Don't Own Mass Effect

"Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven", John Milton

Caesar P.O.V One year after events of Mass Effect 3

Sometimes I like to look out onto the galaxy from the Citadel. I remember when I saw it for the first time when I came to this universe, I looked so small, I was weak, and I didn't even have the same name I do now. That day is now gone when I look out to the galaxy now I see all that I rule. Every piece of space, from the Citadel to Thessia to Earth, even the Terminus is mine. I have nearly everyone in my pocket now save for a few stragglers and even they will give in eventually. All I need now is time.

"Caesar, I am sorry to interrupt you but the meeting is about to start, and you will be late if you don't get dressed now."

"Will all of the heads of the new Citadel governments be in attendance?"

"Urdnot Wreave, Jack Harper, Rael Zorah, and Oleg Petrovsky sir"

"Thank you Harbinger you may go back to your duties"

"I will sir"

The Illusive man, Tali's dad, Wrex's dumb brother, and the bad guy from the Omega DLC who didn't have the common sense to kill Aria when she was perfectly defenseless, running the galaxy, now who would have thought of that? But they were all chosen for good reasons; Wreave is fool that is easily manipulated, Rael owes me too much to ever betray me, Petrovsky despite his code of honor is probably the only person who can keep the Terminus in line without so much blood being spilt, and the Illusive man is just grateful he's alive right now. The Asari, and Turians aren't taking the new galactic order that well, but they will adjust in due time. Regarding the Salarians, I am just having too much fun watching Wreave act as their head of government until I say they can make their own.

"Hey are you coming back to bed?" said a voice from my room.

"Miranda I have got business to attend to right now, and didn't I tell you about this yesterday?" Miranda gave me a puzzled look for a moment then smiled,

"Oh silly me, sometimes I just forget things like that. I think I'll get breakfast now", as I watched Miranda cheerfully leave me, I almost felt bad for what I did to her, I didn't know the procedure would have affected her intelligence so greatly. But when she tried to put a control chip in me and failed I just went around and returned the favor. I was so angry back than after what she did to me, but that's a whole other story for another time.

I suppose I should get going now, being the de-facto dictator of the Mass Effect universe isn't all fun and games; I got to deal with the politics to. Thinking back I could've been a hero, I could've been Shepard's greatest ally, maybe I could've had a genuine future with Miranda.

However, dwelling on what ifs has never done anyone any good.

I came up for the idea of this story because of all the self-insets in the Mass Effect fan fiction category, I realized that all self inserts use their knowledge of the future to aid Shepard, hook up with a Mass Effect girl, kick ass, etc. but ultimately use their knowledge to make the Mass Effect universe a better place. This fic answers the question what if a self-insert didn't? What if he chose to use all of his memories of the Mass Effect series to help himself? Right now I don't know where this fic is heading, most likely either Shepard/A (good) self-insert crossing over to this universe and the ensuing conflict, or the story of Caesar's rise (a darker story) so the next chapter will take some time.

Side note-For those of you who read Reverse Effect the concept of good/bad switching may sound similar (I actually came up with both ideas at the same time but perused Reverse Effect first) I assure you this is an entirely new story. Also this is my second attempt at a first person story after my failed first attempt so please tell me what you think/review and give constructive criticism.