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Percy Jackson: Living with the Olympians

Chapter 1-Prolouge

"His name is Persus….." Sally Jackson managed to croak out to the woman beside her.

The woman was Hestia. Goddess of the hearth, architecture and family. She smiled a kind smile as Sally collapsed, lifeless onto the bed. Hestia picked up the new born baby and spoke a blessing.

"I give you my blessing, child. No matter what, you will have a family. A family that will care for you and love you." She whispered softly to the baby.

Hestia decided to bring the baby to Mt. Olympus. The baby could could stay there for a while. Firstly, she had to write a note to her brother Poseidon.

Dear Poseidon,

Your lover, Sally Jackson, has died from complications from childbirth. I am bringing the baby to Mt. Olympus. Amphitrite will not be happy when you tell her you've had a secret child, and she will be even unhappier if the baby stays with you. My decision is final. Good luck on telling Amphitrite, brother.


Hestia carefully put the message in an envelope and sealed it. She put it on the table next to the bed, knowing that her brother would find it there. And with that, she turned into her true godly form, and with a brilliant, blinding golden flash of light, was gone.

Sally Jackson lay on the big, comfortable bed. Her lifeless form looked calm and peaceful, as she had smiled when she died because she had seen her little bundle of joy.

When Poseidon came, she had been dead an hour, maybe two. Poseidon was smiling happily, for he had imagined Sally alive and happy, with their new baby they had decided to call Persus, Percy for short. Instead, he saw a lifeless Sally with no Percy. His happy smile quickly turned into an expression of sadness and unhappiness. He let out a mournful, angry howl as he pounded the table next to the bed. An envelope fluttered down. He quickly snatched up the envelope and read it. His expression changed again; into an expression of hope. There was still hope for his baby.

Poseidon gave a long last sad and desperate look at Sally Jackson, then went off gloomily to tell Amphitrite what he had done. That would not be one easy job. He vanished in a blinding flash of golden light to his palace in the ocean.

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