A/N: This is my first Game of Thrones fic and, of course, it involves Jaime Lannister, who is one of my favorite characters. This fic has a slight alternate history than the books and show. For one thing the War with the North has gone on much longer. There are other little details that are different but I'll mention those when I get to them.

There is some romance in this fic but its very slow going in it's development. Just the way I like it. Hopefully it will keep you entertained, regardless. Enjoy and review!

Prologue: Simple Truths

She chose the name Nim for herself, because she could not remember the one she was born with. Most people in Westeros had two names. A name for their family and a name for themselves. Family names were all that mattered here. Lannister, Stark, Baratheon. She remembered all the more prominent family names but she could not remember her own. So she was simply Nim. Nim Nobody.

Nim the pastless.

Her life began at fifteen when she awoke to a red sunrise and the face of a man from Bravos. He called himself Lantos, master of long knives. He fed her roast duck and asked her who she was.

"I don't know." she replied.

"That is no good. Everyone must know who they are." He replied in his strange accent.

"I don't."

He clicked his tongue. "Then you must make yourself. A difficult task. But perhaps a rewarding one, if you make yourself right."

"How do I make myself?"

"First you give yourself a name."

"Like what?"

"It does not matter. It simply must be a name. An easy name to remember, since your memory is not very good."

"That isn't my fault!"

"If you cannot remember how you lost your memory, you cannot claim that it was not your fault. Choose your name, pastless girl.

Nim had no meaning. It was more like a sound than a name. But it was short and easy to remember. So she chose Nim.

"Nim is good." Lantos had said. "And now, you must build a life."

Nim gave herself a name, but in a sense, Lantos gave her life. He put two long knives in her hands. They were shorter than swords, slightly curved and thinner. But they were razor sharp and easier to move.

"A knight uses a single blade, broad but not as versatile. With two blades you can kill two at a time. That means less people to try and stab you in the back"

She had some technique with a blade already. Perhaps she had learned some in her old life. But he perfected her. He taught her fluidity of combat. He taught her to make her blades extensions of her arms. He taught her stealth. He taught her patience.

Though the last of these things she was harder pressed to learn.

He did not need to teach her history or family names. Nim remembered all of those. Her knowledge of the world remained though her memories of herself did not. She could speak of Aegon's landing and Robert's Rebellion but she could not say who her mother and father were, or her siblings, if she had any. She could not speak of fond memories or ill ones. She could speak none at all.

She knew only a few things now for certain. She was a sword. She was a traveler.

She was Nim.

And after two years, such simple truths made her content.

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