Title: Almost Perfect

Author: Chelsea (#47)

Distribution: Anywhere you want, just let me know!

Rating: PG

Summary: Three years post ATY. Sydney is a school teacher and thinks Vaughn is dead, Will is a ranch hand, Francie is w/ the CIA and Vaughn is lonely and miserable.

Disclaimer: The only thing I own are the characters Jodi Granger, Steve Sanders, and Becky James. Everything else (the show, or any other copyrighted items) belong to the rightful owners, whoever they might be.


Background Information: Sydney was saved from her mother in Taipei by Jack and Will; no one was killed. Vaughn survived, but Sydney is unaware of this fact. Dixon reported Sydney, and she and Will were sent into witness protection directly after returning. Vaughn doesn't know Syd's whereabouts. Will's article was printed; the beginning of the end for SD-6. Francie was told the truth after she caused much trouble by continually going to the police. She was recruited after refusing to enter WP.


Chapter 1: Miss Carter / One Year Anniversary

Sydney sat at her desk starring out at the class. I can't believe that I'm finally here. Three years ago I would have thought this impossible. This was the first day of school; her first day as a teacher. She didn't realize that she was still starring until one of the students raised his hand. She walked around and stood in front of her desk.

"Yes, Tom?" The boy looked like he'd been slapped, so great was his surprise. "What's wrong?"

"You knew my name." In his mind that was terrible. That meant that the teacher knew him. Torture.

"Yes. I have a..." she turned around and picked up a piece of paper off of her desk, "class list." She smiled, and a couple of his friends laughed at him.

Sydney walked back behind her desk and moved to the black board. She picked up a piece of chalk that matched her blond hair, and wrote her name. When that was done she turned back to the class. "I'm Miss Carter, and I'll be spending this year forcing you to learn Spanish."


Francie woke up and rolled over to face her husband. Every morning she did this, and every morning she thought the same thing, I love this man so much! I just wish Syd could've been at the wedding.

She leaned over and gave Steve a kiss. When his eyes focused on her he smiled and sat up. "Happy first anniversary Francie."

She smiled back at him. "Happy anniversary. I'm glad you didn't forget."

"How could I forget something like that?" He pretended to be hurt by her lack of faith in him.

"Oh stop with the sad eyes and give me my present."

They exchanged gifts then, reluctantly, got up to get ready for work. "Hey Steve, do you think anyone at work will remember?"

"I doubt it. The CIA has more important things to worry about than a couple of Operations Officers' anniversary."

"Yeah. What about Michael?"

"Vaughn?" She nodded. "He'll definitely remember. He's so desperate to have a connection to Sydney that he would probably remember your cousin's best friend's birthday."

"Steve. You know he's not that bad."

"Yeah, well, he's pretty bad. Too bad he doesn't know where they sent her."

"Too bad we don't." Francie tried her hardest, but failed to stop the tears that flooded her eyes.