A/N - I always liked Shiala...Damn you Bioware for not letting me romance her :/ So this story is about FShep and Shiala. It takes place shortly after the mission on Virmire. There's really not much to tell, just read and find out, i guess. This story is part of my Embrace Eternity series. See my story Fire and Ice for more clarification. This one is quite short, but it will get longer in the future, i hope. Please note that English isn't my native language, so there will surely be mistakes.

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Maya Shepard, Commander of the stealth warship Normandy, had to plan another destination. They had already been at Noveria. Events on that planet forever marked Maya, in more way than one.

First there was Matriarch Benezia. Liara's mother. Traitor, as everyone called her. The woman with more commandos than any other Asari. Commandos that faithfully served Saren, without a second guess. But not by choice, same as Benezia. It was never a choice to submit to him by free will. Benazia knew that from the beginning. And she died, by her daughter's own hand, making amends for the deeds she's done. When she died, there was nothing bounding her again. She was free. And Maya will forever remember this moment, because there was nothing more freeing than to die with freedom and serenity in one's heart.

Next, there was the Rachni Queen. Well, the whole Rachni race to be honest. A race long dead, now roaming freely through the whole station. How could she execute the last living Rachni Queen ? How could she kill the whole race ? It made her think. How could she make such decisions ? She promises peace, she will disappear, and will never come back. But what if Maya just started another Rachni war ? How could she be entirely sure ? So many questions, but there was only one answer. Trust. Maya had to trust Queen's words. She had hoped, prayed even, that her decision wouldn't affect the already crumbling galaxy.

Finally, the events on Virmire. The Genophage cure for all Krogan. She wanted it to happen. After so much time she spent with Wrex, her opinion on the Krogan race entirely changed. Wrex was a born leader, and if there's some luck in this whole saving galaxy mission, he would return to Tuchanka. He will make sure that the Krogan are worthy, once again. Maya and Wrex on Virmire, arguing. It was bad. Ashley and Kaidan, preparing to take down the Krogan Warlord. It was pure luck, and Wrex's loyalty to Maya, but these events never happened. The cure will have to wait, at least for now. Next, there was a choice. Save either Ashley, or Kaidan. Maya never would have predicted this situation. But she chose both. She send Garrus and Wrex to help Ashley with the Geth occupation. Liara stayed with her, they needed to save Kaidan and captain Kirrahe. There will be no sacrifice today, Maya promised. And thankfully, she was right.

Now, they were heading to Feros. Their last location. After that, it was unknown where would they be headed. Maya looked through her reports, looking for any other clues on what would they face on this forsaken planet. She knew Exo-Geni had their headquarters there, she knew there was this little colony that will surely need help. Their mission should be simple. Her thoughts were interrupted by Joker. "Commander ? Incoming transmission from an Alliance Cruiser" Alliance ? Here ? Strange. "Be right there" Maya said, going to the CIC. What was Alliance doing here anyway ? This was Terminus after all.

Finally arriving in the CIC, Maya switched the comm link. A deep, husky voice said. "This is the Alliance Cruiser Georgia, Captain Geran speaking"
Georgia huh ? "Commander Shepard. Is there something you need ?" Maya asked very curiously."Commander, we request your help. We were attacked by Bloodpack mercenaries. Our ship is stranded near Feros. You're the only one close enough to help us in time Commander" Maya growled. Bloodpack again. Maya answered coldly. "We're heading to Feros right away, but we must stay there for a couple of days. Spectre business. We can take you in, but it will take a while until we'll go back to the Citadel" Maya waited for the captain's answer, tapping her hand slowly. She could tell the Captain was talking to someone. A female. Her voice was very familiar. "That is absolutely alright, Commander. Our scientists needs to pick samples from Feros anyway" Maya smiled, nodding her head slowly. "Alright. Sit tight, we'll be right there"

"Thank you, Commander" Then the transmission ended.

After a few hours, they were finally near Feros. And the Alliance Cruiser was really there. Damaged badly. But not destroyed, that was a start. After few more minutes of preparing and analyzing their access codes, the Normandy doors finally opened to the Georgia crew. The captain saluted immediately, along with his crew members. "Commander. Once again, thank you" said the captain, and Maya's own crew members helped the wounded ones to the medical wing, so that Doctor Chakwas could help them. "Its nothing, Captain. What are you doing here anyway ? Its far from the Alliance space" Maya asked curiously, suddenly feeling a familiar presence behind her. She smiled, already knowing who it was. The person spoke with a deep, female voice. "Looking for my younger sister. You may know her. Charismatic, stubborn. Looks almost like me" Captain saluted again, Maya didn't knew if it was because he saw her sister, or because he was leaving. Maya turned to face the female before her, and she was right. It was Kirin.

The female, Kirin, was the exact same copy of Maya. Or better said, Maya was a copy of Kirin, since she was older. They looked like twin sisters, the same eyes, mouth, nose. Everything was the exact same. Except for hair. While Maya had her hair in the color of Ruby, Kirin had her's colored like a Raven. Black, with a small taint of blue. Like the deepest parts of the ocean. As for the character, Kirin was both the fighting and scientific type. Science, that was her. But so were blades. She always analyzed every piece of chunk she found, when she was little. That was her funny trait. She was a funny child. She still is.

Maya stared, confused, at her older sister. She hugged her tightly, glad to finally see a familiar face. But still, what was she doing here ? "It's good to see you сестра" Maya let go for her sister, smiling briefly. It was really good to see a familiar face. A face she loved. "вы тоже, Maya" Kirin poked Maya's face, a funny thing she used to do when they were little. They went slowly to Maya's quarters, talking about all sorts of nonsense. It was strange to talk about boys or..well..girls, in this matter, instead of fighting tactics and weapon analysis. When they finally arrived to their destination, Maya sat down on her chair, while Kirin sat down on her bed. "Really sis. What are you doing here ?"