Okay, so I'm sorry for the delays, but now it's finished and it's here! 3 (There will be less of Jerome's POV in this chapter. :( ..)

Lilia's POV

"Tony, she says you can go with your friends."

"Cool. I'll go call them." He walks away to his room. I better start calling Anna and Tessa. Wait.. what time was the party? I better call Lea again.

"Hey, Lea?"

"Yes…?" she asked.

"When's the party starting?"

"Oops, forgot to tell you the time. It starts at 9:30pm."

"WAIT. LIKE IN 12 MINUTES?" I looked over at my clock.

"Yeah, hurry up!" she hanged up.


"I know, I heard!" he yelled back. I better get ready. Wait, what about my friends? Ugh! I groaned.

-3 minutes later-

Done! Now All I have to do is put on some clothes. I threw a cerulean halter neck dress over me. I may be tomboyish, but, I can't look my best for some youtubers!

"You ready, Tony?!"

"Yup. Let's go."

Anna's POV

"Anna, get ready and go outside. Me and Tony are going to a party, you HAVE to come with us. Tessa will be coming too." Lilia said.

"Huh, wait, what?" She hanged up. I sighed. I better get ready.

Tessa's POV

"Hi, Tessa! Lea invited us to a party. You're coming whether you like it or not. Get ready, we're going to pick you up. The party is starting in 9 minutes, and I do NOT want us to be late. It's a BajanCanadian's party. It's hosted for the 1,000,000 subscribers. You like Bajan, right? Then you're coming. See ya." BajanCanadian, eh? It's my time to shine then. I don't know how Lea knows him, but if they're dating, Mitch won't be able to resist me once he sees me.

Lea's POV

"You guys ready?" Jerome asked.

"Yup." Mitch and I said together.

"Let's go then."

Jerome opened the front seat door of his car.

"Ladies first." He smiled.

"Guys, you're acting like this is Prom, it's just a party, calm down!" I smiled.

"Yeah, biggums." Mitch shifted his eyes at Jerome.

"Okay okay, sit wherever you'd like." Jerome said.

"I'll like the back seat." I said.

"I will too." Mitch said.

"NO!" I yelled. I don't want Mitch sitting next to ME. Once we arrive at the party, my face would look like a tomato.

"Huh? Is there something wrong?" Mitch looked hurt.

"No, I was just.. thinking about my.. uh..dad." I lied.

"Lea, we're going to have fun at a party. Now's not the time to think about your mom. But, if you have problems, Jerome and I will be there for you." He gave me a hug. "Okay?" he asked. "Okay." I smiled.

"Ahem." Jerome had his arms crossed.

"Uh.." I went over to Jerome and gave him a huge hug.

"Thanks, you guys." I wiped a tear from my eye. "Let's go now."

"Wait, what about your friends?" Mitch asked.

"Oh, Lilia's old enough to drive, she called Anna and Tessa, and she's going to pick them up." I said.

"Okay, good." Mitch said. I went into the car and sat in the backseat. Mitch, too, sat in the backseat. Oh no. As expected my face went red. But what was NOT expected was that I was shaking. Mitch seemed to notice it because he asked me, "Are you cold?"

I didn't want to him to know that I was nervous because I was near him so I nodded. "Here let me help." He put his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. I looked up at him. He smiled, then I smiled.

Jerome's POV

I looked into the front car mirror and saw Mitch making contact with Lea. To be honest, they looked good together. Maybe Lea, wasn't the right girl for me. There might be a chance I won't be able to get a girl. I winced at the thought, but kept on driving.

-5 minutes of driving-

"We're here!" I exclaimed.

"Already?" Lea, asked. She was still in Mitch's arms.

"Yup." I nodded. She and Mitch got out of the car. They REALLY look like a couple.

"Come on, Jerome. You okay?" Mitch asked.

"Huh?" I asked. I looked around for them and found them on the doorsteps. How'd they get there?

"You've been standing there." Mitch noted.

"Oh, sorry. Aimee." I hinted.

"Well, party. Girls." He hinted back.

"What?" Lea asked.

"Nothing." I chuckled. I felt better. Mitch is always there for me. Lea should be happy she's hanging out with him. I went into light- flashing, music- booming house. Wow.

Mitch's POV

"HEY MAT!" I hollered. He didn't hear me.

"MAT!" I screamed. He still didn't hear me.I went over to him and slapped him on the back.

"AHHH!" He turned around.

" Oh Mhdisdf ,jdfds make fasdcvj!" What did he say?


"OH MITCH! GLAD YOU CAN MAKE IT YOU DEAF BASTARD."He yelled to the top of his lungs. Pfft. He should seen himself when I tried to talk to him.

Lea's POV

It was so loud. Everybody was dancing, mingling. Disco lights were flashing. Out of nowhere, a pair of hands grabbed my shoulders.

"AHHH!" I yelled, backing off. It was Anna, Tessa, Lilia, and a random girl.

"Who's that?" I asked. I pointed to the random girl. Her hair was shoulder length and brown. Her eyes were a light brown color.

"Oh, that's Alexis. Anna invited her. Is that okay?" Lilia asked.


"Where's Marcus, Tony, and Chris?"

"Over there." I saw them talk to a hot guy with a shirt that says xXSlyFoxHoundXx and SSundee.


"Yeah." I said.

"See ya guys." She waved and walked over to him.

"Sorry, Lea, she's a BIG fan of BajanCana-. IS THAT JASON?" Lilia coughed.

"Uh-huh." I said. She gave me the cutest puppy eyes I've ever seen.

"Okay, go ahead, you can go." I laughed.

"Thanks, Lea, you're the best!"

"No problem, have fun!"

"Uh.. L-lea, I see Deadlox, can I..?" Anna politely asked.

"Sure, why not?" I was getting worried. I hope they're not using me just for Minecraft Youtubers.

"So, hi Alexis, is there any Minecraft Youtuber that you're interested in..?" She said nothing and ran towards Captain Sparklez. What a strange girl. I better see how Jerome is doing.

-12 minutes of searching-

Where is he? I need to find him. Maybe Mitch knows where he is.

"Hey, Lea!" A voice screamed out. It was Mat.

"Mat, my ears are use to the music now. You don't have to yell." I giggled.

"Oopsy daisy!" Mat said. He's probably drunk.

"Have a drink Lelah." He offered a drink.

"My name's LEA." I corrected him.

"Okay, Tessa." he pushed a can of beer to me.

"No thanks. I don't drink." I said and pushed the drink away. He shrugged.

"Do you know where I can find Jerome?" I asked.

"He's in the bathroom." Mat pointed to the hallway.

"Oh, kay thanks!" I went into the hallway. There were a lot of doors. This was going to take a long time.

-5 minutes later-

Two doors are left. One of them is the bathroom. Eeeny, meeny, miny, moe. The right door. I twisted the door knob and opened the door. Instead of Jerome, I found Mitch and he wasn't alone. On top of him was my friend, Tessa. She wasn't only on top of him, she was also shoving her tongue into Mitch's mouth.

What happens next? That will be determined very soon. Thanks for reading so far! *Achoo!*