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The sounds of a crying baby was the first thing that assaulted his ears. Casey approached the front door, almost hesitantly and knocked. He was surprised when Sarah answered, her eyes frantic as she held her eleven week- old son in one arm, a bottle of milk in the other and a burping cloth over her shoulder. The baby was still crying and Walker herself looked like if she was seconds away from bursting into tears herself. Casey refrained from making a snide comment about her appearance, somehow he didn't think it would be wise to say "Christ, Walker, you look like hell!" He didn't think she would appreciate the statement. Although she hadn't been on a mission since she officially announced she was pregnant, he knew Sarah was still very adept with her knives and he didn't want to explain to have to explain to Chuck why a knife was embedded in his Indian statue that was a few feet away from him. But she did look terrible, her hair was in a messy bun and she looked fagged out.

He stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "Is Chuck here?" he asked Sarah. She gave an exasperated sigh in response. " No he isn't and he was supposed to be home hours ago!" She exclaimed which caused the baby's- Chuck Junior or CJ as they called him - cries to raise an octave.

"Casey, I need you to watch CJ for me. PLEASE! "

He looked at her like she had grown another head and then back at the baby "Walker..." he started but was immediately cut off by Sarah.

"Look" she started, "I just need to grab something to eat and have a quick shower. I'll only be fifteen minutes." She was practically pleading with her eyes so Casey gave in and held out his arms to take the baby. He had held CJ before but that didn't mean he was comfortable yet but he had learnt how to hold him properly so he wouldn't hurt his neck. And besides it was just as Mama B had said once, when holding babies, employ the same tactic you would use when holding live explosives.

Sarah placed the bottle of milk on the centre table and made her way into the kitchen. Casey looked at his godson; whose cries had subsided to little whimpers. It was unnerving to him, the way the baby looked directly into his eyes; almost as though he was reading his soul. It was silly, Casey thought but when CJ looked at him with his chocolate brown eyes which he had inherited from his father, it really did feel that way. His mind wandered to thoughts of his daughter Alex and the time he had missed with her. He couldn't change the past but he often wondered "what if" : what if he hadn't accepted that mission that had altered the course of his life forever. He sighed and shifted the baby in his arms. It was of no use thinking about the "what ifs" and the other uncertainties that he had no control over. But there were something's he were sure of : he would be there for Alex and for his godson and for his family, admittedly they were an unconventional family but he would do any, and everything in his power to protect them.

Sarah turned on the kitchen tap and splashed some water on her face. She felt like she was in way over her head. She needed to get away. After walking to the arch which separated the kitchen and the front house, she saw that Casey was now sitting on the couch with the TV's remote in one hand and the baby in the other. Sarah knew he would be safe with Casey and with that knowledge, she slipped out the house through the back door.

Sarah walked down the street. It was empty, and that suited her just fine. She felt the warm summer breeze envelop her and she sighed. She felt like a fish out of water. Give her her throwing knives and her favourite Smith& Wesson and place her in a room full of armed mercenaries or terrorists , she could take them down; and quite easily so, give her a fork, and she could quell a revolution in Jakarta she could do all those things but she couldn't take care of her own child properly.


"Your momma sure is taking her time isn't she CJ?" Casey asked the baby who stared up at him in wonder. "Walker!" He called but got no response. She did say she was going to take a shower so he decided to see if she had gone upstairs. He knocked on her bedroom door and turned the knob. There was no sign do Sarah so Casey knocked on the bathroom door of the adjoining bathroom. He didn't hear any water running but he decided to knock again just in case, he really didn't need to be flashed by Walker. He knew something had to be wrong and when he entered the bathroom and there was still no sign of her, his mind traced back to how tired Sarah had appeared when he first got there. She had probably just gone for a walk and to clear her head. He didn't know what she was going through but he knew she did need some time to herself. Casey decided to give Sarah an hour longer and if she still hadn't returned, he would activate her tracker.

It was only then that he realised the unmistakeable smell of a soiled pamper. He removed CJ from his position on his shoulder and held him at eye level. The baby looked at Casey with wide eyes and Casey was sure he saw a smirk on the child's face. "Good Lord, what the hell is Walker feeding you in that bottle ?" He exited the bedroom and headed for the nursery. Once there, he placed the baby on the changing bed and at that point, wished he had a Hazmat Suit. He grunted, took a deep breath and then started on changing CJ's pamper.


Colonel John Casey felt proud of himself. He had successfully changed CJ's pamper and now the little guy was lying in his bassinet and playing with the Star Wars teddy bear which Morgan had given him. Casey had also warmed the breast milk that Sarah kept in the fridge for his overnight feedings and prepared another bottle of milk. Yep, he felt really proud. He was now surfing through the channels but nothing good was on- all he saw were a bunch of those lame shows where people who couldn't sing but were still pretty big in the entertainment industry tried to find America's next sing sensation. And he wasn't in the mood for any romantic comedies or science fiction. Finally, he found a channel which was broadcasting a documentary on Ronald Reagan and luckily for him, it had just started.

As Chuck pulled into his driveway, he noticed Casey's car and it was only then did he remember that he and Casey were supposed to go over the specs for an upcoming mission. He sighed as he foot out of the car and ran a hand over his face. These last few weeks had been so hectic. He had gotten tied up at work again - running a software company was a lot harder than some people thought and to top it off, Apple was threatening to sue his company for stealing their ideas for the new tablet which was scheduled to release in two weeks. He also felt bad about not having called Sarah to tell her he would be a bit later than expected. He just hoped she wouldn't be too mad and knew that somehow he was really going to have to make it up to her. He had promised her that they would raise their children together but lately, he wasn't standing up to his part of the bargain. Sighing again, he made his way to the red front door and turned his key.

"Casety, hey, I'm really sorry about tonight, I got caught up at the office."

*grunt* (It's fine moron) " We'll just have to do it tomorrow"

"Thanks buddy. What are you up to?" he asked as he made his way over to his son. He immediately went into his baby voice and cooed to the baby.

"Well I was teaching CJ about the best president America's ever had. I can't have you and Grimmes filling his head with your nerdy nonsense. There needs to be a balance and I'm gonna teach him all there is to know about the great US of A."

"Well, on behalf of my son, I thank you" Chuck added dryly. "Um Casey?Where's Sarah?"


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