Ch. 1 Prologue

The sky was dark and the overcast skies provided little light from the moon and stars as a young teen made her way through the wooded part of the Central Park. She looked around fifteen but if one were to glance into her eyes, they showed her true age, the eyes of a woman who had seen more days than a normal mortal could comprehend. Her pace was quick as she searched for any sign of her companions. They had become separated after being ambushed by a group of dark creatures and she had somehow managed to end up far away from the place of their conflict.

As she moved through the trees, little gleams of silver from her parka were all that one could make out in the dim lighting. The sound of voices in the distance quickened her speed as she burst out of the tree line and came to a quick halt.

The voices had come from a group of young males, all in their late teens or early twenties. A scowl appeared on the girl's face as she laid eyes on the males before she stepped back, trying to slip back into woods quickly.

Unfortunately the males had noticed her and were all looking at her oddly.

"You lost little girl?" One of the yelled over to her.

Her scowl deepened, "Shut up boy and mind your own business." She hissed.

The teen scowled as he stepped towards the girl before his expression darkened, "That wasn't very nice you little bitch. You should be grateful for my help. Come here, now."

The look in the girl's eyes was absolutely murderous. She knew she needed to leave but she was not one to be talked to that way and simply take it in stride.

"Oh, you'll see me again. I believe the animal population will soon increase in the park." She sneered before turning around only to find two more of the teen males behind her.

They stepped forward to grab her but she dropped into a crouch and swept one of the teen's legs out from under him before she spun and delivered a punishing knee into the groin of the second.

She turned only to have a hard fist driven into her temple sending her to the ground in a daze.

"You little bitch!" The teen who had been hit in groin yelled as he kicked her hard in the ribs.

Soon she was surrounded by a dozen of these teens but in her daze from the punch they looked like blurs.

"This one has some fight in her, I'll give her that." An older male in his early twenties and who appeared to be the leader said smirking. "Perhaps I outta break her spirit." He said gesturing to two of his goonies who stepped on her wrists, pinning her to the ground.

In her half-conscious state, the girl could hear the man unbuckling the belt on his pants before thunder boomed so loudly the entire group jumped a bit before the turned back to their captive.

"Leave now." A voice said firmly from the woods making the group turn and gaze into the trees trying to find a glimpse of the owner of the voice.

The girl's vision was slowly becoming clearer but she was still pinned down by the wrists from the two men stepping on them and couldn't see into the woods. She prayed it would be a god like Apollo who happened to come across her dire situation.

The group watched the woods before laughter broke out amongst the group as a hooded figure around five foot ten stepped out of the woods.

"Go away kid unless you want to get hurt." The leader laughed.

The figure dropped his hood to reveal raven black hair and eyes that were blue but the sclera were tinted yellow and almost seemed to glow a bit in the dark night air.

"Leave now or most of you will likely die. Last chance." The figure said calmly as he eyed the group with disgust.

The leader laughed again, "You think you can mess with MS-13 kid? I don't know if you're just crazy or have a death wish but have it your way." He said gesturing for one of the members of his posse to approach the boy.

The gang member reached the boy and made to grab him when the young teen moved with blazing speed kicking the gangster in the stomach. As he hunched, the teen grabbed his head between his inner arm and ribs before he spun his body, the sickening sound of a neck breaking rang out through the night before he dropped the dead man to the ground.

The gang seemed in shock for a minute as they looked between their dead member's body and the strange kid.

"Kill this punk!" The leader bellowed as the gang pulled out a variety of guns prepared to strike the lone figure down.

Before they could the young teen raised his hand as electricity shot from it in tendrils striking the weapons and forcing them to be dropped by the gang.

"I don't like guns. First person to touch one will die before they lift it an inch off the ground." He stated calmly but his eyes shown with anger.

"W…What are you?" One of the gang members stuttered out in fear.

In response the figure reached into his cloak and flung a small battle axe at the man where it imbedded in his forehead. The young adult was dead before he hit the ground.

The rest of the members of MS-13 looked at him in fear as lightning danced across the figure's eyes.

A very small smirk appeared on his face before a small bolt of lightning hit the ground beside him, "Run." He said in a quiet but dangerous tone.

The members of the gang glanced at him in horror before they turned and bolted away from him and the girl without a word.

The young teen walked over to the girl dressed in silver and knelt down.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly.

The girl slowly nodded, unsure of what to say after he had saved her. After a moment, she found her voice.

"Yes, uh, thank you for that. Who are you?" She asked back shocked and slightly wary of the powerful teen next to her.

The boy closed his eyes and began to chant softly in a language she had never heard before. Slowly the pain in the side of her head lessened and the throbbing in her ribs came to a halt as she stared at him in disbelief.

"My name is not important and I must leave. I have no wish to meet your mistress or any of your sisters." He said standing up.

The girl opened her mouth to speak again when she was engulfed by a silver light. The boy grunted in pain as a silver arrow imbedded in his arm. He spun around only to find fifteen silver clad teens making their way towards him being led by one with silver eyes who looked about twelve years old.

"You dare attack my huntress boy?" The silver eyed girl growled at him.

The boy pulled out the arrow and tossed it to the ground before he twisted a ring on his finger as his body glowed for a second and he was covered in strange looking armor that made the childlike goddess pause for a second.

She got over her surprise and notched an arrow and took aim at the boy's head.

"Any last words?"

The boy paused for a second before the sound of horses behind him drew the attention of the goddess and her hunters. Three women dressed in armor with winged helmets seemingly appeared out of nowhere and stopped by the boy's side.

"If you dare harm that child I shall make sure none of your hunters are spared goddess." One of the woman spat, her eyes full of rage.

Artemis gasped, "Valkyries," she said in disbelief.

Another one of the Valkyries stood on her steed in front of the boy but her eyes were filled with worry more than anger.

"Stop goddess. You are making a mistake."

Artemis narrowed her eyes, "He attacked my huntress and for that he shall die."

"She will not listen to reason Eir. She is as arrogant as her family. Let her try and we shall strike her maidens down." The first Valkyrie said with venom.

Eir shook her head, "Let her ask her hunter. There is no reason for this to escalate." She said looking at the goddess expectantly.

Artemis remained glaring despite still being in shock that at the sight of the Norse maidens, a sight she thought she would never see.

She turned back to her hunters and laid eyes on the hunter mentioned.

"Zoë, did this boy not attack you?"

The hunter shook her head making the goddess' eyes widen before gesturing for more explanation.

Zoë nodded, "I got lost when I ran into a gang of mortals. I had no weapon to hurt them and they overwhelmed me before I could retreat." Zoë explained before she scowled, "They were going to rape me had he not helped." She said gesturing to the two dead bodies.

Artemis looked shocked before she turned back to the Valkyries who were all now glaring at her.

"How are you here? Your pantheon faded long ago. What business do you have around this boy anyway?"

The first Valkyrie was about to speak when the third cut her off, "It is time Brynhildr. We will tell her and she can decide what she does next." She said before stepping off her steed and standing beside the boy. "I am Sigrún and this is Perseus. He is the final child of the Aesir, the son of Thor before he left Midgard and access between the realms was lost. The All-Father charged us with his protection after the death of his mortal mother as he has a great destiny to fulfill here on Midgard."

Artemis and the hunters all stared at the boy and immortal maidens in shock before Artemis notched another arrow.

"He will come to Olympus to see my father. He is too powerful to roam freely."

The first Valkyrie whispered something to Perseus who nodded as he held up his hand making Artemis confused.

Suddenly the sounds of trees and branches crashing drew the goddess' aim to the woods before she noticed a blur flying straight towards the boy. When her eyes landed back on him they went wide in disbelief.

"Impossible," she said stunned. "No demigod can wield a god's symbol of power." She said looking at the huge hammer in the demigod's hands.

Brynhildr laughed, "He is no normal demigod goddess. Leave now before he shows you the true power he wields."

Artemis growled, "No demigod can defeat me."

Brynhildr nodded to Perseus whose eyes danced with lightning.

"Do not doubt the son of Thor, chosen and blessed of the All-Father or your arrogance shall be the end of your handmaidens." Eir warned.

Artemis took aim at Perseus when thunder boomed louder than her father's overhead. Perseus raised the massive hammer to the sky before he pointed at the goddess as the biggest bolt of lightning she had seen in her immortal life came down and hit the ground five feet in front of her. The sheer size and power of the bolt blasted Artemis and her hunters off their feet.

Brynhildr laughed loudly, "Remember this day goddess. A day will come when you and your family will beg for his help and after today and your arrogance, your chances of getting it are lessened. The Norse make you Olympians look like children in power and this is the most powerful Norse demigod to ever live. Be thankful his father cannot get to Midgard or he would strike you down for this injustice himself."

Eir shook her head at the goddess before a portal opened behind the three Valkyries and Perseus as they stepped through, leaving a bunch of immortal teens and their mistress unsure of exactly what had just happened.