Rhydian was lying on the forest floor somewhere, holding onto his chest. His heart felt like it had been ripped out and he had to force himself not to scream. 1 week had passed since he had left Stony-broke and more importantly, Maddy. Two days earlier, he had started to have chest pains. He just passed them off as nothing until that morning. He had woken up and had to cover his mouth to smother his screams of pains. As soon as the pain had died down enough to be able to run, he did just that, running in a random direction until his chest felt like it was being torn apart.

He suddenly let out a scream of pain, not being able to hold it in any longer. Soon after the scream, the pain died down enough so he started running again, away from Ceri and Bryn, closer to wherever he was headed.

Just as the pain was coming back, he ran out of the forest and into a clearing just at the edge of it with a house he vaguely remembered over the pain. Before his brain could function anymore, he fell to the floor screaming in pain, his hand on his chest. The pain got so bad that he blacked out and that's the last he remembered of that day.


Dan and Emma, Maddy's parents, heard the screams and ran outside. They were surprised to find Rhydian on the ground just past the tree line, screaming out, his hand on his chest. Emma was in shock, but Dan quickly ran to his side and pulled him up off of the floor, carrying him inside and laying him on the couch. Another scream from Rhydian made Emma move and she ran inside and started hunting through the kitchen for something that might be able to ease his pain.

"Emma, hurry up. He's getting really pale and he can barely breathe." Dan yelled over the screams a few seconds later. Emma grabbed a box of sleeping pills and paracetamol and a glass of water and then ran into the lounge room, giving Dan the stuff. Dan quickly forced Rhydian to swallow the pills and soon the screaming stopped and he fell into a deep slumber.

"What's wrong with him? I have never seen a Wolfblood act like that before." Emma said to Dan quietly when Rhydian was finally asleep.

"I don't know. Do you thinkā€¦ no, they're too young." Dan said.

"Wait. Do you think that he and Maddy are soul mates?" Emma asked.

"It's just a theory. It would explain why Maddy has been acting like she was dead for the past week." Dan replied.

"Actually, I think I agree with you. But they are seriously young." Emma said.

"We were only 17." Dan said. Emma was about to reply when they heard Maddy come down the stairs and into the lounge room.

"What's going on? Who was screaming?" Maddy asked in a dead tone. Emma and Dan looked at each other and Dan shrugged.

"Pet, it was Rhydian. He came to the front yard and e=was screaming so we gave him some paracetamol and sleeping pills to knock him out." Emma replied, just coming out and telling her the complete truth. Maddy's eyes widened when Emma had said Rhydian and then they snapped to the couch when Rhydian started whining in his sleep.

Maddy then quickly went over to the couch and sat in front of it, stroking Rhydian's hair. Emma and Dan then went to the kitchen to give Maddy some privacy.

Maddy stayed sitting there all night, not bothering about eating or drinking like she hadn't bothered about since Rhydian had left. She wanted to be there when Rhydian woke up.

It was early morning, 2am, when Rhydian finally started to stir. The pain in his chest was gone and he could feel someone stroking his head. He opened his eyes to find Maddy and this freaked him out a bit so he looked around and saw that he was in his house.

"Maddy, what am I doing here? I thought I was somewhere in the forest." Rhydian said sleepily, rubbing his eyes and sitting up.

"You ran up to the house and mam and dad found you. They brought you inside and gave you something to ease the pain in your chest." Maddy replied, sitting on the couch next to him.

"How did you know that the pain was in my chest?" Rhydian asked after a few seconds.

"Because that's where my pain was." Maddy replied. Rhydian then smiled slightly and then hugged Maddy in a tight bear hug which she returned.

"I missed you." Rhydian said quietly into her ear.

"I missed you too. Promise me that you will never leave me again." Maddy said. Rhydian nodded against her neck.

"I promise." He said and then they pulled away from the hug and looked into each other's eyes. Before they knew what was happening, their lips were smashing together. Maddy wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. They stayed kissing for what felt like ever in the most perfect kiss that anyone had ever felt, neither of them wanting the kiss to end.