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~We can learn from the past
But those days are gone
We can hope for the future
But there may not be one
The words stuck in my mind
alive from what I've learned
I have to seize the day
To home I returned
Preparing for her flight
I held with all my might
Fearing my deepest fright~

Kyle rolled out of bed onto the cold floor, he shivered and crawled over to his drawers pulling out a pair his favourite jeans and wriggled into them.
He stood up and stared into the body length mirror on his cupboard door, he smiled slightly, that dream was the last straw… today was the day. He fixed his hair as best he could, the night's sleep was long and no amount of hair products could fix the bed head he had right now even having the Jew-like fro that he did, bed hair was still possible it stuck out in all the wrong places and was completely flat on the side he slept. He stopped and laughed a loud for a second, "No one see's it anyway so why am I worrying" he laughed as he pulled on his green ushanka along with his over warn orange jacket.

After getting changed and cleaning himself up he checked the time, still enough time to spare to take a quick bite of breakfast before the bus. His nerves were a wreck the whole journey, he had vowed to himself for a long time that something like this would click and the information he stored would have to be shared, how it would be taken is a different story, a bridge that will be crossed when he got to it… the thought was too daunting.
He trudged his boots along the white thick blanket of snow beneath him and stopped dead when he heard the voice of his closest friend, and soon to be not friend… he shook his head,
"Don't think about it like that" he murmured to himself trying to stay positive, the fact he was soon to confess his love to his childhood 'best friend forever' who was in a stable relationship with the smartest girl in school did not mean that Stan would stop being his friend, their relationship has lasted too long now, kindergarten right up till high school… so the worst that could happen is that he would be rejected, which wasn't so bad? Was it…? Anyway who's to say that Stan wouldn't return his feelings, or was he just being too optimistic.

Kyle looked up and smiled,
"Hey bro did you do your calculus homework last night?" Stan queried
"Yeaah…" he replied slowly adding "Please tell me you did because dude I'm not bailing you out of more work that you should be doing yourself, it's how you learn"
"Yeah well I'm fine with every other subject just not that shit man it's too confusing" Stan sulked
"Then drop the class?" his friend stated giving him a very snarky look
"Mum would flip and it's useful for the future" Stan shrugged
What was just said caused Kyle to laugh and gain a confused stare from the raven haired teen "What?!"
Kyle finished laughing and replied "Nothing dude, just didn't think you were one to think about the future and shit like that." Stan shrugged again, and half jumped when the breaks of the un-noticed bus pulled up in front of them.

Kenny and Cartman got onto the bus first, Kyle was to focused on the conversation with Stan to even notice them, they sat together near the back of the bus still arguing about whatever it was Kyle didn't care enough about to… well care? He overheard Cartman throwing in the odd insult to Kenny's family and wealth, Stan and Kyle taking the usual seat in front and their journey to school was completed in utter silence.

Kyle set the 'deed' to go down at lunch time, the end of the school day was too long to wait for and he was getting impatient about this, the first three of his classes past slowly and painfully making it all the more hard to keep a calm and peaceful mind, his thoughts on how this could go where the only thing he could think about, though thankfully enough he had only one more period before lunch and it was study hall, which he could sit with Kenny and hope that time could pass faster with their normally entertaining conversations. People think it strange that Kenny and Kyle would talk much, but after the first year of high school and the difficulties Kyle had adjusting Kenny and him had started to talk more, and maybe he could tell Kenny about his situation it's not like he could tell Stan first and spoil anything, Kenny's decent enough to keep his mouth shut about stuff like this if asked, he's pretty loyal to promises and shit like that.

"Hey Kitten" Kyle look round to greet the purring distinctive tone that belonged to Kenny McCormick,
"You still pursue on calling me that?" Kyle asked wirily, Kenny just nodded as Kyle took the seat next to him. "How's the crush keeping?" Kyle questioned, a quick route to bring up what he wanted to talk about, though the fact the infamous man whore that is Kenny McCormick had a crush on someone was tripping up a lot of people, he was known for his constant parties that end in one night stands and flirting with nearly anything that breaths, he has most likely had every girl in school in bed at one stage even some of the guys. Kyle blinked bringing himself back to the topic at hand he looked as Kenny's thoughtful expression held there for a second,
"Goooood" he purred again "Why do you ask?" Kyle took a second to word his answer carefully…
"Wanted to know if it was going good so you could give me a bit of advice" he smiled, Kenny stared back confused for a second
"You're chopping morning wood for someone!?" He gasped earning a playful punch from the other
"Kenny! It's more than that" Kyle replied in a mocking offended tone,
"Well spill who's the lucky girl…or guy" Kenny finish.
"No one special" Kyle smile as he looked off to the side doubting wither this was a smart move.
"SO I'M NOT SPECIAL TO YOU" Kenny gasped jokingly, Kyle laughed
"Of course you are just not that kind of special… If you really must know… now don't be going 'n' telling anyone… but its sorta Stan…"