It is a quiet two weeks that follow your move into the Uchiha district. Things are a little shaky at first, but the two of you are starting to fall into a comfortable routine.

Waking up early sucks! But, you do it because he asked if you wanted to train together. He hasn't shown you anything new or cool yet, but he doesn't say anything when you go into office/library room and read through some scrolls on different fire jutsu. He just follows you outside to practice the same jutsu you begin working on, doing it slowly so that you can watch him and pick it up. Neither of you talk, but that's okay. Sometimes the quiet is okay.

You talk other times. You fill silences well. Random things grab your interest, and you like to ask a lot of questions. It's a learned lesson to know when you're asking too much; his eye will start getting twitchy and he scowls instead of frowns. There is a difference between the two.

It's weird having a brother. You'd kind'a considered it before, but he'd been too arrogant then. You're glad things have changed.

The grass tickles your cheek. When you'd kicked each other across the training field, you both decided to not get back up yet. It's early, and you knew that Gai's team is out on a mission for a week. You are glad Sasuke is around to train with. He had smirked when he noticed your improvements the first time you sparred. You'd both been sparring every morning since.

"Uzumaki, Uchiha, the Hokage wishes to speak with you," says a voice.

Excitement fills you. You're on your feet in a flash; ignoring the fact the Anbu was already gone. You'd get revenge on the Anbu later. Dark eyes look a little uncertain, hesitant. You grin broadly. "Let's go get out Team!"

His back straightens. "Hn."

And you race. It's never not a race anymore. Shooting each other cocky smirks you take to the rooftops, going all out as you push yourself to your limits.

You both touch the wall at the same time. You both pause to grin at each other before you both lean over a moment to pant heavily. Once your breathing slows, you both stroll into the Tower like you own the place. The Secretary grins and waves you through.

You can't help but burst in this time.

"Hey Jiji~! You called?!" You're in mid-jump when a hand grabs you by the collar. It forces you into a respectful bow.

"Good morning Hokage-sama," speaks Sasuke.

You want to protest, but you're kind'a too glad that he's finally showing the old man some respect. It helps that the Hokage almost drops his pipe.

The following beaming gaze as you both straighten lets you know he's proud of you, that you did the right thing and he's not upset. You're trying hard not to break your face again with a smile.

"I'm glad to announce that Team Seven is official back on active duty," says the old man.

Kakashi and Sakura step forward from the right.

Before anyone can say anything the pinkette bows deeply. "Forgive me!" she shouts. "I owe you both an apology."

You notice that duck butt looks as startled as you. "Huh? What are you talking about Sakura-chan?"

You hear her sniff softly. "I mistreated you both. I didn't see what I was doing, how horrible I was being. I'm sorry."

Exchanging looks, you decide it's safer if you approach her first. Your hand is on her shoulder. "Hey, it's okay Sakura-chan. Um… Let's start over?"

She looks up at you hopefully. Whatever she sees, it makes her smile. "That'd be nice."

You grin, waving over Sasuke. "Hi, I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I'm going to be the future Hokage! I like Ramen, pranks, and my special people!"

Sasuke crosses his arms but isn't scowling. "I'm Uchiha Sasuke. I plan to revive my clan and be a Special Jounin. I like tomatoes, training, and… my brother." At everyone's confused stares, the black haired teen huffs and rolls his eyes. "Not that one." He punches you in the shoulder. "This one."

You cough to keep from crying.

Sakura's jaw snaps closed and she's suddenly beaming brightly at you both. "That's wonderful!" She bows sharply and snaps back up with a smile. "I'm Haruno Sakura! I want to be a strong kunoichi, possibly Special Jounin! I like strawberries, reading, and my family!"

A throat clears and you all turn to face the scarecrow. "I'm Hatake Kakashi. I want to train my Team to be Konohagakure's top Ninja. I like dorayaki, Icha Icha Paradise, and my special people." He eye-smiles. "It seems like Team Seven is finally official."

You twitch. All eyes turn to you. You bite your lip.

Sasuke rolls his eyes again. "Just say it."

"Can we train now?!" you burst.

Everyone laughs. Well, Sasuke just smirks, but it counts.

"Of course! We'll head to the training ground now."

You exchange a grin with your bro. Sakura looks a little sad. You catch her eyes. "Race?" you ask.

She grins. "I'm in!"

"Go!" shouts Sasuke. He's already running out the door.

"Cheater!" you yell, chasing him.

"Screw that! I'm winning this!" bellows Sakura, causing the Hokage and Kakashi to startle.

"Ma, ma, looks like they have a lot of energy today." The scarecrow scratches his head.

The Hokage smiles, puffing on his pipe. "I'm glad to see it."

Kakashi bobs his head. "Hokage." One Shunshin later, Kakashi heads out to grab some items for training.