Heeeeeeeeeeeeey. This is a BajanCanadian fanfic featuring other Minecraft youtubers like SkyDoesMinecraft (Adam), Deadlox (Ty), JeromeASF (Jerome), and uhhh.. MinecraftUniversity (Jason). This is my first time making a fanfiction, so don't be so rough on me. Uhh.. Enjoy. :D

Hi there! My name is Lea Dionne, I'm currently 18 and gonna turn 19 in December 5th. (Just 2 months away!) So yeah, I'm stuck in my "high school life". Drama, love, trouble. I was a lonely girl that didn't have any friends. Nor did I have a boyfriend... but, boyfriends and friends are just a distraction. Am I right?

"LEA, WAKE UP! IT'S 7:45am."

"5 more minutes, mom!" I yelled.

Ugh. Today was the day. Me and my mom were going to move to another state. I don't get why my mom always wanted to move. I liked it here. The previous places we moved to were not pleasant. I guess I wasn't really depressed because I didn't have anything to be so sad about. I'm just worried about my mom. She's been moving around since my dad divorced her. I sighed. I wish they didn't have to divorce. I yawned and got up from my bed to stretch.

"LEA! ARE YOU UP YET?" she yelled.

"Yeah, mom. What time are we leaving?"

"Somewhere in the afternoon. Maybe 3:00. Oh, and honey, hurry down! Your breakfast is getting cold!"

I went to my closet and got out a T-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. I wasn't planning to go anywhere. I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After that, I put on my shirt and sweatpants. I walked to the bathroom sink and brushed my teeth and hair. Mm, maybe I'll make "friends" there. Or maybe not.. haha. I ran downstairs and sat down at the table.

"Good morning, mom."

She smiled and said "Good morning, honey. Eat up."

I gobbled down my breakfast (It was so good! My mom makes the best pancakes ever!) and asked my mom if I could go play Minecraft. She nodded. So I quickly ran upstairs and turned on my computer. You never knew that I was into Minecraft, did you? I'm CRAZY for Minecraft. When I was 16, I was browsing Youtube and I came upon a Youtube channel called TheBajanCanadian. I started watching his series called "Hunger Games" and got into the gameplay. After that, I looked it up on the internet and started playing the demo version. I got addicted to it and begged my mom to give me some money so I could buy it. She refused. I was angry so I decided to ignore her. I knew the only person she had left was me, ever since dad left. I knew it was torture for her. After three days, of ignoring her, she gave in. She asked how much and I said twenty-six ninety-five. She grimaced, but gave me it. I thought how we were broke because of dad, so I rejected the money. Five months later, I was able to earn some money working part time in a cafe. I went out and bought Minecraft! Ever since I started playing it, I got really into it. And that's the story of how I got addicted to Minecraft. Oh.. speaking of Minecraft and Youtube. I'm gonna go and check out BajanCanadian's channel again.. it's been a while.

I wasn't surprised that he got 1,000,000 subscribers. He totally earned it. He made really good videos. And.. he looks really cute. I blushed to myself. Oh, Lea! Stop thinking weird things to yourself. I sat in front of my computer screen and watched him for the rest of the morning. "Lea!" I heard my mom yell. She's always yelling.

"Yes, mom?"

"Pack up the rest of your things up! It's time to leave!"

We moved stuff into a this huge storage, but not everything. We spent two hours moving everything into the truck, so it can transport the furniture into the storage. Then, we went back to our empty house.

"Oh, mom? Where are we moving to?"

"Montreal." she replied.

"Where's that?" I asked.


I nearly had a heart attack. Doesn't Mitch (BajanCanadian) live in Canada? I was so excited! But, I couldn't help but feel bad for my dad. He never spent any time with us.

"Mom? Do you miss dad?"

"Don't speak of him." she frowned.

"Why? Don't you feel sorry for him? I asked, for curious than ever.

"Lea, just stop. Why should you feel sorry for him? He was the one that left me." she slammed her hand on to the wall.

"Mom, why did he leave you?" I knew I should have stopped with all the questions, but I'm a growing child, I'm curious!

"ENOUGH. Lea, go to your room." she snarled.

"But.. there's nothing in there." I whimpered.

"I don't care. Just..J-Just go and leave me alone for a while!"

I looked at my mom. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. It made me want to cry too, so I went up to my room. I rested against the cold, slab of wall. If only dad wouldn't have left us..Why am I always thinking about my dad? I closed my eyes. Not before long, the cab was here for us. I got up and went downstairs. I looked down and saw something that made me want to scream.

"M-m-m-m-mom?" I sniffled. She didn't say anything. She was laying on the floor. I crouched down and shook her. "Mom?! Are you okay? Oh my god. Mom!" I started to sob. I ran out and told the taxi driver to call an ambulance. If my mom was going to die, I was going to lose everything.

Soo, I hoped you enjoy the story so far, I'll get to the lovely Mitch in the next chapter. After that.. blah, blah, blah. I shouldn't spoil it for you guys. I'll make 2 chapters a day. I hope you'll look forward to it! Bye Doods!