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It takes three days for Hannibal to finally speak. Three days of the feed being recorded, of watching as every half hour on the dot, the robed figure reappears and prompts the doctor, only to be snubbed and they watch in horrified silence as the psychiatrist chokes and strains against the chain that tightens around his throat. Once the hand is too close and Alana makes a muffled noise of surprise behind her hands as Hannibal lunges, biting hard through the black glove until he's strangled into unconciousness.

Will hadn't been sure how they were keeping Hannibal there, sure his arms were chained above him, but what was stopping the doctor from simply standing and freeing the taunt metal from the hook above? The answer came the first night he had seen the feed, when the lights went out and the infrared enabled, they watched as he clambered to his feet, only to spasm as soon as the tension left the chain and the hook on the wall raised. A sick feeling rolled through the profiler as he realized that Hannibal's weight was keeping a proper circuit from being made, that every time the doctor tried to free himself the metal would connect and the current racing through the psychiatrist would drop him back to the floor every time.

It's three heart wrenching days that he watches Hannibal slowly wear down, watches the tension return to his frame every half hour when a dark figure sweeps into the frame. Three days of stoic silence before a card is presented before the doctor, who blinks down at it slowly before he licks his dry lips and rasps out,

"We see you."

The hair on the back of Will's neck is standing on end and the room is silent, Jack standing stiff near the table, Beverly is at Will's side, half bent over to set a styrofoam cup of coffee at the profilers side. It's like everyone is frozen, staring at the screen as Hannibal wraps his lips and tongue around the words before him, accent thicker than usual, sharpening the consonants and dragging out the vowels.

"We see you, Will Graham." The doctor starts to turn his head away, but a quick snap of the chain around his throat brings his attention back to the cards in front of his face but Hannibal refuses to say more, lips pursed and breathing hard through his nose.

From the corner of his eye Will can see Jack puffing up. An involuntary cry from the speakers draws Will's full attention back, a mark is blooming on Hannibal's chest and the doctor is sagged, held up only by the chain on the wall and Alana hisses "Son of a bitch." from the opposite end of the table.

"It's not enough to keep choking him like a dog, now they're kicking him like one too?" She seethes, bristling and indignant as they watch the cards be thrust under Hannibal's nose again, and for a second Will expects him to bite, watches his lips curl back like a hungry wolf, but those dark eyes flicker to the hand holding the make shift leash and instead he begins to speak again. Hannibal's voice is weak, raw and thready, but the words that leave him are foreign and already Jack is barking for someone to get a translation.

Somewhere off camera a young mans voice cries out, "Make him say it in english!" The hooded figure turns, presumably to look at the individual before lashing out, the toe of a boot as dark as the robe connects with Hannibal's ribs, and the room cringes when they hear something crack and the psychiatrist cries out again.

"Where was he taken from..?" Will asks as the chain goes taunt, biting his lip as Hannibal's face discolors, and after a minute his eyes roll back.

Jack is silent until the chain goes lax and Hannibal is slumped and unconscious again. "We found his car a few miles outside of the city with the keys still in the ignition." He says quietly. "No hair or fibers inside except for the ones belonging to Doctor Lecter. His phone was on the seat but it had been wiped down, no useable finger prints." There's a beat of silence before Jack finally asks, "What did he mean they see you, Will?"

The profiler swallows hard and shakes his head. "I don't know." He breathes, and the admission makes his gut clench uneasily.