Purrfect Evening

Kitty Katswell layed in her bed in the dark, staring up at the ceiling. She never felt so sore in her life, she couldn't move. Turning over on her side Kitty looked at her mate or should I say boyfriend Dudley Puppy. She watched his chest raise and fall. Her eyes traced over his well defined muscles. Kitty smiled as she remembered what happened only hours earlier. The door to Kitty's apartment door opens, and Kitty and Dudley walk in laughing and talking. Kitty in a gorgeous black dress with red trim. Dudley in a black tuxedo that fitted his muscles perfectly. " I had a wonderful night Dudley thanks" said Kitty. "No problem a woman as beautiful as you deserves to be treated like a queen" Dudley told her. Kitty does nothing but blush, she blushed so hard that it could be seen through her fur. As Dudley locked the door, he walked over to Kitty and wrapped his arms around her waist.

He then kisses her on the lips, Kitty deepened the kiss instantly. All the while wrapping her arms around his neck. They tumbled onto the couch kissing each other frantically. Kitty flipped them over on the couch, removing his jacket and throwing it on the floor. Thrusting her tongue into Dudley's mouth, their tongues battled for dominance. While that was going on Dudley's hand was on the back of Kitty's dress pulling down the zipper. Kitty stood up and let the dress pool down at her ankles. She noticed Dudley looking at her and said "Like what you see Dudley." Dudley nodded and Kitty said "Your a bad dog Dudley." Then your a bad kitty said Dudley. "I know" purred Kitty and she bent down to kiss Dudley again. She took of Dudley's shirt. Suddenly Dudley broke away from the kiss, Kitty whimpered. But suddenly felt his lips on her neck, Kitty arched against him to give more access.

As Dudley sucked her neck he took off her bra. As Dudley admired his goddess before him, he said only one word bedroom. Kitty and Dudley both peeled away from the couch, and Kitty followed him into her bedroom. As Kitty closed the bedroom door behind her. She turned around to see Dudley on all fours, on the edge of her bed. As Kitty approached without warning, Dudley latched onto one of her nipples. With his other hand fondling her other breast, then repeating his actions on the other. Kitty doesn't know how she did it but, she managed to get on to the bed. All the while scratching Dudley behind the ears, making him moan. Dudley could smell Kitty's intoxicating scent coming from her pussy she was ready for him. But he had to test her first. Dudley stopped sucking her breasts and disappeared under the sheets. "Dudley" Kitty said since she couldn't see him. Then suddenly she screamed DUDLEY!, she threw the sheets back to see Dudley sucking on her clit. Kitty then said in a straggled moan to Dudley, "your a really bad dog now." Dudley stopped sucking on her clit and said "Show me how much of a bad kitty you are." "With pleasure" Kitty proceed to push Dudley onto his back, and impale herself onto his cock. She began to thrust up and down on it. After they both climaxed, Kitty just grinned and said "Let me show you just how bad I really am." Confused by her statement Dudley didn't know what to say. Until he felt Kitty suck his cock, Dudley could feel his eyes roll into the back of his head. As he realsed his seed into her mouth. Dudley awoke to see Kitty staring at him. Shouldn't my Kitty Kat be getting some sleep Dudley asked. He then kissed her good night, but Kitty deepened the kiss. The cycle started all over again.