Friend In Need (Nack's POV)

by Julie Riley

Note: Nack the Weasel, Rouge the Bat, Nic the Weasel, & Dr Robotnik are all copyrighted by Sega, Sonic Team, & Archie Comics. The Panther King, the Weasel Boss, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Professor Weaselov, Berri, the Weasel Guards, all related characters are copyrighted by Nintendo, and Rareware. I do, however, own the character called Kyle-da. Plus, in this fic, to me, I think that both Conker's World & Sonic's World are the same planet but at different sections. This takes place long before Conker had his Bad Fur Day, so enjoy this fic.


Chapter 1: Nack meets the Panther King

Hi, I'm Nack, Nack the Weasel. You're wondering how I became a bounty hunter in the first place. Well, I always wanted to forget that awful day I've been through. From the death of one of my only weasel friends to the moment I almost lost another. This is my story from when I was about 8-10.


When I was young, I seperated from my sister, Nic, when my grandma was taken away. I don't know who took her, but he must've been a bad person to me. I would try to go to my parents if that ever happened to her, but that would never happen cause Mom & Dad disappeared one day when Nic & I were really young.

Anyway, I read a sign that says, 'You are now in Windy'.

'Windy? What kind of stupid name is that for a part of Mobius?' I thought.

So, while ignoring my question, I went around browsing around the place. And I'll tell you, it was a very big place. I then noticed a kid crying. He had brown fur, an orange vest, a white belt, and green boots. His ears almost resembled mine, if it was in an accident. I went up to the kid to see what was wrong with him.

"Hey, kid," I asked him, "What's wrong?"

The boy ignored me and said, "First my brother and my parents too!"

"Hey!" I yelled as I got ticked off a little, "Moping over someone you lost a while ago isn't going to help. It's just going to make it worse."

He looked up and said a little shyly, "You...think so?"

"I know so."

I helped him up as I said, "By the way, my name's Nack. What's yours?"

"Kyle-da," he said as he wiped the tears off his face.

"Kyle-da? What kind of name is that?"

"The one that will be marked on his grave," a huge voice growled.

I turned around as he looked at where I was looking while he looked scared. There we saw him, the legendary Panther King. I almost fainted from surprise. The Panther King was the size of who knows how many squirrels. Kyle-da screamed as I acted really surprised.

"Cool," I said to the king, "You're a cat."

I got out some cat nip from my red jacket as I said, "I got cat nip, you want some?"

"No," he growled as he got closer to me, "I want your body."

That's what I knew he meant. He was planning on killing me for something I didn't even do, even if he did think I did something. I yelled, "What!? That's not nice!"

I heard footsteps as I turned around. Kyle-da ran off, knowing what the Panther King would do. I tried the same, but I tripped.

"Kyle-da," I yelled, "Where did you go?"

I was then grabbed by the neck by him. He then said in an evil-like voice, "I will make sure that you aren't following him, ALIVE!!"

And with that, I gasped. I then saw his claw near my neck, ready to break my neck in two. I cried and thought I wouldn't make it.

(Next chapter, "Nack meets the Professor")