it is only going to make thinks harder for yourself."


Zero just shook his head as he began charging his saber, the increasing hum of the blade blocking out the sounds of Omega tearing the monkey to shreds. Raising the sword Zero looked once more into the Falseroid's eyes, Protectous just glared at him as he tried to open another missile pod.


Protectous didn't finish his statement, he just slowly moved his eyes down to the gap in his armor that was increasing in size. The Falseroid groaned as his body slid apart, sparks flew as Zero turned. The red warrior deactivated his saber as Protectous imploded. The Falseroid's screams drowned out by the sounds of metal being twisted and being pulled apart.

Zero turned to Omega as the crimson wariror seemed to be trying to decapitate the monkey Falseroid.

"Omega, stop torturing the poor thing and just kill it."

"Do you know how hard it is to find this guy's neck when he won't stop melting? It's like trying to locate a specifif card in a deck of almost two hundred cards!"

"Excuses, just kill him."

Omega groaned and raised his saber, bringing it down faster than Zero could actually see. The Falseroid fell in forths and exploded. Omega's aura faded as the Repliroid deactivated his saber.

"Now was that so hard."

"Shut it Zero, I was having fun."

Zero simply waved his hand as he started to walk back into the building. Not far into his walk he was stopped by Omega,who gave him a strange smile.

"Want to fight? For the nostalgia factor."

Zero shook his head and smiled, he turned to inform the crimson repliroid that they simply did not have The time, but he was surprised to see Omega was gone. Scanning the area, Zero wondered where he went.

His thoughts were interrupted by the building behind him suddenly was thrown to the ground and he rolled to avoid the falling debris. Looking into the fire that engulfed the upper levels of the building his eyes widened when he saw a winged figure encased in black armor walk out of the fire. Flaring their massive wings the figure launched itself into the air.

Floating for several seconds the figure roared as a white aura exploded around it, the figure then rocketed towards the Slither Inc. Building.

Zero was in shock until Mère landed next to him. She was covered in ash, but she was smiling.

"Dark elf? What did you do?"

Mère turned to him with a wild smile. Zero didn't feel relief from this expression however, just worry.

"Well there is good news, and bad news."


"Well, I managed to get Aile up."

"And the bad?"

Mère actually paused, as if she was wondering if she should tell him what she knew. A few moments passed and she sighed in defeat.

"I tried to give her power like I did Giro and Prairie, but instead of simply strengthening her, it kind of put her in the mindset of going on a rampage."

Zero's eye twitched as he looked at Mère, who simply shrugged.

"Mère, this is possibly the most reckless thing you have ever done."

As if to drive his point, a building behind them exploded.

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