Maka had been woken By a call from Lord Death informing her that Spartio had a mission and to report to the Death Room. Maka quickly dressed (in the outfit Liz got her) as soul who was lying next to her awoke. The look in his eyes was an odd one so out of place with his devil may care personality.

Maka turned as she slipped her shirt over her head "soul is something wrong?"

soul stood after pulling on his pants and walked behind her placing his hands on her hips "I can't help you this time I'm stuck here." they had gone on several missions together after he'd healed a month ago.

Maka leaned into him "then come any way you are my partner after all."

Soul made an odd face "but we're both weapons?"

Maka turned wrapping his arms around his neck "not that kind of partner Soul make me a promise and I'll make the same to you that if we both survive we'll always be together."

Soul smiled "when we get back I'll get you a ring."

Maka released him "Good now get dressed."

When they arrived they were surprised to see Chrona standing strong in a new outfit (black jeans a white shirt and boots) next to Patti. Stein and the other teachers were among the group going on the mission. Maka parents shared a glare at Soul.

Lord Death smashed his hands into their heads " Now pay attention I'm sending all of you to fight Arachanaobia."

at the name Soul and Chrona began back toward the door Soul was about to open it when stein slammed it shut "Where do you think you're going."

Soul spoke "It's simple really far away we aren't stupid and we don't wanna die."

Lord Death spoke "Mr. Eater, Mr. Gorgon you're going on this mission accept it."

They shared a look and slid down the door with a share sigh.

Lord Death sighed "Now where was oh right, the rest of you will be the distraction while Soul and Maka go after Arachne understand go now go."

They'd taken a pair of van to the abandoned town and stopped between there and arachanaobia. Soul and Chrona had the look of Madness. there eye were dilated an out of place smile was glued to their lips and they couldn't sit up straight but leaned on their knees. slowly they began to adjust to the madness and normalcy return to their faces. The group arrived at the base and Mosquito stood in their way.

As mosquito spoke his form changed "It's time to go back to when I was Legion."

he took the shape of a young man with black neatly-combed hair which is slicked back. However, he still retains his butler-like appearance, through wearing a well fitting, highly formalized and entirely black suit, accented by a traditional white cravat encircling his neck.

Stien charge forward before slamming Marie into the group "Soul thread sutures." the soul thread shot from the group trapping mosquito "This won't hold forever we'll take care of him now go."

the other ran in but soul look back at the gate "But if."

Marie appeared in the hammer "Soul just go."

Soul frowned and followed the other.

they'd made it halfway to Arcachne before Black Star spoke "This was too easy I can't believe that mosquito was the only thing in our way."

A man with a katana on each hip stood hand on his sword in the middle of the path.

Black Star stumped "Son of bitch." he grumbled "Since when do you work for them Mifune what about that way of the warrior crap?"

Mifune glared and Charged at Black Star "they took Angela I have to do this or they'll kill her."

Black Star blocked with enchanted sword mode "I got him just complete the mission."

The other ran ahead into a large stadium like room Kid began looking in all directions a child down his spine. then it happened.

"Bullet Wings." multiple dart like feather flew in their direction before a young man (?) stood on a hanging light "You again, Hello Soul we've missed you."

Soul growled "Shut up Gopher let us through we don't have time to put up with you."

Gopher hung his head "I thought we were friends Soul."

Soul laughed motioning the others to follow "All you care about is noah how could anyone be your friend?"

gopher growled "If you think that then die. Stomach cannon." His stomach open and he shot out an energy ball.

Chrona used Ragnorak to send the attack back "Go We'll take care of him."

Soul eyed Chrona "Are you sure?"

Ragnarok spoke "He said go now do it."

Kid and the Thompson's stood as Soul and Maka ran ahead. Liz closed her eyes in weapon form Patti broke her form and ran to Chrona.

Patti hugged Chrona "I don't wanna leave him."

Liz Changed and pulled Patti back "Patti we need to stick to the mission he'll be fine let's go."

Patti frowned "I hope so.

Liz and patti returned to weapon form and Kid ran after Soul and Maka but clapping was heard behind him he turn and saw Justin step from the shadows.

Kid froze "Justin why are you here?"

Justin laughed "Why else would I be here I'm here to kill you like we planned ,Soul betraying us wasn't in the plan but I've said too much." a clown grew from his back it's arms became blade weapon that fell in Justin's hands while the head became a helmet.

Kid turned to see that Soul and Maka were far enough a head not to notice and began firing at Justin.

the adults had been fighting Mosquito for a span of time that they lost track of. They'd barely made a dent when stein began to grow weak to his madness.

Stien threw his head back a laughed "Come on is that the best you got Kami hits harder than you and your pests."

Mosquito laughed and returned to his complete form "time for me to me to become my strongest form. his form shifted his body grew large his arms became longer became older "Now let's see what you think of my strength now."

Stien laughed and charged "I think you're a fool." he hit him with Marie knocking him into the air "Kami Now."

Kami ran up the side of the base and jumped off knocking Mosquito to the ground landing in a flip "Sid your turn."

Sid flipped from above Mosquito Nygus in the form of his tombstone "Living End."

Mosquito could only watch as Sid fell the tombstone crashing into his skull cracking it to dust. His last sight was the groups of adult congratulate each over as his eye rolled back in what was once his skull.

Black Star was cover in cuts his breathing was rigid but all he did was laugh and continue to swing.

Mifune slid sideways Dodging his strike " So this is madness?" he slid back and prepared to strike with both blades.

Black Star caught his attack after tossing Tsubaki in the air. Black Star snapped the blades in his hands and tosses them to the ground.

Black Star caught Tsubaki and held her to mifune's throat "What now Samurai?"

Mifune stared at the point of Tsubaki's blade "Promise me you'll save Angela she has no part in this conflict."

Black Star released Tsubaki "I can't kill you what kinda warrior would I be if I did that,now come we're get you guys outta here this isn't your conflict."

Mifune smiled "Maybe he isn't as much like his father as I thought."

Chrona had given Ragnorak control to help ease his worry for the others. gopher was no worse for wear than when they started. although the stomach cannons were getting further apart.

Ragnorak spoke "I got an idea let's use the dragon."

Chrona froze "The dragon but that takes so much blood and if he dodges he'll have an opening to attack."

ragnorak growled "Do you have any better ideas."

Chrona frowned "No but if he beats us."

Ragnorak growled "He ain't gonna beat us."

Chrona fridgeted "If you say so let's do it."

Ragrorak shifted as more blood flowed from Chrona and began to form a giant black dragon.

Gopher froze "how are you doing that?"

Chrona grabbed the dragon by the tail and form it into sword like shape the wings flattened out the head became point and the tail straightened.

Chrona smiled "It doesn't matter you wouldn't understand ." Chrona tossed the dragon like a paper air plane and watch as it went straight through gopher cutting him in half and boomeranged back.

Ragnorak took his normal form "I can't believe that worked."

Chrona slid to the floor as the blood returned "Yeah I can't either."

Kid blocked Justin's attack using Liz and Patti like tonfa and pushed Justin back.

Justin laughed "You stupid fool coming here was the worst idea you idiot father has ever planned you'll all die here and the true Kishin will plunge the world into Madness."

Kid flipped back aiming at Justin "Who are they Asura is dead and Soul has changed who else is there?"

Justin tossed his blades at Kid "I'm not at liberty to say but you'll know very soon."

Kid Growled "Enough of this,Liz Patti it's time."

Liz spoke from her weapon form "Begin resonance link."

Patti spoke from her weapon form "Resonance link stable."

Kid growled "Firing Death Cannon."

The blast knocked Justin off his feet and destroyed the clown weapon burning half his face.

Kid sighed and shot Justin in the head "Asymmetrical monstrosity." he shot six more times.

Liz and Patti pulled Kid to the side as he slumped forward "Kid how much power did you put into the Death Cannon."

Kid slid against the wall "As much as I could without dying."

Liz sighed as she and Patti slid down next to him "you put too much in you can't even stand up right."

Kid smiled "But did do the job and held him off."

Liz smiled "Yeah you did."

Soul kicked open the doors to the throne room (Yeah spider bitch has a throne) and back away.

Sitting on the throne was another Maka in her hands were Archne and medusa's souls. she was draped over the arms of the chair giggling.

Soul took the real Maka's hand and they walked toward her "who the hell are you?"

The other Maka giggled "But Soulie it's me Maka don't you know me?"

Soul Growled "you aren't Maka ,Maka's right here."

the other Maka stood from the throne and tossed the Souls at them. ( to ease the confusion I'll be refer to the other Maka as Kama).

Kama laughed "I was made for you Soulie so you had your own Maka after you killed the real one but you had to be a bad boy and go against mother that made me mad when mother told me you didn't want me. she tried to give me to Giriko but I didn't like that so she sent him to find you and when Giriko didn't come back I let go and mother is gone and I am queen I'll ask once will you be my king?"

Soul growled "Why would I need a clone I have the real Maka."

Kama Roared "Then you'll die together."

Maka pushed Soul out of the way as Kama jumped at them. Soul and Maka rolled to their feet changing their hands into claw like blades. Soul began resonating with Maka allowing his madness to flow into her.

Soul laughed and turned to Maka "Remember like I told you Maka don't give in completely just enough to be stronger."

Maka giggled "Yeah I know." She grabbed the soul from the ground and tossed Arachne's at Soul "This should help to."

Soul swallowed the Soul as Maka did the same "You know this means we're death scythes right?"

Maka smiled "I'm aware."

(They completed the set number of souls as a weapon only team) and(Maka lost all of her souls after protecting Soul)

Kama growled "Quit ignoring me your worse than mother."

Soul turned to Kama "Did you say something I can't hear you over the sound of your jealousy."

Kama charged at Maka "He's was suppose to be mine you were suppose to die we were suppose to rule the world together." every word was accented by an attack.

Soul came up behind Kama and grabbed her arms and tossed her back in to the throne.

Soul turned to Maka "Your mom's a miester you think you could be one to?"

Maka turned "I don't know but I might be I don't know."

Soul smiled "Let's try I have an idea."

Maka nodded "Alright let's do it."

Soul shifted into his weapon form "Resonate with me."

Maka spun Soul in her hand before holding him above her head and began resonating with him "Witch Hunter."

Kama rolled back landing in front of the throne she reached on the arm and hit a button "If I can't have Soulie no one can." she laughed "See you in hell."

Soul shifted back and tossed Maka over his shoulder "Time to go."

Soul started running down the hall they came from and quickly found Kid and the Thompsons sitting against the wall.

Soul spoke as he ran past "Guys we need to go this whole place is about to blow."

Liz Shot up and tossed a still weak Kid over her shoulder "Patti get up we need to run."

They began running again not know how long they had before the bomb went off. Before long they found Chrona and Patti tossed him over her shoulder without stopping.

When they reached where the left Black Star he was coming out of a side hall with Tsubaki Mifune and a girl they hadn't seen before.

Patti spoke as they ran past "Come on join the train."

Black Star Laughed and put Tsubaki over his shoulder.

Tsubaki gasp "Black Star why'd you do that?"

Black Star laughed "Everyone else is carrying the one they love why shouldn't I carry you."

Tsubaki blushed "Well when you say it like that."

Mifune ran ahead of Black Star Angela on his shoulder "Hey love birds this place is gonna blow."

When they reach the adults Sid and Nygus were sitting against a tree stein was smoking Marie and Kami kept watch on the door Spirit was panicking.

Marie was the first "they're here they're okay."

Once every one was together the base exploded.

Stein tossed his cigarette into the flame "Mission accomplished."

Spartio sat on a white sandy beach they'd earned this after nearly getting blown up and everything else they've been through.

Maka eased into Soul's side and looked at the ring on her ringer "I can't believe you got me a ring this nice."(Solid gold and silver twisted together for the band the gem was heart that was half a ruby and half emerald)

soul wrapped his arm around and turned "you deserve only the best Maka."

Maka hugged him "I have it."

Chroan stretched out between the sand and water he'd gotten some color to his pale skin after the attack on Arachanaobia. Patti popped out of the water and pulled Chrona under were they vanished for sight for a good few minute only to reappear later coming out of a cave in the mount down the beach Patti retying her top.

Liz had been burying Kid in sand when his arms shot up and grabbed her hips.

Liz jumped back "Kid I thought you were sleeping

Kid sat up "I was waiting for you to let your guard down."

Liz smashed Kid's shoulder "why would you do that?"

Kid smirked "why were you burying me in sand ?"

Liz smiled "I thought I'd be fun you looked so at ease."

Kid eased back down "how could I not be our biggest threat is gone everything is symmetrical ."

Liz just sighed with a smiled "That's my idiot."

Black Star starred into the sky "The threat may be gone but that doesn't mean that we should let our guard down."

Tsubaki sat on the edge of the cliff "why say that Black Star?"

Black Star sat next to her "It's simple if one witch thinks they can beat than any other can we never know when the next one will strike."

Tsubaki sighed "You never know when that will happen."

Black Star laughed "Yeah just let 'em try we'll be them like any other enemy we faced."