Part 7 (The Conclusion of Nack's Tale)

The Professor then remembered about the events that happened. He explained everything to me. All about the table leg he cut off 3 years ago. The spoiled milk that was used 3 days ago. The plan to let a red squirrel fit under the table and releasing the Tediz. The Heinrich project I talked to him about alot earlier and seeing death at his eyes when he almost died.

"I can't believe you would do something like that," I suspiciously said, "but who was that red squirrel that was in the space suit when I found you?"

"I don't know who he iz, but he had a pair of sneakers, blue eyes, a blue jacket, and a twitchy nose. But he vas not like zat vhen he & ze chipmunk robbed ze bank. He wore black and had ze sunglasses."

I then remembered, "Conker! That's the squirrel that bribed me to let him go yesterday!"

"Vhat vas so important about him?"

"He has a bounty on his head ever since he turned 20," I told him, "He never realized that he was gonna be in so much trouble until he gets drunk. Last night, as I was heading to the Cock & Plunker, I saw him hugging me, thinking I was his! I'm straight, not gay! I was about to shoot him once the bounty was on his head, but he gave me 60 Mobians as a bribe."

"No vonder you dislike him zo much."

"I know, but at least I have the cash from him."

Then three of my other commrads, Frank Blue, Al Yellow, and Chicho Green, came into the room.

Yellow told me, "We're about to change course and start landing at the Mobius Space Center!"

"He's right," Blue said, "you both better get back with Red and that girl you just found."

"Don't worry, guys," I slyly told them, "we'll be fine."

I then turned to Green and asked, "Who's flying the shuttle?"

"Uh oh! I'll be right back!" he said as he quickly went to the control panel of the space shuttle.

I looked at the Professor saying, "Guess your projects were a complete failure, huh?"

He looked sad as I looked at him. He was too depressed about something, I don't know what, but I know he looked real sad. I then had an idea, maybe not a good one, but it was an idea.

"Professor," I told him, "look, if you're banned from Windy, then maybe there's a place I can try to get you in, maybe become a Bounty Hunter?"

He looked up and said, "I have nothing elze, and no place to go. But I vill alvays have you as a friend, no matter vhat ze circumstances are."

I smiled as he gave back a smile to me. I then heard someone clearing her throat. We both turned around and saw Berri, who is now covered in bandages.

She said to me, "Like, if we're all done with the reunion, I think we should go back to Mobius."

"You going back to your boyfriend?"

"No, he thinks I'm dead, so I won't be going back for a while."

"Guess you'll probably hang with us then, huh?"

"There's nothing else to do, so I guess so."

"Good, welcome to the Bounty Hunters club, B.C."


"It's just a nickname, get use to it."

I helped the Professor's chair strapped on to the wall of the shuttle as Berri & I went in and buckled up to our seats. As Green piloted our shuttle to the Mobius Bay, I looked out and saw a red squirrel in a throne while drinking his milk. I knew it had to be Conker, the same one who bribed me 2 days ago.

As we were out of the space shuttle, my boss was shocked to find both Berri & the Professor alive. He quickly got out his tommygun and was about to shoot me for helping them bring them back, but then who showed up? Not my sister, Nic, but Rouge. Now wearing a pink shirt and black pants instead of a dress. I guess it kinda suits her in that better than a dress.

"Listen, if Nack had a right to bring the Professor and that chipmunk back, then he probably has a good reason," she told my boss.

Berri was already with Blue & Green when Rouge stepped in. I guess she dumped me for one of them. I turned to Rouge who just finished talking to my boss about not shooting me, Berri, or the Professor. She then looked at me and got closer to me.

"Nack," she said, "I know this is so much to you, but I'm sure that things will get better."

She then did something I never expected she did, she kissed me on the lips. I was shocked about this. Did Rouge actually fall for me? I'll probably never know. She turned and walked to Yellow, probably just to talk to him. I looked up at the sky and smiled. I'll never forget this day, ever, even as I get older.

The End